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Narrative [25 Jun 2008|11:25am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

who: Katie Bell & Oliver Wood
where: Gram's, Scotland
when: 22:09, 22 June, 2000
rating: TBA
summary: Katie visits Oliver in Scotland to set things straight.

Katie zipped her jumper up to her nose... )

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Owl to James Crotchup [25 Jun 2008|01:22am]
From Lisa Turpin )
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Narrative [22 Jun 2008|05:58pm]

Who: Hannah Abbott
When: May 31, 2000 after leaving Theodore's party (backdated)
Where: The Bones' Home
Status: Complete
Rating: G
Summary: Hannah packs her things.

Like a thief in the night )
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Narrative [17 Jun 2008|03:18pm]

Who: Theodore Nott & Guests
When: May 31, 2000
Where: Nott Manor
Status: In progress
Rating: TBD
Summary: The Party

Theo stared in the mirror, suit, check, fedora, check, smile, check. Truthfully he'd never been one for birthday parties, his own had always been quite affairs. Perhaps a few days later his father would take him out on a trip, that was his reward. But tonight was different, it wasn't about Theodore it was about the guests. Thanks to Robards he'd have Rita Skeeter pegging him as a lier, he should have guessed Robards would chicken out. But Skeeter wasn't to be the only drama of the evening, he hoped his old classmates might bring some of their prejudices along. It would make things interesting.

Fixing his cuffs he straightened his shoulders and grimaced, time to get this show on the road. The guests waited the doors closed to the ballroom and the upstairs blocked by a cord. He stepped out at the top of the stairs, waiting until the chatter quieted and eyes turned his way.
Welcome, classmates, friends, business partners and reporters.. )
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Owl: James Crotchup [13 Jun 2008|02:41am]

[ mood | flirty ]

delivered by a petite, snowy owl )

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Narrative [11 Jun 2008|11:01pm]
Who: Lisa Turpin and James Crotchup
When: June 11, 2000
Where: A French restaurant
Status: In progress
Rating: TBD
Summary: Lisa meets James at a restaurant to practice speaking French.

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Narrative [06 Jun 2008|06:47pm]

[ mood | drained ]

who: Katie Bell, Oliver Wood, Emilie Wood
when: 18:30; Friday, 06 June, 2000
where: Gram's, Scotland
rating: NC-17
status: incomplete
summary: Katie delivers a precious package from France to Oliver.

It was like chasing the sun. )

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Narrative: Firetalking [06 Jun 2008|08:13am]

[ mood | anxious ]

who: George Weasley & Oliver Wood
where: Gram's Fireplace
when: 10:45 am; 05 Thursday 2000
status: complete
rating: PG-13 (language)
summary: George Floo's Oliver.

Oy! Psst... Where are you, ya jizz-cock? )

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sorry for the interruption [06 Jun 2008|08:06am]

hold until tonight
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Owl to James Crotchup [05 Jun 2008|08:52pm]
From Lisa Turpin )
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To Babette P. Wood [02 Jun 2008|11:54pm]

from Oliver Wood, via John Wood )
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To Katie Bell [02 Jun 2008|10:50pm]

delivered by a generic postal owl )
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To George Weasley [02 Jun 2008|10:20pm]

from Mr. James Crotchup )
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Owl: Katie Bell [02 Jun 2008|02:07am]

delivered by an owl bearing the WWW crest )
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[29 May 2008|11:00pm]

Who: Padma Patil and Lisa Turpin
When: May 28, 2000, evening
Where: Padma's flat
Status: In progress
Rating: PG
Summary: Lisa takes Padma up on dinner.

Padma wasn't expecting a guest and her attire attested to as much. )
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Narrative [28 May 2008|12:27am]

Who: Padma Patil and Theodore Nott
When: May 27, 2000, late in the evening
Where: Nott Manor
Status: In progress
Rating: PG
Summary: Padma floos over to thank Theodore (profusely.)

Padma threw on her only sweatshirt in a hurry... )
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Owl to Theodore Nott [27 May 2008|10:06pm]

from Padma Patil )
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Delivered By Express Owl [27 May 2008|06:50pm]

Invitations for the following plus 1 guest:

Minister Gawain Robards
Ms. Renya Everett (Head of the Foundation for Muggleborn Aid or FMA)
Ms. Rita Skeeter
Mr. Aloysius Pewter
Mr. George Weasley
Mr. Percy Weasley
Ms. Ginerva Weasley
Ms. Andromeda Tonks
Ms. Katie Bell
Ms. Astoria Greengrass
Ms. Angelina Johnson
Department Head of Magical Games and Sports
Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes
Department Head of International Magical Cooperation
Department Head of Magical Law Enforcement
Department Head of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures


The Hogwarts Class of 1998

You Are Formally Invited )
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Owl to the Nott Family [27 May 2008|02:59am]
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Narrative [27 May 2008|02:06am]
Who: Lisa and Mr. Crotchup
When: May 27, 2000
Where: The home of Aloysius Pewter
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: The two see one another for the first time since the "garden incident". 

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