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Feb. 14th, 2019


| 268 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #8
Author: Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator), Rachel Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: February 14, 2019
Book Summary: Spiral jumps into the fray! But whose side is she really on? Will Rogue and Gambit ever get the vacation they deserve?
Book Review: Moving over Rogue, it is time for Gambit to shine in this issue!

In this issue, we pick up where the last issue has left off. Rogue has been awakened by Longshot's kiss and the pair are prepared to leave when Gambit appears. Gambit uses his powers to take out his rival and the two escape. Unfortunately Rogue's power unleashes and she kills Gambit. Of course, this angers Mojo and he makes them spin the genre wheel leading Gambit and Rogue to new genres but always the same results - Gambit dies at Rogue's hands.

Spiral goes into the next program trying to figure out exactly what is going. All the while she does this, she is also concocting a plan and she recruits Gambit for help in retrieving something outside of the studios of the real Mojoverse.

She, then, goes to Rogue and reveals that Rogue's new powers have kicked in and everytime she has a meltdown, she ends up killing Gambit. There has to be something inside Rogue like a switch that could be controlled by Rogue herself. Now Rogue is going to have to deep inside herself to figure out what it is triggering her newfound powers.

This series keeps getting great. I was thrilled to see that we are going to be learning exactly what is causing Rogue's newfound powers to manifest in the next issues. Not only that but we get a Gambit issue in this one! I don't think I have any complaints against it at this moment. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Jan. 13th, 2019


| 261 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #7
Author: Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator), Rachel Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: January 13, 2019
Book Summary: Stuck in the Mojoverse! Rogue and Gambit are forced to relive moments of their past…but this time for the cameras!
Book Review: Like all issues of past and present, this issue pretty much continues from the last.

Gambit and Rogue are hanging over a pool of aligators and are about to be the main course for them. Yet neither of them know how exactly they have gotten there. Neither of them aware of the fact they were part of Mojovision's desire once again to give an audience what he believes they need. He removes them from their current situation and puts them into a noir-like show called, "Honey Moonlighting." Unfortunately this story ends quite horribly and before either can react, Rogue is tossed into the next story and we get a glimpse of a recast as we go into a story with a Sleeping Beauty-esque.

I must admit this new arc into the Gambit and Rogue series was a rather fun addition. Unfortunately we have no idea exactly what Mojovision has in store for our newly married couple especially now that Gambit has been recast with another character. What is going to happen is the fun of it all. I am really excited to see exactly which direction this series goes. It has been fun and watching Gambit and Rogue in many situations from space to domestic life to now being part of Mojovision's stories has been quite a roller coaster.

Gambit and Rogue have always been my favorite X-Couple and to finally have them married has always been a great dream for me. I know that there have been past events where they were a married couple of sorts and unfortunately I missed those but they really never received air time as they are right now and this series has been a great read.

Unfortunately where there are great stories sometimes the art has a bit of a misdirection. There were a couple of panels that were a bit weird. Otherwise I think these are mere hiccups and nothing more to be honest.

I am looking forward to seeing the next part of this storyline.

Dec. 20th, 2018


| 257 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #6
Author: Kelly Thompson, David Lopez (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.8/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 20, 2018
Book Summary: Gambit and Rogue are throwing a party, and you’re invited! Guest-starring every X-Man their apartment can fit! Hey, who invited the Thieves Guild?!
Book Review: With their adventure in space over and done, it is time for Remy and Anna Marie to settle down into marital bliss.

What better way than to have a party to celebrate not only their return home but also their home.

Unfortunately things don't just go their way. Remy's father appears to warn him that he's about to be attack and from the skyliner, a set of thieves burst forth to attack Remy and his father. Of course this doesn't make Rogue happy at all and sets them to take it outside. Rogue does join her husband on the roof to rid themselves of the pesky intruders and shows them exactly how unhappy she is by their unannounced arrival by unleashing the full magnitude of her powers.

Later both Belle, Remy's ex-wife, and Magneto, Rogue's ex, end up showing up. For both, the parallel of wanting to see the marriage of Remy and Rogue succeed is something I never thought I would see when it comes to both Belle and Magneto. Both offer advice - or a warning from one and the other asking for both to trust each other.

As the party winds down, Beast finds Rogue to give her a new power-neutral bracelet.

