Feb. 14th, 2011


Owl to Daphne Greengrass )

Owl to Padma )

Feb. 7th, 2011


WHO: Blaise Zabini and Padma Patil
WHAT: Dinner
WHERE: An Expensive Restaurant in Diagon Alley
WHEN: BACKDATED to February 1st.

Blaise makes sure that Padma doesn‘t over work. )


Owls to Miles Bletchley, Tracey Davis, Astoria Greengrass, Daphne Greengrass, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy and Blaise Zabini )

Jan. 24th, 2011


Who: Astoria Greengrass and Blaise Zabini.
Where: Small restaurant.
When: Early Monday morning.
What: Astoria goes to Diagon Alley for breakfast and runs into Blaise.
Status: In Progress.
Rating: Low.

Astoria took in a deep breath of warm air to thaw out her frozen lungs as she entered her favorite little restaurant. )

Jan. 8th, 2011


WHO: Daphne Greengrass & Blaise Zabini.
WHAT: Trying to figure out what to do with the cat problem.
WHERE: The Greengrass Estate.
WHEN: Saturday afternoon.
RATING: Fairly high just because of violence towards an animal.

Throwing the doors open to the room, Daphne stood in the entrance way, practically seething with anger. )

Dec. 27th, 2010


Who: Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini
What: Catching up
Where: Parkinson Estate
When: December 27, afternoon
Rating: Low I imagine

It seemed like it had been forever since she'd seen most of her friends )