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May. 6th, 2017


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Title: The Dark God's Bride (The Dark God's Bride #1)
Author: Dahlia Lu, Dahlia L. Summers
Format: Epub
Rating: 4/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: May 2, 2017 to May 6, 2017
Book Summary: An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeance...

Imprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, Summit, the Dark God, wanted nothing less than equivalent retribution. After breaking free and successfully retaining some splintered shards of his sanity, Summit set out to confront Lucifer. The Archangel was nowhere to be found. He has, however, left behind his most coveted mortal bride. The Dark God stormed into Hell to capture Lucifer's one and only weakness, but inadvertently abducted the wrong female - his own.

A reluctant heroine...

As a mortal raised among the demons inside a floating castle in Hell, Amara's life is not exactly what you would call normal. When she finds herself abducted by a half-mad god, who mistook her for the woman who brought her up, Amara chooses to hide her identity to protect her foster mother at the risk of her own life.
Book Review: I have had this book on my Nook for quite some time and I thought I would take a moment to check it out. This was truly a little gem of a book.

Our story opens as the dark god Summit awakens. He has no memory of who he is only that Lucifer had locked him away. He hears that Lucifer has taken a mortal for a bride and he decides that he is going to kidnap her. Unfortunately for him, he actually kidnaps the wrong woman. Amara is actually the foster daughter of Lucifer's wife.

During the beginning, he begins to call himself Noctis since he really does not remember who he is and takes Amara to a group of Lycans thinking that she will be harmed or even maybe killed. Unfortunately for him, he comes back to find her in the middle of a game of strip poker.

There are moments of where Amara does try twice to escape him and he always brings her back. She does her best to annoy the hell out of him and he wants nothing more than to kill her in front of Lucifer for revenge but we do so see a change come. He starts to find himself caring for her and she the same.

But that cliffhanger - I just was not expecting. At least now, it has me curious about reading the next book in this series.

I actually pleased with this book. I found it to be a rare gem of a book and a great read. I tend to have these little gem books under piles of books that are bestsellers and normally these little gems are great to get away from the mainstream area of books. If you want a book to get away with, then this one would definitely be one to consider.