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7/26/08 11:56 pm - [info]greenet - The Cab

The Cab: Webisode 1
The Cab: Primer
Cash and Singer Alex's Epic Romance


Allotropy by skoosiepants
Marshall smells like Elmer’s Glue. Marshall deserves to die. Alex growls, and Marshall says, “Oh, come on, seriously, Singer?” and Johnson swats him on the back of the head.

Don't Fall Behind by riflethrough
If Alex is going to tell the truth--which he does all the time, seriously, he’s the most truthful person he’s ever known--Johnson scares him. Really scares him. At first. He’ll probably grow on him. Or that’s what the guys keep saying.

Things To Do In Pete's House When You're Bored by mintyfiend
"Booby traps," Singer corrects. Cash is dragging himself up off the couch and says, "No, no. This is Pete. I mean booty traps."

You Be the Alcohol, I'll Be the Hangover by flash-indie
It’s nice, good and it makes Alex think in smiley-faces instead of like, emo poetry.

I give in, I give up by riflethrough
Alex frowns into his locker. People don’t seem to understand that under Cash Colligan’s cool and affable exterior lies a truly twisted individual who enjoys disrupting the flow of other people’s love lives and shoots squirrels and stray cats with bb guns. And does drugs.

i said, 'it's hard to focus, with your fingers in his belt loops.' by beingothrwrldly
"I didn't mean to like, suck you off or whatever," Cash says quickly.

"No, right," Johnson replies, just as quickly, his words overlapping with Cash's. "Obviously, I mean, since you're not--"

"Well, I am," Cash blurts out, and his eyes widen just a little. "I mean."

Johnson/Nate Novarro
Nerve to Walk the Floor by riflethrough
“If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” Nate asks. He sits down on the curb next to Johnson.

“Um. What?” Johnson does not do well at communicating with new people on the best of days. Throw in the facts that he hadn’t seen Nate walking up and that he’s just the tiniest bit hungover, with a headache lurking somewhere behind his eyes but never actually making itself known, and he’s downright incoherent.

“If you were an animal,” Nate says, slower, “what animal would you be?” His smile is just a little mocking when he says it this time.

“A polar bear, I guess,” Johnson says, after a pause. They have transparent fur. Can’t get much cooler than that. “Why?”

“I read it in a book about how to make the best of small talk,” he says, shrugging and looking sheepish. “I’d be a koala bear. In case you wanted to know.”

Fall on Your Back by saturnalia
"Man up," says Marshall carefully. "You think I need to man up and let you lick my ass."

Distraction by lilywhitelilith
Cash Colligan is not having a good day.

and the night owes us nothing at all by withoutmaps
"We should-" Marshall's voice is rough, his head tilted back as Cash bites softly at the skin under his jaw, lower. Marshall's hands push at Cash and Cash doesn't want to go, but then Marshall grits out, "Room, fuck," and Cash thinks that's a good idea.

Crawl into You by kueble-fic
Only Cash tends to hug like he does everything else in the world – with his entire body and soul.

Cash/Brendon Urie
Taboo Happenings and Poor Sportsmanship by riflethrough
Cash sits back and watches as half his band mates and half of Panic! at the Disco try to tear each other’s throats out. Most other people would say they were playing a particularly competitive game of Taboo, but Cash likes to call it like he sees it.

Comes to Consciousness by disarm-d
Brendon's really good when he knows he can't have something, but he's not good at compartmentalizing when he can have a little bit of something that he wants to have all of.

something greater than by audreysrev
Cash is on tour the next time Brendon is home. He's got a week before album and tour promo starts up for real -- meet and greets on top of performances on top of interviews -- and Brendon spends most of it doing nothing, getting high and sleeping.

You're the one I want by witheveryspark
"In your face!" Brendon shouts, throwing his guitar-shaped controller on the floor and jumping up and down. "I win!" Cash makes a face at Brendon, a sort of 'Oh god, what did I get myself into' face. "I've been defeated." He hangs his head.

Everybody's Living Like They're Crazy In Love by welltimedsmiles
Ian asks Cash one day what "you guys, like, need?" his face is sort of twisted up and he doesn’t look at Cash. His focus entirely on the strings on the guitar he’s looking over in his hands.

lucky you by phineasjones
"Yeah, my--" Cash rolls his eyes to the ceiling, "my super cool jeans. They're lucky, you know? I gotta wear them for shows."

Reality Won't Hurt Longer Than It Should by riflethrough and miserylovedme
"And I am now a girl," Marshall says slowly. He makes a face. "Well, kind of. Sort of. Physically, anyway. Whatever."

Lost for the Night by miserylovedme
Marshall hesitates a moment before tentatively brushing a lock of curls, clinging from static to Ian’s forehead, away. Ian just stares at him, throat unexpectedly tight and wow, this really would happen to him outside a gas station at one in the morning in fucking Wisconsin.

