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@larsonb or customs please [22 Dec 2017|05:08pm]

i'm brie and i just waited until the last minute to do all of my christmas shopping. it's funny how much i used to love this holiday when i was a kid, but now it's just a hit or miss for me. what's something that you used to love as a child but you're indifferent about now that you're older? also what's something you used to hate as a child, but you love it now? for me it has to be asparagus. i used to detest them when i was younger, but now i eat asparagus about three times a week
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@alyssaelaine or customs! [19 Dec 2017|11:28am]

hey babes! i just showed up today to ask you one very important question: if you could raid anyone's closet, where would we find you? if you're not interested in getting caught in someone else's threads, share your favorite piece of colder-weather clothing.
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customs/@candicea, let's be friends! [24 Nov 2017|09:03pm]

hello! my name is candice and i want to know what topic you know the most about. like, what trivia category would you absolutely dominate? or alternatively, which game show/reality tv show would you love to be on? i have always wanted to be on family feud and i'm mad this hasn't happened for me yet
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wire is cool @jasminetookes or bother me for a custom [22 Nov 2017|10:05pm]

i’m jasmine and i don’t know how to socialize properly so let’s go back to the old standby - google your first name + glamour shot and show me your favorite result. honestly mine is just too good so here’s the whole thing.
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@lorde and nicely scented customs [15 Nov 2017|10:01pm]

[ music | favorite type of pie? ]

hey i'm still ella! what movie can you quote word for word? any albums you still know all the words to after so long?

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halstoween or customs [05 Oct 2017|05:48pm]

hey hey i'm halston aaaaand i'm trying to get into horror movies, tis the season, right? what's your favorite? what will change my life? i've seen basically just the conjuring so i'm ready to get started
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mattsters inc or customs [05 Oct 2017|02:31am]

i'm matt and i think i'm so tired that i don't even have anything witty to say. so tell me, who wants to be friends instead and who can i bug until i pass out?
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chrizy heart or customs! [03 Oct 2017|03:01pm]

[ music | are you family oriented? how many kids do you want? ]

i'm chris and i know you have a story involving a microwave. do tell.

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customs? aim suggestions? [26 Jul 2017|03:36pm]

hey everybody, i'm ashley and i'm getting to this embarrassingly late as per usual. what's the last thing that embarrassed you and/or your most annoying personality trait?
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house stayrk or customs [04 Jul 2017|09:39pm]

i'm taylor and in honor of the fourth, tell me your favorite ways to celebrate - doesnt just have to be for the fourth of july. also, who'd like to be friends?
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customs for days, yo. [20 Jun 2017|12:05am]

who is bad at doing the intro thing? This girl! Hi, I am Katy and apparently people believe I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. What is something people say about you?
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fuck aim, live hard in customs [19 Jun 2017|10:27pm]

[ mood | short and sweet ]

i'm ruby rose. what's up?

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friday night mikes & customs for the brave [15 Jun 2017|05:42am]

sup, y'all. i'm michael b and i got into a heated conversation with my mother about how she insists on calling anime "cartoons" which is incredibly offensive and untrue. this got me thinking about all the petty ass hills i die on regularly including but not limited to: there are only five sex positions, everything else is you trying to impress the other person and risking a charlie horse in the process. reggaeton sounds nothing like reggae and should be called trasheton. amazing emoji selection is a skill that must be honed, but some have a natural aptitude. all white day parties are the new sweaty basement party. what petty hills do you insist on dying on? if you can't think of any, tell me about your last argument.
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anansofi boys, come find me. [30 May 2017|07:58am]

quoi de neuf? i'm sofia, and surprise! you just moved into your dream house. i want to know what would send you running and screaming? what would you stick it out for? anyone having any tom hanks money pit moments?
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thekidmero or customs whatever u like [04 May 2017|06:03am]

WHAT'S GOODIE IT'S YOUR BOY MERO AKA THE HUMAN DURAG FLAP AKA BARMELLO XANTHONY AKA MR. STEAL YOUR FRIES AKA THE PLATANO PAPI and since i have so many aliases i gotta ask what's your nickname? what does your family call you? your fans? what's the worst thing you've been called by the media? if you don't have a nickname let me know and i'll assign you one right quick then you can be down too
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chrizy heart, customs or phone tag. i welcome it all. [02 May 2017|03:09pm]

chris here, and my pile of obsessively reread paperbacks are starting to look a little sad so i'm reaching out - what's your latest read? do you prefer e-book, audio or getting your hands on a hardcover ? if absolutely none of that speaks to you, tell me the first thing you do when you touch ground in new york.
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customs for now [11 Apr 2017|06:17am]

i'm dylan, i'm the better twin. what's your favorite thing about your sibling? mine is that whenever i'm feeling shitty he can always put me in a better mood.
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customs are free [27 Mar 2017|05:21pm]

hello potential new friends, i'm alycia and i'm currently suffering through a brutal cold in 27° mexican beach weather. please feel pity on me and tell me your craziest cold remedies
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i can 'saraenade' you in customs! [23 Mar 2017|08:18pm]

hello everyone, i'm sara! ☺️ right now, i am still always mind boggled by the episodes of empire. just when i think i know what's going to happen, it always throws me for a loop. if you could live a day in your favorite series, what show would it be and whose shoes would you walk in? i have a couple in mind but i don't think i could handle cookie's crazy life. i think i would take a stab at olivia pope's life in scandal. her life doesn't seem to be anything short of boring and she's quick on her feet!
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we will edit this with updates as we come in with them so keep checking! [06 Mar 2017|01:20pm]


please be patient with us as we try to figure everything out to get things running smoothly again. we know this whole thing as been a slight inconvenience but that's how life works sometimes! anyone that had to update last week will have until SUNDAY THE 12TH to get their update done. thankfully most of our notes are still safe so we should have the comms/button back up and running like nothing ever happened in no time! if you have renamed your journal and it went back to your old one, let us know so we can fix it.

also, side note: if you have any customs in your journals PLEASE CHECK THEM. word is spreading that friends groups have been messed up and customs are open for all to read.

if you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to pm or comment here with anything you may be wondering about and we will get back to you as soon as we can! comments here are screened. commenting isn't working at this time, so please just pm us! if commenting is back to working we will do adds tonight, but right now that doesn't look likely. thank you all for your patience at this time and we hope everything gets back to normal soon!

this might be a pain but in order to help fix the locked comm/entry problem we need everyone to leave the comms and re request membership, we will accept everyone back throughout the day as we can so please hold tight with us! this might also help with any comms you have of your own too

thank you to everyone who has been helping us with information or anything else, we expect it to take a couple days to get everyone back on track so if you have any questions regarding your updates please let us know! as far as commenting goes, it looks like if squeaky can't fix it it will take a lot of refreshing for someone to make that first comment in musical and gab and then everyone else should be able to comment as well! if you any other questions or concerns, please let us know!
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