But things are not quiet. Not by the least. As Remy and Anna kiss, something changes for them and they both find themselves hanging by a thread (s0 t0 speak).

This series has been great. It appears Gambit and Rogue don't seem to catch a break to enjoy a quiet, married life but I suppose being X-Men they will never catch a break whatsoever. So where is this series going? It appears to me that we are about to see Mojo.

I cannot wait for the next issue. It was wonderful seeing Gambit and Rogue in their older costumes at the end. I have always had a love for those. I hated the fact that after the movies came out that Rogue's skunk-like hair was changed to fit the movie.

I miss Gambit being in his original costume. I don't think I have seen it on him in quite some time (unless I have missed it somewhere in other series).

So in conculsion, I am looking forward to seeing how the next storyline plays out.

Dec. 10th, 2018


| 253 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #5
Author: Kelly Thompson (Illustrator), Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 10, 2018
Book Summary: Gambit and Rogue’s honeymoon/mission has been crashed by the likes of Deadpool, the Imperial Guard, the Technet, Deathbird, Shi’ar rebels…and now the Starjammers! Best honeymoon ever?
Book Review: So this will end the space arc and begin something new for both Gambit and Rogue - domesticated life as a married couple. Of course neither of them had a proper honeymoon given that Kitty had an important mission that needed their attention straight away.

And what had been so important? An egg. An egg that contained the child belonging to Charles Xavier and his late love, Lilandra. Unfortunately it seemed that everyone in the universe far and wide were after this child. She was, after all, proving to be powerful and anyone whom had her could be able to use this to their advantage.

For Gambit and Rogue, this meant going up against the former members of Lilandra's honor guard as well as Deathbird, Lilandra's sister.

As Gambit and Rogue fought off these groups with the help of the Starjammers, both Xandra and Rogue saw no other way but to make the others believe that the two of them had exploded. Even Gambit would be left out from knowing of the plan.

And he would not take it well when it came to the big reveal and he learned that neither Rogue nor Xandra actually exploded. Unfortunately at this time, Rogue's powers go haywire and it ends up kinda scaring her for life. Both she and Gambit reconcile and end up returning to Earth.

This series continues to amaze and I have quite enjoyed this series immensely. I am sad to see that we may not get to see anymore Xandra anymore but I am hoping there is a small chance she might reappear some time later on in the future. She was a rather interesting character and I would love to see how the other X-Men will react to her especially when they learn she is their mentor's daughter.

As for Gambit and Rogue, we will get to see how their domestic life is going to be. We know being X-Men means that married life is never easy for them and I will expect this to be the same for Gambit and Rogue as well. I am sure there might be a time when something may or may not come between them but I hope it doesn't mean that will tear them apart completely.

Overall this is an enjoyable series and if you are looking for something worth reading, then this series will definitely be the series for you. The art is wonderful and storyline has been quite worth immersing yourself into.

Oct. 18th, 2018


| 242 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #4
Author: Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: October 18, 2018
Book Summary: Undercover in the Shi’ar Empire! Rogue and Gambit must infiltrate the Shi’ar homeworld in order to save a precious package. But how are they going to wine and dine the Empire’s elite when its soldiers are hot on their trail?
Book Review: In our last issues, we found our newlyweds enjoying the beauty of outerspace when Kitty called them for a job. Of course, neither Rogue nor Gambit exactly knew what they would be getting into only this was important. Add Deadpool and an egg and you have a recipe for trouble.

And trouble it had become. Inside of the genetically-created egg was the child belonging to the late Queen of the Shi'Ar, Lilandra, and her consort, Charles Xavier. Rogue and Gambit know they have to protect Xandra as best as only they can but there is war raging between the Shi'Ar and those whom have taken over the throne once occupied by Lilandra.

Unfortunately the ship belonging to the newlyweds is attacked by the Shi'Ar whom are after the egg and unaware of what it really contains. Xandra reverts back to the egg during the attack and is taken by the Shi'Ar.

The newlyweds establish an alliance with Cerise whom sneaks them into the Empire to search for the egg. Unfortunately the two are captured but find a clever way to escape and seek out the egg. Xandra has concealed herself into the egg again and when Rogue finds her, she is happy to see them. The group flees Chandilar but find out their ship is damaged and land on Chandilar's moon. During this bit of downtime between the three of them, Xandra confesses she can alter Rogue's abilities. She found this idea while she had been connected to Gambit's mind. This causes a bit of a discourse between the newlyweds.

