Nov. 7th, 2011


Room 381: A random slushy hillside.

It was cold, though not unbearably so, though the way the slush squished against his toes made Wilykat wish the weather would just make up its mind already. Either snow for real, and he liked snow, or just melt already.

It was a quiet morning. Eerily quie- well, not really all that eerie. The birds were singing. The sun was out, even if it still couldn't decide what to do about the slush on the ground. And it wasn't like Mumm-Ra was about to pop out from behind a bush and scare him. But the lack of company as he walked from Point A (where they were staying) to Point B (where he was going to pick up supplies) was weird. It wasn't something that he used to. More than once he was about to say something to his sister, to the king, to Cheetara, before realizing…oh right, he was alone.

But hopefully he'd encounter someone who'd liven things up. Either that or he'd get there, get the stuff they needed, and get back because this quiet? Was weird.

Apr. 8th, 2011


ROOM 211: A very spooky haunted house

[And she was back at the base of the creaking porch steps again.

These were not the makings of a happy Caroline. Especially since she could swear she felt eyes on her, a creepy encroaching gaze that rose prickling on the back of her neck. Clearly the answer, or at least the way to get things done in here, was to march right up into the dark, ominous doorway, turning the knob on the door that was already ajar and enduring the classic complaint of the hinges. She's a little harder to kill now, after all; and a little harder to scare as a result.

And sure enough, there was someone waiting for her, somewhere around the sweep of the grand old stairs.

Apr. 6th, 2011



[In the library is a girl who is under the impression she's been here the entire time. Hotel? Kingdom Hearts? The fuck are you talking about, man? She's a schoolgirl and this is her school.

Right now she's drawing in her sketchbook with a slight smile on her face. Who is she drawing? You...or the person who she's under the impression she's a love interest option for, either/or, whichever's funnier. (Though unbeknownst to her, she'll be accidentally knocking over a bunch of pencils in the next tag, unless something or someone happens to stop her first.)]

Apr. 5th, 2011



You are in the middle of an overly long and boring class. It's perhaps the sort of event which would cause a person to sigh and think about their relationships or wacky events that have gone on: decisions made, conversations had, heart points gained.

But you're just bored. And there's only one way to fix it.

  • You are in a class! We'll say algebra for the sake of having a common subject.

  • The only way to communicate with people is by passing notes.

  • Or drawing, drawing works too.

  • Threadjacking is also welcome, as notes typically have to pass through a lot of hands before they reach their final destination.

  • But above all else, have fun!



Please remember that if you want to play somewhere else, you're more than welcome to. Creativity is encouraged here!

ROOM 211: A very spooky haunted house

Jinkies! If you didn't realize this hotel was unusual, this it is pretty much cements the hotel's status of strangeness.

You see the obligatory spooky dark forest no-doubt filled with various wild animals bent upon eating you. (Any attempts at cutting through the forest in a bid for freedom will result in returning to the house.) You see an old graveyard...which may make you wonder who's buried there. NPCs? Former guests of the hotel? And, of course, regardless of what time you thought it was prior to arriving, it is a moody dark night.

But what about the house itself?

It's a bit run down on the inside. Just a bit. But, imagine, a gothic mansion: large sweeping steps, grand bedrooms, a lonely dining room whose table settings imply that something not very good nor positive went down, and maybe a room in the basement for the owner's hobbies.

And yes, if you wander into a dark room without a light, you may be attacked.

ROOM 257: Lucky Heart! A romantic fun filled romp through a Japanese school!

Wait, shit? Why are you suddenly wearing a sailor fuku?

Why are you in a classroom? Especially if you're significantly older or younger than high school age.

And why do you have the sinking suspicion that you'll be making some important decisions in the near future?

You are in Hachioji Higashi High School, the setting of the dating sim Lucky Heart!. You may or may not be aware that something is drastically wrong: some people seem to be taking this in stride despite the fact they're 82. Good for them. And good for you if you're one of them.

But ahead of you are classes, culture clubs, raising social links if you happen to be a Fool, and adventures in making the right decisions and winning the heart of the person of your dreams. Will you succeed? Will you fail? Or will you spend your school year of love trying to find the right door back to the Endless Hotel because that's preferable to this hell?

Apr. 4th, 2011


You don't remember how you arrived...or perhaps you do, as multidimensional adventures can be funny in that respect. Regardless, where you were before and where you are now are two drastically different things.

The now: you are in a hotel. Hence the community name. It would be rather misleading if you signed up to stay at 'Hotel Endless' and found yourself in a yacht in the middle of an ocean, though that's actually quite possible here.

As Hotel Endless (or Endless Hotel) has an infinite number of rooms, each one leading to a setting quite out of sorts given the relatively mundane outside: mars, a jungle, or your grandmother's house, all are possible here. What's stranger still are how some residents have keys, keys which unlock certain doors which lead to familiar haunts: various worlds which people might have been pulled from before they were pulled once again to here.

Flavor-textful premise aside, your character is now in a hotel. Which we've established.

There's some rooms which are normal: bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. There's some rooms which are abnormal for a building: oceans, Venus, etc. And there's some rooms which correspond to games, which we'll get to shortly. Sometimes, people know what's going on. Sometimes, they enter a high school and believe they've been their all their lives.

When tagging a new room, please use 'setting: locationname' Helps keep track of what's been made and all.

Some characters might wake up and discover that they're holding a key marked with a certain room number. This key corresponds to a room which will lead to the setting of the game they're from. (If it's the actual game itself or just a copy is up in the air.) If you're not in the game in question, please ask before barging into their 'game.'

Series get tags too! I nearly forgot. I'll try my best to make sure everyone gets represented properly.

But if you need a tag or if I messed up on your tag, reply here or shoot me a PM and I will fix it ASAP.

I might change it in the future to be a tag free for all, we'll see.