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Aug. 5th, 2018


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Title: X-Men Red (2018-) #6
Author: Tom Taylor, Carmen Carnero (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: August 5, 2018
Book Summary: From deep beneath the ocean, Jean Grey’s X-Men watch as waves of anti-mutant hatred wash over the world! Can the X-Men quell the tide? Or will they be swept away in its wake?
Book Review: Cassandra Nova has come to crash the party and she is going to make sure that she leaves behind a trail of death in her wake.

We learn from Cassandra Nova that while she and Charles Xavier were in their mother's womb, he tried to strangle her with the umbilical cord. That is really our first taste of her reasoning behind her clear hatred for her brother and the team he created.

With Charles not around to torment, Cassandra Nova has set her sights clearly in Jean Grey and she makes her appearance to Jean when Jean uses Searebro for the first time. This gives Jean a glimpse of her enemy as she tries to once more clear her name. The thing is Cassandra is not going to allow it one bit and she has one more ace up her sleeve and it is about to go out with a bang.

Recently we met Nezhno Abidemi, a mutant named Gentle. His history has been quite placed in the background up until now. We learn that his mother was a Wakandan and his father an American. It seems that even though he is with her, she doesn't want him and neither does his step-father. And the feeling seems to be a bit mutual with the latter. Nezhno doesn't like the idea his step-father beats on his mother but his mother simply hits him and tells him to stay out of it.

Jean has broken down the barriers in his mind and his first touches do not hurt him in any way.

This series continues to entice me further and I am loving this series. I have not really touched the other X-Men series (other than the wedding issue of Gambit and Rogue and their new title together). I am glad to see Jean alive and I cannot wait to see how she will handle Cassandra Nova now that she knows she is the one behind it all.

By the way, can we have some Jean and Ororo friendship-love? I have always loved their relationship together. They are friend goals.

Jun. 13th, 2018


| 207 |

Title: X-Men Red (2018-) Annual #1 (X-Men Red (Single Issues) Annual #1)
Author: Tom Taylor, Pascal Alixe (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 3.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: June 13, 2018
Book Summary: After Resurrection. Before Red. Jean Grey was reborn in a world that had changed. Her friends and family had lived lives. Some had lost lives. This is Jean's story of catching up losses and triumphs. Reconnecting with old colleagues, grieving for those lots, and meeting family members she didn't know existed.
Book Review: I actually had planned to do summary of this issue but I think it best not to do so. I believe there are a bit of spoilers in there and I think it best to allow others a chance to read this one without possible going through my post and finding a spoiler.

All this issue really does is give us a glimpse into Jean Grey's life after the limited series X-Men Phoenix Resurrection and before the start of X-Men Red.

The only thing I am not impressed with is the art. It just - I don't know. I felt it seemed like was too rushed and if were the colors were done by a child. I wish I could have enjoyed this issue a lot more.


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Title: X-Men Red (2018-) #5
Author: Tom Taylor, Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: June 13, 2018
Book Summary: MUTANT HATE IS AT AN ALL-TIME HIGH…and Jean Grey is caught right in the middle! CASSANDRA NOVA’s plan is finally revealed….but to devastating consequences. And just because JEAN GREY’s team finally knows what’s going on, doesn’t mean they can actually stop it. Someone close to Jean is about to become Nova’s latest pawn…but who? And why?
Book Review: Ever since the televised head explosion of the British Ambassador believed to have been by the newly-resurrected Jean Grey, hatred of mutants have reached an overall high. Poland has recently enacted a law to apprehend any all mutants within their country.

In a undisclosed hospital, Jean and Trinary are working to remove the Sentite lodged into the head of David Bushell, whom had killed a mutant girl Gambit was protecting. Unfortunately for David, Gambit has come to seek revenge for the girl he has killed. Gambit appears in the hospital room and both Jean and Trinary try to recruit him to their group.

It is at this point Trinary has found the switch and turned off the Sentite in David's head. Also at this time, Nightcrawler appears in the room with David's dad and the two are reunited. For the newly formed red team, there is little time to celebrate as there is another mutant problem they need to attend to.

When they reappear, they find Storm and the others waiting for them. Storm informs the group that there is a set of Polish mutants on the run. Jean replies that they will help them out and the group (along with the Sentinel colored in rainbow) take off.

Upon arrival, they find the mutants cornered near the Baltic Sea. The army is converging on the fleeing mutants. Jean and her team arrive just in time to stop the slaughter from happening. It is at this moment that Namor appears and begins to take the fleeing mutants into his bubble-like ship. Jean, whom has finished showing the soldiers what the fear the mutants were having and this seemed to back them off. All the mutants board the ship leaving the army behind.

