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@courtneyjai [27 Oct 2020|07:50am]

hi guys, i’m jai. apparently the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach. what’s the best way to your heart? honestly just asking so when i ping you, i can be the most accommodating.
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telegram: @dobrik101 & wire: @davidjulian [06 Oct 2020|08:19pm]

tell me a secret about you, c'mon. i'm a good secret keeper.
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@jisooyaaa or customs! [16 Sep 2020|06:37am]

hello, i'm jisoo from south korea! 👋 the weather is quickly changing in my city, and the first day of fall is less than a week away, so i wanted to know: what is your favorite thing to do in autumn that you can't do any other time of the year?

mine is stomping on giant fallen leaves on the sidewalk and hearing the crunch. 👢🍂 not all autumn leaves are crunchy, but when they are, being able to make the crunch sound with my feet is so satisfying. i highly recommend! 👍

(extra points if you can answer my question with emojis!)
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@minpark or customs if you want one [03 Sep 2020|09:52am]

i'm jimin and since i'm so hungry, tell me what it is that you're eating right now, or what your favorite food is.
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@clarksonj hmu [13 Aug 2020|05:35pm]

what's good guys? i'm jordan, and as i mentally prepare myself for this playoff game i wanna know what every day rituals you guys have and how they change when somethin big is about to happen. if not that then just hit me with a good #tbt jam.
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@gvdw or customs [13 Aug 2020|10:41am]

hey guys! i'm gregory van der wiel, but that's kind of a mouth full, so you can call me greg. i play fütbol (spelled like the pronunciation to make it easier on all you americans) primarily for the netherlands and i recently came out of a career break to get back into the game. what have you picked back up recently that you hadn't done in awhile? what's the most precious thing in your life? and final you have dual citizenship anywhere – and if you do, when's the last time you visited?
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@sivant for after midnight drawings and very poor puns [06 Jul 2020|09:12pm]

[ mood | i just started 'dead to me' ]
[ music | recommend show for me to watch on netflix or hulu! ]

hey im troye and i haven't shaved in weeks. what's something you've completely given up on? what's the longest you've gone without a shower?

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@roseannepark or customs [31 May 2020|12:30pm]

hey, i'm rosé. you now have an infinite number of the last thing you bought. what is it and how useful is this new lifetime supply of yours?
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who wants a custom? 😬 [19 Apr 2020|03:29am]

hi guys, i’m chace; you may know me from my best work “the covenant.” if you haven’t seen “the boys,” i would highly recommend it without bias or prejudice. what are three things you’re really good at, and three things you’re really bad at. or name someone and i will make up a fact about them.
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@hedlund for a limited time only [09 Apr 2020|11:44am]

hey fellow quarantiners, i'm garrett and someone told me the other day that i have too many double consonants in my name. what do you have too much of? or alternatively what do you wish you had too much of right now? don't say toilet paper you hoarder
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@tanamarie or give me a nice blunt............ custom [03 Mar 2020|01:36pm]

i cannot believe i have such terrible adhd that this intro came after 2 hours, but hi i'm tana mongeau and you probably know me as the dizzy bitch who married jake paul but i'm single now biiiiitch. tell me about shit you do on snap judgments to help me.
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@sershronan or customs or smoke signals [20 Feb 2020|11:23am]

i'm sersh and i'm bad at math. what are you bad at?
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ping ping ping @katnewton [05 Feb 2020|03:03pm]

hi, i'm kathryn! when i'm not in front of the camera, you can find me hanging with my dogs and playing golf. i've gots a question inspired by "the society" – if you were president of the world, what law would you create? how would you reinforce it?
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@vannessmonster and customs! [23 Nov 2019|06:39pm]

hi there, i'm jonathan and i love cats and coffee. even occasional cat twerking. tell me about your morning rituals!
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@camir or customs please 🤩 [13 Nov 2019|07:51pm]

👋 i’m camille or call me cam, cami, or finger monkey. what nicknames are you attached to? what’s your favorite halo top flavor? do you speak any other languages outside of english? would you like a ping or custom in the interest of being my new best friend?
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@eastwoodscott if you know what’s good for you [11 Nov 2019|11:55pm]

hi. i’m scott and currently working on a project with my 89 year old dad. his tenacity surprises me still to this day. what do you hope to be like at almost 90 years old? i hope i still have my humor.
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@arrippon or customs especially if you're as excited about food network's holiday programming as me [02 Nov 2019|06:41pm]

hi, i'm your new best friend adam. i'm heavy into the metaphysical like crystals and readings and my sign, other people's pets, and never being caught in bad lighting. who are you, what are you into?
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@wakeenphoenix if you're into late night conspiracy theories [02 Nov 2019|05:58pm]

i got chased by a pitbull in LA today that was probably rabid and ended up eating asphalt. made a fool of myself but felt oddly invigorated (don't try this at home). what was the last thing that gave you an adrenaline rush?
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the mods are busy so they will turn on anons when/if they can hi [24 Oct 2019|08:00pm]

question post! anons are enabled and will be unscreened as long as nothing too nasty is commented with, if you wish to have any of your anon comments deleted you can ask us to do so in the screened post! one nasty comment and anons will be turned off and off for good, don't mess up! you will get points for asking questions with your username and don't be afraid to comment later than usual but we will turn off anons when we have to step away!
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@gomezbecky and customs [24 Sep 2019|09:33pm]

hey, i'm becky and i'm late as hell. what's your bad habit everybody in your life complains about but you just can't seem to change?
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