All of this is cut short when the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard arrives as does Deathbird's group and a fight ensues between them all.

I am not going to spoil that last bit of this issue so I will leave it at that. This series continues to be great. In fact, I have enjoyed Xandra's presence in this series. Her story and character has been an interesting addition to the story. It is just sad that she has become a pawn between those upon the Shi'Ar Throne and that of Lilandra's sister, Deathbird. I think that Lilandra and Charles would be proud of her and the way she has been able to handle herself in these situations and the way she has bonded not only with Cerise but also with Gambit and Rogue.

I am seriously looking forward to seeing the next issue in this series. :D

Aug. 3rd, 2018


| 217 |

Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #1 (Mr. & Mrs. X #1)
Author: Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: Auguest 3, 2018
Book Summary: LOVE & MARRIAGE PART 1! Straight from the pages of X-MEN the surprise of everyone, the Marvel Universe's hottest couple has finally tied the knot! In their extraordinary lives, they've faced nearly every challenge imaginable, but how will they fare against former flames making trouble? An entire galaxy in jeopardy? You want it? We got it, as Kelly Thompson (HAWKEYE, ROGUE & GAMBIT) and Oscar Bazaldua (SPIDER-MAN, STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE) bring you the tantalizing tale of a modern marriage...X-MEN STYLE!
Book Review: This was me when I found out Gambit and Rogue married:

What was suppose to be the most anticipated wedding in the X-Men universe ended up being a wedding of a totally different kind.

In X-Men Gold Issue #30, Kitty has gotten cold feet and decided that it best she and Colossus not marry, leaving guests confused by what had just happened. Of course, Gambit sees this as a blessing for him and he gets down on one knee to ask Rogue to marry him.

This first issue of this series offers you an insight into exactly what prevailed just before Gambit and Rogue said their vows. You get sweet moments between friends as they prepare for

This issue was so worth being picked up and I am happy I did. I love Gambit and Rogue and they are one of the biggest reasons I have returned to the Marvel universe. Otherwise I would probably be dabbling in DC comics for awhile.

This issue is really worth picked up. There isn't a lot of action. Mostly a large portion of a backstory of the wedding before we find them in space enjoying a honeymoon. That is until they find the Imperial Guards at their door. Throw in Deadpool and you have a recipe for disaster about to come from this

....And I cannot wait for what happens next!

Sep. 18th, 2017


| 108 |

Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #5 (Darth Vader (2017-) #5)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Terry Dodson (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 5/5
Status: Finshed
Reading Date: September 18, 2017
Book Summary: He began his journey as a Jedi with wonder and hope. Now it is time to put away childish things. Vader's first and most vital test as a Sith concludes.
Book Review: This comic book picks up where the left one ended.

Darth Vader finally has his kyber crystal and is on his way to making his new Sith lightsaber. He heads to an outer rim to a planet called Mustafar. It was here that Vader had been defeated by Obi-Wan while he was Anakin and it was also the place where he nearly killed Padme. Here this will be the place he will call home away from the Empire.

Vader gets to work on making his Sith lightsaber. Of course this does not entirely run smoothly and he ends up getting tossed. It seemed like the crystal wanted to show him something. Perhaps how things might be if he kept on the right path. Unfortunately this was not the path Vader wants and he refuses the crystal.

The scene changes and we return to Emperor Palpatine who is with Tarkin and Mas Amedda when Palpatine's guards are tossed against the glass. Vader has appeared and he has his new saber to show. Of course, Palpatine sends away Tarkin and the others. This is where we find that Vader's saber is red.

This was an interesting arc. I loved how we are given a glimpse into a "what if" moment. This was a fascinating change. I had always wondered what things would have been life if Vader had continued onto another path. I mean these things often do deserve a "What If" moment (Marvel, are you hearing this!? I mean you do it for the X-Universe and whatnot; why not Star Wars too?) I am looking forward now to seeing how Vader and the Executioners interact. We really didn't see much of this really during the series of Rebels and I am hoping we will get more of Vader's thoughts during that as well.