This series really has set itself apart from its predecessors. There is a big difference in this group. Although we find Jean in place of what would be Charles. However, unlike Charles, she has pretty much become quite active in the group, seeing that her not only her group is continually protected but also rescuing those whom are being perscuted by their own country. Jean knows that there is someone out there doing this but she has no idea quite whom it is.

I like this series. It is so different and we see Jean and her team growing together. They seem to be insync with each other and this is what every team should be like. I hope this series continues on this path and that it continues to do stronger than that of the other series.

May. 24th, 2018


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Title: X-Men Red (2018-) #4
Author: Tom Taylor, Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: May 24, 2018
Book Summary: JEAN GREY and her team of X-Men are trying to save the world…but one mutant could spoil that for everyone. When an old friend of Jean's is corrupted and turned against her, will Jean have to do the unthinkable?
Book Review: Our story thus far...

Jean has been resurrected; and in turn, has rejected the Phoenix Force. In doing so, Jean has set out on her own course. Her first order of business is to find herself a team. Her second order is to unite both humans and mutants together and the only way of hoping to do this is to go through the United Nations. Unfortunately one of the Ambassador's minds is hijacked and she comes out attacking Jean Grey before her head explodes. With the world watching, Jean is accused of the assassination and she is given no choice but to accept the offer of sanctuary in Wakanda. Despite this, Jean continues her work in saving mutants from the hatred being directed at them.

Our Story Now....

As Jean and her team return from a mission with a Sentienal in tow, they find themselves face to face with a possessed Weather Goddess.

Jean tries to probe Storm's mind but there is something there that keeps Jean from pressing further. She saves Storm but now realizes that even in Wakanda they are in danger. So the operation moves itself to Namor's home.

Of course what is an X-Men Red issue without a small cameo of our villain and the course she is taking.

This series is getting really good. Not only do we have a villain that is front and center but she is also causing tons of problems already for Jean.

As for Jean, she has no idea who is behind all of this havok. Cassandra has made sure that any probing Jean does there is no trace of her.

I am really enjoying this series and I cannot wait to see which direction this series goes.

Mar. 9th, 2018


| 173 |

Title: X-Men Red (2018-) #2
Author: Tom Taylor (Illustrator), Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 3.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: March 9, 2018
Book Summary: JEAN GREY and her team must infiltrate a top-secret compound in order to save a mutant they’ve never met. They’ll have to avoid guards armed with guns, protestors armed with hate and sentinels armed with…well, slightly larger and more dangerous guns than the guards. Trouble? More like all in a day’s work for the newest X-Men team!
Book Review: This issue pretty much has picked up where the first issue has left off.

Jean is being accused of assassinating of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom. Because of this, Anti-mutant sentiment has begun sweeping over the country. Even news anchors seem to be on different sides of the spectrum. Some believing that she did it while others believed that there is much more to the story than they are seeing. Of course, those blinded by prejudice don't seem to see it anyone's way other than their own but that is what Xavier's sister is after, right? To divide and conquer?

Unfortunately for Jean, she is unable to stop any of it and is forced to seek asylum in the country of Wakanda with her team. Of course Namor has offered as well but as Nightcrawler puts it, they are human and need the air to breath.

Before Jean and her team can contemplate exactly the magnitude the death of the Ambassador has upon the world or who could be entirely behind the assassination, Jean is summoned by a call who identifies herself as Trinary. She tells Jean that she can help her out but first she needs to find her and help her get out.

Jean and her team head off to India on a rescue mission. Unfortunately things get kinda sticky during Trinary's rescue. While the others are inside pulling a rescue mission, Jean is outside dealing with humans carrying pitchforks. Jean manages to subdue the crowd but not all of them and she has to extend out her powers to encase them as well.

With the rescue done, Jean and her team realize that they have overstayed their welcome in India but not before a Sentinel appears to take them down.

This series has begun on a good foot. Jean and her team have pretty much managed to set themselves apart from the Gold and Blue teams. While the others do occasionally head overseas, they are not an international team. Jean and her team have established themselves in Wakanda. Maybe not on the terms they wanted to do but they are pretty much outside of the U.S.

Her team has some really interesting characters. Gabbi is a humorus and seems to have the ability to enjoy herself even during the dark times that seem to hang over the head of her team. She tries to unwind herself with a dip in the waters of Wakanda while Jean and Laura discuss the events that landed them there.

And Trinary is going to be an interesting addition to the team. She has humor, she is brash, and is willing to dedicate her abilities to help out Jean and her team. Exactly what she knows won't be seen until the next issue but I think with her abilities she will be a great addition to the team and I am looking forward to seeing what she offer.

