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143 Olesya Rulin Icons [May. 26th, 2008|08:57 pm]
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Now at [info]mrspigglewiggle!

[User Picture]From: [info]vikipedia
2008-05-26 08:33 pm (UTC)


I so very much love her. I so very much miss using her. ....I am not considering another anywhere just to take her, honest.
[User Picture]From: [info]sassylime
2008-05-26 08:37 pm (UTC)


AHA, you got the cleavage shots. That there would be why Corrie's jealous of her. (Well, that and her great skin.)

Very nice! She really is cute.
From: [info]metamorphia
2009-01-18 03:05 am (UTC)


These are lovely! I'm grabbing a dozen or so for this journal, with credit of course. :)