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January 7th, 2008

Just a PSA

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It shouldn't be a big surprise, but because of all the fun and games going on over at GJ, I've deleted this asylum's counterpart over there. I don't expect anyone to be using those communities any longer, but just to be safe and to keep anyone from losing any fics or comments or whatnot if they're trying to hold onto the hope of it somehow being revived, I deleted them. GJ's sunk.

I need to get my offline stress levels back under control so the plotbunnies quit hiding from me. D: We need ficcage here. *pokes and encourages everybody else* Should I do something, post challenges or whatnot? Would anyone be interested in little writing/art challenges or something along those lines to get some blood flowing here again?

November 24th, 2007

"Sicko" - Fanfic

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Title: Sicko 
Type: Fanfiction
Author: Reikanishy
Genre: Drama, Tragedy
Rating: NC-17, at the very least a hard R
Word Count: 1818
Warnings: Envy’s POV, torture, rape, character death, adult situations, swearing (Heh heh). Oh, and Envy kinda doesn’t like Al. But it’s certainly not character bashing. >.<
Disclaimer: FMA isn’t owned by me, thank God. Imagine the trouble I would get in with the PC Folk?
Summary: Flesh is squeezed and stretched so easily, like taffy so soft and tasty, so it wouldn’t be hard to create something to tear him apart.

August 22nd, 2007

Bringing Back the Porn

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September 1st, 2007
Post Your Fandom Porn

[info]florida_minxie has a marvelous idea. Write or draw something porny, explicit or implied, and post it to your journal, to communities, wherever on IJ. And comment to others, bring back fandom participation and porn!

So get working. :D Come September 1st, let's see some new Ed & Envy smut!

(Just remember the InsaneJournal TOS, and flock explicit stuff.)

June 5th, 2007

30 Envy/Ed Themes

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In January of '06, at the request of friends after being unable to find an existing Envy/Ed theme list, I put one together. It can be used as a full set of 30, or two smaller sets of 15, with the first 15 being solitary words, and the second set of 15 being phrases and quotes.

15 word-based themes )

15 phrase-based themes )

You're angry when you're beautiful...

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Welcome to [info]envy_x_ed. Have a look over the userinfo, and make yourselves at home. If there's any questions or problems, feel free to track me down and ask.
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