So this is the second issue and there was a bit more of action in this one than really the last. I am liking the direction of the direction this series is going and I am quite excited to see where it goes in the next issue.

By the way, seeing Wolverine at the end, does this mean with him coming back, maybe he might be joining Jean's team? I think that would be awesome to see but I suppose we will have to wait.

Feb. 8th, 2018


| 159 |

Title: X-Men Red (2018-) #1
Author: Tom Taylor, Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Travis Charest (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: February 8, 2018
Book Summary: THE FIRST SENSATIONAL ARC OF AN ALL-NEW TEAM OF X-MEN STARTS HERE! JEAN GREY is back! Returned to a world she doesn't recognize, the First Lady of the X-MEN gathers an unlikely team — NIGHTCRAWLER, NAMOR and LAURA KINNEY (A.K.A. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE) — to face an evil that threatens to tear down XAVIER's dream by any means necessary!
Book Review: Jean Grey is back!

And she has set up her own team!

In this issue, it begins with a young mustant asleep. She is awakened in the middle of the night by a voice warning her of incoming trouble that is seeking to do her harm.

The young girl manages to flee before the mob gets her but they corner her. The girl named Heather is surprised to see her own Mom being part of the charge. With a gun aimed at her own daughter, the mother calls her an abomination. It is then the young girl is saved by Jean and her Red team.

Jean uses her abilities to protect the girl while Nightcrawler gets her up off the ground to whisk her away.

Once they are safely away, we find that Jean Grey has made a base beneath the sea called Seaboro. Here is where we see the members of her team - Honey Badger, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Namor, Gentle, and Trinary.

Jean's real story begins about two months prior when a group of car jackers throw a young woman out of the car and steal it unaware that there is a baby in the backseat. When the baby begins to cry, it's powers begin to manifest causing the car jackers to stop. It is at this moment Wolverine and Honey Badger arrive on the scene and do what they can to contain the child's crying. Unfortunately the sonic cries cause Wolverine's skin to melt off and send both of them flying.

Jean arrives just in time to catch both girls and calm the child down. She gives the child back to it's mother, telling her that she had talked to McCoy who would be working on a necklace to help damper his abilities until the time came he could go to Xavier Institute. Jean goes on to tell the young mom that there will be a fallout from this but she would monitor and if there was trouble, Wolverine was nearby to offer any help.

And fallout there is especially with the newcaster who seems to be against anyone or anything different from himself even if the child looks like a human. Jean goes to several countries - Turkey, Pakistan, East Timor, Wakanda and Atlantis - with the hopes of reaching out to their representatives for their assisstance. The group is filled with great thinkers - made of artists, scientists, authors, etc. All of them once-in-a-generation minds and she wants to borrow from them by using her psychic abilities to probe their minds with the hope of finding that niche that she could use to build upon.

With their ideas fresh in her mind, Jean goes before the United Nations and tells them: if countries are going to start discussing mutant issues, then mutants should be allowed to sit in and be apart of that discussion. Unfortunately there is one Ambassador that seems to be against this idea citing that if there was to be a vote for such a matter, who was to say the vote would not be tainted by her. Jean returned that even if she was out of the room, she could still reach out with her mind. It is then that the countries of Atlantis and Wakanda recognize the mutant nation.

Of course, this continues outside with the Ambassador of the United Kingdom cool demeanor turns dark and tells Jean that the Phoenix and her ressurection has upset the status quo. Before Jean can make any sense of this, the Ambassador's head explodes in front of her and her team comes to remove Jean just in time as the armed police begin firing on her.

And our villian appears! What exactly does Cassandra Nova, Charles Xavier's twin sister, have to do with all this? Well, we will have to wait and see what this fallout causes and what Cassandra's next move is going to be.

I will admit that I was disappointed with the Resurrection limited run. It felt rushed and in only five issues, there was not a lot covered as one would hope. We didn't know how Jean was thinking or how things had become with the X-reunion. Of course we can see that Jean's resurrection has placed her on a different course of action than that of the other teams. She is determined to try to find a solution than going into battle. Unfortunately Jean is about to meet a villian that is on par with her abilities and this will be a battle that Jean will have to possibly fight.

This issue basically gave us a small taste of what is to come. Jean will have a lot ahead of her and a villian in the shadows doing whatever she can to undermine Jean's determination. Will I continue to read this? Of course, I like the idea of Jean setting herself apart from the other teams. It will be interesting to see how things unravel for Jean and what decisions she will have to make in hopes of keeping her dream of uniting mutants and humans alive.