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Mar. 1st, 2018


Drew Ray Tanner in Riverdale [197 Icons]

This is, by far, the single most difficult set of icons I've ever made. The colouring, the lighting, the blurriness caused by Fangs being just a background asset so often... I weep. I throw things. I celebrate finally being done. Sadly, these icons didn't come out as nicely as I'd hoped, but there was a point where I just stopped being willing to keep micro-tweaking the adjustment layers.

Anyway, here you go. One set of Drew Ray Tanner in Riverdale S2, episodes 1-13. Includes a few with Sweet Pea (Jordan Connor) because where there is Fangs there is almost always Sweet Pea.

I have no quotes to put here, and that is sad. Give Fangs more lines! )

Feb. 27th, 2018


Animals: Keo the Dog [87 Icons]

Will anyone ever have a use for these? I have no clue. The idea just struck me while I was browsing Instagram and procrastinating working with Riverdale's atrocious lighting again. Hopefully this isn't weird or anything. (Features an icon or two with KJ Apa, since this is his dog... or possibly the dog of one of his family members.)

This pupper is just so cute! )

Feb. 26th, 2018


Drew Ray Tanner [207 Icons]

In another blatant case of making more icons than necessary of someone I plan to use as a pb, I have produced this set of Drew Ray Tanner. All of these come from his Instagram account, but a majority of them are also passable as his character in Riverdale (in fact, a few are actually in costume as Fangs). There's also another set of him in Riverdale coming up eventually, but the lighting on that show makes me incredibly grouchy.

I just wanna watch him do card tricks forever mkay. )

Feb. 24th, 2018


Rob Raco [132 Icons]

Apparently, I have chosen a hill to die upon and its name is "the internet needs more icons of Rob Raco." While I get all gross and corpsified up here, feel free to poke around. Most of these are black and white, since I sourced from Rob's instagram account and that seems to be his preferred aesthetic.

He occasionally quotes The Outsiders in his captions; this guy's alright by me. )

Feb. 22nd, 2018


Rob Raco in Riverdale [296 Icons]

You know what the world needs? More icons of Serpents from Riverdale. *sage nod* That's my excuse for making this set of Rob Raco as Joaquin DeSantos in S1 and I'm sticking to it.

Created with screencaps from [info]capping on which I spent more time than any sane person should painting out the CW logo and/or cropping to hide it as necessary. (No, really, I have become a pro at clone stamping. xD)

Icons occasionally feature Kevin Keller. Also, please pardon the inconsistent lighting and colouring; Riverdale's aesthetic and I do not get along when it comes to iconning.

You wish, preppy. )

Feb. 16th, 2018


KJ Apa in Riverdale 2x10 [174 Icons]

Part two (of two) featuring KJ Apa as Archie Andrews in Riverdale 2.10: The Blackboard Jungle, made for my parabatai (but free for all to use). I tried to group alternate croppings, but since I worked with two different sources this time around it was a little more difficult. Also, some icons in this post may look nicer than the others, since they come from very high def caps taken by an awesome and generous new friend.

Features a few icons with Veronica and/or background Serpents. And Nick, who's being terrorized by the beauty that is Dark!Archie.

I haven’t told anyone about this, but I’m not so sure we did. )


KJ Apa in Riverdale 2x10 [155 Icons]

Another set made for the Archie to my Juggie, this time of KJ Apa as Archie Andrews in Riverdale 2.10: The Blackboard Jungle (+5 other icons I just felt like making). There's a fair few alternate croppings, but I tried to keep them grouped together for ease of selection.

Features a few icons with Veronica and Agent Adams.

In your expert opinion, Agent Adams: Do you think we got the right guy? )

Feb. 13th, 2018


Cole Sprouse in Riverdale 2x13 [267 Icons]

After seeing the range of Juggie expressions in Riverdale 2.13: The Tell-Tale Heart, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to icon it. This is the first in what's likely to be an absurd number of S2 Jughead sets from me, because I have a need for the Serpent!Jug icons that I can't find anywhere and plan to take matters into my own hands.

Features Betty and FP, because some of those side-by-side shots were too good not to icon.

Norman Bates made it look so easy. )

Feb. 3rd, 2018


Jordan Connor in Riverdale S2 (5/5) [112 Icons]

This is the final set (for now) featuring Jordan Connor in Riverdale S2 - this time solely in episode 2x10. There's a hefty dose of SP's shadow Fangs and the turtleneck uniform of doom with guest appearances by a sliver of Toni's head and half of Juggie's face. Made for the Sweet Pea to my Fangs, who is currently in the process of ripping my heart out with feels. I think she's Satan's understudy, but I promise she won't torture you in fire and brimstone for using these. Much.

Don't come crawling to us, hat in hand, when some ghoulie decides to earn his stripes by taking out FP Jones' kid. )


Jordan Connor in Riverdale S2 (4/5) [138 Icons]

Set four of five featuring Jordan Connor in Riverdale S2 (episodes 1-10). This set includes a few icons with half of Juggie and a single icon with Fangs. Made for the zombie deer to my dine 'n' dash, but feel free to load up your truck too. I won't tell the scary lady in the warehouse.

Man, if you're pissed because your old man tapped me instead of you... (No, Sweet Pea.) )

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