Sleeping in Vans with Boys by enoughoflove
Ian played like no one Marshall had ever met, with his whole body and it was genuine and sincere. The look on his face had Marshall staring, mouth open; a look that said this was something Ian lived to do, the way he held the guitar, fingers sliding over the strings.

Marshall leaned over to Singer who was half in Cash’s lap, watching Ian shred.

“Can we keep him?” Marshall mumbled, only half-joking.

play the dancing truth or dare by riflethrough
It all starts with a really stupid, really random question. “Ian,” Cash says, blowing out smoke. “Dude. Have you ever had a threesome?”

feel your through the weather by riflethrough
Ian follows him to the bathroom, closing the door after them, quietly. He steps around Marshall, arm brushing against his, to turn the water on. Ian faces him for the first time that night, pulling his shirt over his head.

Ian/Frank Iero
welcomed back by the lights by lordessrenegade
Ian isn't entirely sure when Frank had changed from Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance, holy fuck to Frank, that guy who hangs out after shows when we're in the same city and occasionally leaves his crap stuffed between the merch boxes in our van, but he's not exactly complaining.

11/9/07 07:04 pm - [info]greenet - Bandslash: Crossover time! with helpful pictures!

Vicky T/Patrick

Untitled by Miss Pamela.
"Hey, hey!" Pete held up his hands in a completely bullshit imitation of innocence. "I'm not saying you have a 'casting couch' or anything--"

"Except you are." Patrick slapped Pete's hands just as they were finishing the air quotes.

"I'm just saying, you were producing the Hush Sound, and you end up with Greta. Now you're doing Cobra Starship and their keytar player--"

Where I Lay My Head by Frogy.
"Yea?" he says, pulling down his headphones and looking up from his laptop seeing first scuffed Chuck's, then skinny legs clad in black leggings. Looking up, there's a long purple t-shirt, topped with a cropped grey hoodie culminating in Vicky T leaning against his door frame. It's a nice sight.

In Advance by Proserpina.
They don’t really have any rules or plans or expectations of each other, at least spoken ones. Patrick isn’t sleeping with anyone else, or planning to, and Vicky spends every night on his bus unless Gabe demands that Patrick return his wayward keytar player for a while (the last time, he’d pulled her laughing from the bus as Vicky mock-struggled, pulling away from his grip briefly to press a kiss onto Patrick’s lips before leaving with a wave), so he’s guessing it’s the same for her.

Truth or Dare by Seimaisin.
Several hours later, Victoria yawned while Patrick frowned at the screen they were both staring at. “Did I break it?” she asked.

“No, I just have to figure out …”

“Thank you for trying to teach me how to use GarageBand, but I’m apparently tired enough to nearly blow up your computer, and then you might kill me.”

Gabe Saporta/people
I Said Hey, Have You Heard of My Religion by Rachel.
Justin Timberlake/Gabe.
Gabe strips off his hoodie and his hat and his shirt. They hit the ground, along with a soft clink that sounds like jewelry. And, fuck, yes. Justin was totally right about how hot this guy is. He’s kind of leering at Justin and, well, it’s maybe a little creepy, but also. Wow, hot. So Justin lets himself be crowded up against the wall and lets Gabe brace his hands on the wall behind Justin’s shoulders and lean in – and down, which is kind of new; Justin doesn’t make out with too many people who are taller than him – and lick his way into Justin’s mouth.

Unsuspecting Strangers by Cassandra.
Spencer Smith/Gabe.
Spencer Smith is pretty like a girl with amazing hips and painted-on jeans and fuck-me lips, right beneath fuck-you narrowed eyes. For Gabe, it’s pretty much lust at first sight.

Spanish Eyes by Cassandra.
William Beckett/Gabe.
It’s a Friday night, and the rest of Midtown is at a hot wings place trying to beat the locals at trivia. Normally Gabe would be with them, but he’d been sidestage watching the Academy set tonight when Bill had demonstrated pole-dancing with his microphone stand, so he has other plans.

Party Games and Goodtime Guys by Jocondite.
William Beckett/Gabe.
It's not like they set out to throw a party. Gabe kinda likes that thought; screw planning parties, when he's around parties just happen. He doesn't find parties, parties find him, like quicksilver finding true north and Lassie finding little children down wells. He thinks he should probably write that one down.

I don't know how to say I love more than this by Savvygambols.
Gabe doesn’t realize it when William gets down on one knee on the floor of Angels & Kings and slips a ring on his finger, Travis hovering protectively behind, his hand on William’s shoulder. “Loading me up with bling?” he says, inspecting the ring. “This is nice shit.”

