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April 19th, 2019

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bungou stray dogs 3rd season #01:

Flashback in the past when dazai was still in port mafia when there was a mysterious man attacking members of port mafia. Dazai was on a task to find the revived ex leader who was killed by the current leader.

one punch man 2nd season #01 - #02:

A s rank hero - king wanted to quit being a hero as his past achievement was due to lock. Saitama defeated the villains that crashed his apartment and became good friends after preaching him and playing video games with him while genos dealed with monsters outdoor.

Rank b no 1, Fubiki- blizzard tried to get all b rank heroes to join her alliance but her subordinates were defeated by rank b no 18 - saitama easily. Sonic attacked saitama, Genos tried fending for saitama but was outranked. Saitama defeated sonic in a flash. Blizzard was shocked to see saitama acting easy around rank s heroes. In other place, a difficult powerful man - garou massacred a hall of strong people as well as a couple of rank a heroes.

shoumetsu toshi #02:

Takuya was saved by his ex comrades. Together, they tried to escape from the pursuers with yuki. Yuki demonstrated her power when she summoned the soul of her ex bodyguard to fight an enemy who attacked takuya.

April 8th, 2019

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kimetsu no yaiba #01:

Tanjirou bidded farewell with his sister nezuko and rest of his family to sell charcoal in the town. On his way back, a kind old man took him in overnight and told him tales of lurking demons at night and demon slayers. Next morning, tanjirou returned home and was shocked to find his family killed. He carried nezuko who still had body warmth, hoping to save her but she transformed into demon and attacked him. A demon slayer took her from him and wanted to kill her but tanjirou tried to save her and she shielded him. Noting she still retained some human consciousness, the demon slayer spared her and directed tanjirou to take nezuko find the old man who had taken tanjirou in overnight before.

fairy gone #01:

Village of suna was burnt down by traitor dawn. Two girls - marlya and veronica escaped and survived. Years passed, marlya worked under security head - free in an auction. When a creature which was known to be able to see fairies escaped from its cage, marlya and free witnessed veronica crushed into the auction to snatch an item. Marlya merged with an escaped fairy and became a fairy soldier. She tried to interfere fight between free and veronica. Veronica escaped and free asked marlya to join his government minion team to hunt down illegal fairy auction activities. She accepted.

mayonaka no occult koumuin #01:

Miyako arata went to apply and reported for work in a government division that dealt with legendary beings such as fairies, tengu, etc known as Anothers. In the first mission, they were to investigate noise complaints caused by angels and tengu. Miyako's colleagues were shocked to see miyako understanding and able to communicate with Anothers. Miyako resolved the quarrel caused by misunderstanding when an angel and tengu wanted to elope. After problem was resolved, an elderly tengu called miyako 'abe no simei'.

April 7th, 2019

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kono yo hate de koi wo utau shoujo yu no #01:

Takuya who thought his father was dead, received strange package from his father who told him to go to a cliff to meet a girl. Meanwhile, his father's colleague offered to continue his father's study and wanted takuya to pass all items and document to him. At the cliff, takuya found a girl who vanished in his arms, he also met his father's colleague who threatened to shoot takuya for a strange remote from takuya's father. Some thing changed around takuya and he became alone in the same place. Next day he returned to school, but his father's colleague had no memory of what happened the night before.

karakuri circus #24:

Pantalone who lost his purpose to exist, listened to ashihana's advise to live for eleonore's order. He saved guy and aided narumi and others to escape after narumi defeated the automata in hospital and acquiring harry machine. Narumi pulled pantalone with him as he knew the latter's change of heart to help them as well as wanting to save eleonore later. In the sky, masaru and his animal tamer girl were in their way to the sky ship with faceless and eleonore.

re recreator #18 - #22 (final):

Altair had brought shin (from mirokuji's anime world) and charon (from selesia's anime world) to join her. Blitz decided to fight along side of his creator when she brought his dead daughter alive through meteora. Alicetaria also went on side of her creator against altair. Magane told sota his final work would receive recognition and succeed by next day using her spell and she left after releasing mirokuji's doll familiar to him.

In battle, shin learned the manga spoiler plot from mirokuji and fought along side against altair. Selesia tried to stop charon who was tired from the fighting plots in the manga world and offered to sacrifice herself to die with charon so he could not aid altair. Alicetaria was also killed by altair who admitted being murderer of mamika. When all plan to defeat altair failed, sota released vision of scene of setuna before her committing of suicide to talk to altair. Altair decided to stay in illusion world to continue to keep existence of setuna.

After end of battle, meteora returned the other anime characters back to their world but she remained as she couldn't send herself back. With her vanishing power, she lived in real world as normal people, continuing keeping in touch with sota.
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