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Nov. 16th, 2018


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Title: Ripley's Believe It or Not #2
Author: Howard Mackie, Dale Mettam, Ben Meares, Oliver Kaplowitz, Deivis Goetten (Illustrator), Marcelo Basile (Illustrator), Renzo Rodriguez (Illustrator), Moy R (Illustrator) , Fred Harper (Illustrator), Lucas Meyer (Illustrator), Ceci de la Cruz (Illustrator), Roberto Epps (Illustrator), Robby Bevard (Illustrator), Marco Lesko (Illustrator), Fran Gamboa (Illustrator), Jorge Cortés (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: November 16, 2018
Book Summary: More fantastic tales straight from the vaults of Robert Ripley himself! Told by legendary talents and rising stars alike! 48 pulse-pounding pages of magic and mystery featuring Howard Mackie, the legend of Stingy Jack, Tony Isabella, the inexplicable Winchester Mansion, and much, much more! Even when you see it, you won't believe it!
Book Review: Have I mentioned how much I love this series so far?

Then again I love these type of comics that offer a fascinating look at true stories and what drove people to do the things they did in order to get the outcome either they were looking for or the result that came from the right moment.

Much like the last issue, you are given true stories and offered the tales behind them. This one was no different. So let's get started on these. :D

In our first story, "Framing Sequence", we find a married couple entering into the Ripley's Museum. They are greeted by hypnotic hologram of the collector who tells them to enjoy his collections from around the world. While the wife seems fascinated by all the odds and ends of the museum, her husband, however, is not. That is until he spots an unusal object....

"Egyptian Cats"
In the ancient world of Babylon, King Camnyses has demanded that the daughter of Pharaoh Amasis as his prospective bride. Unwilling to send his daughter but at the same time trying to keep the peace between them, the Pharaoh sends a body double of his daughter to Camnyses. Not fooled by this, Camnyses demands his advisors prepare to go to war. As the Pharaoh waits for the inevitable, Princess Nitocris tells her father that patron goddess Bastet would have protected Egypt where she had been allowed to go to Persia. Now they are about to be invaded....

"Frozen Girl"
In Minnesota, a worried young woman is trying to rush home before a winter storm comes. She races down an icy road more worried about changing the radio station than actually watching the road. In a matter of moments of her eyes off the road, her car comes up upon a rabbit. She serves her car to avoid hitting the animal. The car spins out of control and violently impacts a tree. She decides to run home only to be halted by the strong storm and ended up being frozen. The next day she is found by a man named Wally Nelson, whom whisked her to the hospital quickly.

"Irish Giant"
Meet Charles Byrne, the Irish Giant. He stood at 7 foot 7 inches. At this time, he was considered to be the tallest man alive. He was born to a rural irish couple and while they were happy, their boy kept on growing. As he aged, he continued to grow but he never waivered in his generosity. Charles decided it was time to move and did so by moving to London. There he would find people whom were jealous of his stature including a doctor whom wanted to learn his secrets.

"Winchester Mansion"
The Winchester name is synonymous with the rifles that it created and were used during the expansion of the West. William Winchester met and married a young woman named Sarah. The young couple welcomed a daughter named Anne. The couple were in bliss but that bliss did not last. Young Anne died and her parents found different ways to grieve for her. Her father, William, threw himself into his work and would later pass away himself. Her mother, Sarah, fell into deep depression and upon the death of her husband and child, moved herself to San Jose, California, where she would build the most famous mansion of all. All this due to a medium she consulted and told her to continue to build to keep the spirits at bay.

"Stingy Jack"
In New York City, there was a man named Jack, whom was notorious for bullying the patrons of a pub. The only thing that saved him from the angry patrons was his silvered tongue. One night a stranger appeared. He was dressed finely and easily ripe for the picking and Jack did so. He used the man for drink. After quite some time, Jack learned the man's name and he was quite taken aback when the man told him he could see the blackness of Jack's soul. Of course this makes Jack laugh and tell the man that the only way he would know is if the man were the Devil himself. In which the man would answer with a wicked grin. Time would pass and eventually Jack died. He found the Devil waiting for him at the Pearly Gates and would deny him entry. Jack carved the turnip that he had been buried with and used it to light his way.....

In this second issue, Ripley's story continue to come alive through these pages. They draw you in to the characters and give you a lesson to be learned with each one. I think I have actually found another series to quite enjoy reading. I am really quite looking forward to reading the next issue of this.