Don't Even Lie by Savvygambols.
Sequel to I don't know how to say I love more than this.
She smiles at him in the evening sunlight. He can’t tell if she’s glowing. Pregnant women are supposed to glow. Does she glow? He squints. He’ll have to ask Travie and William. Maja is always alight to his eyes. He supposes that’s because he loves her. Or maybe it’s because he drinks too much.


And I Speak To You Like The Chorus To The Verse by Zee.
"You know what I miss? You know what I wish--what I want my life to be like right now?"

"Mm?" Travis is leaning forward instead of back, his elbow resting on his knee and his chin propped up on his elbow, looking at Bill with a half-smile on his face.

"I miss Warped. Last summer, man. When things were all--you know, we were always moving, but it was still, you know, it was. Peaceful. Really... content."

Travis doesn't say anything, just looks at him, blinking once. "Yeah," he says slowly. "Yeah, that was a good time."

Tired Boys and Wired Eyes by Imperfectcircle.
Bill didn't mean the crack about the child brides, Travis knows, like he doesn't mean it when he cusses out his idiot band for refusing to entertain him. But yeah, they're both still in awe of the Panic! guys for achieving what Bill calls the twelfth wonder of the world, right between internet porn and Pete Wentz's herpes-free status: Jon fucking Walker in eyeliner.

"Hey, hey, you think I'd look good in eyeliner?" Bill asks, his thoughts ending up the same place as Travis's, however the hell they got there. Travis doubts even Bill knows, though tonight they're sticking to beer and elephants; Walker's teen harem still doesn't like it when he comes back stinking of more.


Awake and Unafraid by Audrarose.
That might have been hours ago and he'd definitely been alone at the time, but now he most definitely is not. He can hear rain on the roof, hitting loud and echoing under the sound of voices and laughter as people move around in the bus outside his curtain, but more importantly, there's Pete -- propped up on his elbow in Mikey's bunk and just staring down at him, only inches away. Mikey blinks up at him. Pete looks intent and wired, his shirt damp with the smell of beer and woodsmoke and pot and rain, and in the small space it's making Mikey dizzy.

Merlin Friendships by Impertinence.
“I guess.” Pete rocks back and forth, switching right back to blatantly nervous. “So, uh. Your band is neat.”

Neat. Neat. Mikey stares.

“Oh, hey, I think I hear Joe calling me!” Pete says a second later. It's completely silent except for his nervous laugh. “I'll talk to you later, okay, Mikeyway?”

He leaves Mikey staring at the spot he was standing in a second before, completely nonplussed. “How is he not still a virgin?” he asks the empty air, before going inside.

Nostalgia by Impertinence.
“I really don't care what this means to you. Treat him like he's the most precious, wonderful person you've ever met, or I'll feed your brother your balls.” And with that, Patrick walks away.

“But he is,” Mikey tells the ground, and means it.

9/23/07 11:31 pm - [info]greenet - Bandslash: Fall Out Boy: 24 Pete/Patrick fic

truth and beauty bombs by crayola123
What happens after, and what came before. Patrick and Pete haven't talked in four years.

Check Y/N by Impretinence
Pete pushes; Patrick shoves back.

I Would Tap That by Megyal
Genderswitch. When Patrick opened his eyes and saw the slim dark-haired girl sitting stock-still at the edge of the bed Pete had claimed, he was a little distressed, because, contrary to popular belief, Pete wasn't that big of a whore.

internal consistency by Gale
Pete stares, Patrick has issues.

i like finger instruments and mouth organs - 18 (glenview) by Gale
au - Patrick is sick of being a virgin and posts an ad on craigslist.

we could make beautiful music together - 18 (glenview) by Gale
au - Patrick wants a date, and posts and ad on craigslist. The not so porny version.

Call it Enough by joyfulseeker
Pete tries to get Patrick laid. Patrick doesn't appreciate it at all.

Spider Honey by Impertience
Pete's married. It just takes him a while to figure it out.
“Hey,” he said, epiphany descending upon him, “I get it!”

“Finally?” Mikey sounded wary. His lack of faith, Pete thought, was seriously disheartening.

Did You Clean Those Pants With Windex? (Because I Can Practically See Myself In Them by adellyna
au - Pete is so smooth. No, really.

Bare Essentials by Gale
au - Pete and Patrick are undercover cops, everybody else are strippers.

Play This Record in Reverse by MadScienceChick
au - things around and sideways.

Where There's smoke by Bexone
au - Patrick's an empath of sorts, Pete is psychic. Patrick is tracking an arsonist.

This is why they should make NetNanny for rockstars. by Sinsense
Pete wants to have sex bad fic way. Patrick's dubious.

Your Wentzstump Valentine by Rulinian
cutest little valentine art ever.

A picture is worth a thousand words by thinkme-naive
A story of love in picspam.
But then came the guys. And even worse was the fact that most of the guys were Pete's friends. THEY KNEW THAT PATRICK WAS OFF-LIMITS, even if Patrick didn't know that.

Find Out What It Means by Dira Sudis
Patrick's whoring on the side. Pete doesn't know what to do.

Filthy Kings by Femmequixotic
PWP - At the opening of Angels & Kings.
It was an odd angle, shot down the side of the sinks in one bathroom, and you could only see the top of Bill's head, his hair falling forward into his face, but Gabe was obviously on his knees, his mouth moving across Bill's jeans, and Bill's hand was tight on his shoulder as Gabe pressed him back against the side of the first stall.

"Are they—" Pete peered at the grainy picture. "Fucking shit."

Precipice by Charli J
He doesn't really register that he's dragging the back of his hand along Pete's ribs there, slow and aimless, until Pete says, "You're one of those, man. Pot makes you kind of grabby."

wake up and notice you're someone you're not by Jai
Bodyswitch - Patrick and Frank switch bodies. Wackiness ensues. also Frank/Gerard.

A Little More Sixteen Candles by provetheworst
au - He leans in, voice dropping low. Over the din of the cafeteria, it's hard to hear. His proximity makes the hairs on the back of Patrick's next stand up. "Twenty bucks per day, man. I know, I know. It's lame, but hey, free money. I'm just admitting it straight up to you now." Pete pauses. "At some point I'm supposed to ask if you wanna hang out this weekend, too, by the way. I totally get it if you don't want to, but I'll give you a cut of the cash if you play along."

Follow the Leader by Restriction
(Patrick flips shut his notebook, where he'd begun mocking up a list of potential kissers. His qualifications were: at least one known instance of not-so-heterosexual behaviour, and someone who wouldn't laugh at him if he asked.

The list was painfully short, and notably, Pete wasn't on it.)

A Stitch Away From Making It (A Scar Away From Falling Apart by Femme
Pete has a break-up, Patrick has denial.

Problem Solving or: An Idiot's Guide to Falling out of Love by kosher-pareve
Patrick has a crush on Pete. He gets the Ways and Alicia to help him. Hilarious.

worth waking for by Gale
Then he goes to check out Patrick, the kid Joe found in Borders like something out of a fairy tale, and suddenly his heart isn't his own anymore.

Public Relations(hips) by Alanna
Emo boys kissing. It must be Tuesday.

9/9/07 05:19 am - [info]greenet - 8 Vid recs

All links go to imeem.

Dexter West of her Spine by Sweetestdrain. Made me go oh Deb, oh boys. Spoilery for season 1.

Doctor Who Don't Stop Me Now by Charmax. I may have some weetiny issues with the season finale, but no one can deny that the Master rocks.

Supernatural Womens Work by Luminosity and Sisabet. One of those vids you have to watch a couple of times, and then you go woah and thinky and get the song on your brain.

Supernatural Prayer by Butterfly. Dean's way of praying involves a whole lot of violence.

Stargate: Atlantis This is How it Works by Lim. Rodney and John doing what they do for as long as they can.

Battlestar Galactica Cold Cold Water by SD Wolfpup. Lee and Kara back before things became quite this complicated. Season 1.

Firefly Post Blue by Obsessive24. All the things Simon would do for River. Love the use of artwork.

Lord of the Rings Disappearing Man by Melina123. Aragorn and Arwen and Eowyn and it's just so darn pretty. Sigh.

8/12/07 11:34 pm - [info]greenet - Harry Potter/Friday Night Lights/Doctor Who

A couple of fanfiction recommendations to get started.

Harry Potter
Summer Holidays by Penknife.
Where Hermione thinks in the DH aftermath. Very good, very fitting.

All Those Empty Spaces by jackiejlh.
During DH. Petunia remembers, but she doesn't want to. Made me go "oh, Petunia."

Family Reunion by Florahart.
The one where Harry comes back to talk to the Dursleys after DH. Petunia PoV.

At the End of a Hard Day by Florahart (NC17)
Neville and Luna have the hot sexxors - during DH.

Twenty-Eight Points by Maggie
James seduces Lily by scrabble. Funny and cute.

Friday Night Lights
Five times Coach ogles Mrs. Coach by Honey_Wheeler.
What it says. Cuteness.

the romance of west texas never gave me good advice by minervacat
She'd never meant to marry a coach; she'd meant, growing up, specifically to not marry a coach. Lovely.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open, Your Tools in Your Belt by Indysaur
Tami stays quiet, trailing her fingers through the shag of the toilet seat cover. Thing is, she's not sure if she should hope for a boy or a girl: built by football or shaped around it.

Doctor Who
Hitchcock Bottle Blonde by Lizbee.
Someone's still got a crush on Rose. Romana is getting exasperated. Funneh!
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