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Dec. 1st, 2018


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Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #24
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 1st, 2018
Book Summary: “FORTRESS VADER” - PART 6 The FORTRESS will stand, but at a terrible cost. The fire will come to MUSTAFAR, and all will burn. The final design is revealed, woven from war, treachery and pain.
Book Review: I must say for this issue to see this side of Vader - enemies at all side trying to take him out and him rally his troops even if it is to their deaths - was something I did not expect.

In our last issue we learned that Momin built the temple with the notion he was just using Vader to open a door to the Force. Completely unaware of this motive, Vader did open the portal into the Force only to be betrayed by Momin whom wanted to use the Force door to gain back his body.

Now in this issue, Vader is up against not only Momin but also those of the planetary inhabitants whom are none too thrilled by the prospect of their planet being used as it is. Vader may have his back to the wall but he is not about to go down without a fight. After all, that would not be Vader's cup of tea and we see this as he rallies his troops to take down the inhabitants whom have come to fight to protect their planet and possibily their way of life before Vader returned.

I must say this issue has it all and it continues to draw readers deeper into Vader's world. I was hoping a big fight between Momin and Vader but it was a bit short. Vader has made it quite clear that it is he that controls his own destiny but how much of that is true? I suppose all the questions that still linger within the readers will have to wait to see if some of them are even answered.


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Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #23 (Darth Vader (2017) (Single Issues) #23)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 1st, 2018
Book Summary: “FORTRESS VADER” - PART 5 Darkness rises above MUSTAFAR as the brutal designs of LORD MOMIN begin to take shape. But the planet’s inhabitants cannot take this desecration lightly, and shape plans of their own.
Book Review: Darth Vader is on a mission and that mission is to bring back his beloved Padme to him. All this started when his master, Palpatine, gifted Vader with a ship that once belonged to his wife. Palpatine has also allowed Vader to build his own castle and Vader has chosen the place where not only he had been defeated by Obi-Wan so long ago but also the place where Darth Vader had been born.

While there, he found a strange helmet where he learned that it had once belonged to Lord Momin. At one time, Momin had been one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy. He was once strong with the Force but now he is a lost soul connected to a helmet waiting to do the bidding of his master.

But he has promised that he can bring back Padme to Vader.

Calling it his "Masterpiece", Momin has built a temple to bring back Padme. Vader uses the temple to open door into the Force. He nearly succeeds but in the end it is not enough and nearly destroys Mustarfar. For Vader, this is the fifth time that Momin has failed him.

Suddenly a giant monster comes out of the lava and attacks the stormtroopers. The indigenous people are pleased. They do not like the idea of their home world being used as they are doing so. They are easily taken care of.

As Vader watches his castle being built, he tells Momin that there will be no tenth chance to do it over again. Vader has pretty much lost his patience of gaining back Padme and Momin knows this. So Momin prays as Vader once more opens a door in the Force.

He is interrupted by the fleas of Mustarfar. The Stormtroopers engage in a fight with them as Momin walks off but not before telling them to get it done and he didn't care how they did it.

Once again Vader tries to open the door to the Force. And again Vader is interrupted by the arrival of more fleas. He leaves the chambers of the temple and goes out only to find that Momin has betrayed him. Vader is angry at this but before he can go confront Momin, an explosion throws him toward his death.

Inside the temple chamber, Momin is greeting his body and comes out wielding both lightsabers.

This series has been great. I absolutely love the idea that there is still a major part of Anakin that has not actually died. I mean if you consider it, Vader would have never bothered with toying the idea of bringing back Padme to him. In fact, I believe regardless of what Vader says and does that Anakin is still there but it would take a lot of effort to reach the former Jedi.

Unfortunately now Vader has other things that he will have to deal with and one of them is Momin. Momin was not actually building Vader anything. It was more for himself and trying to regain back his former self from deep within the force. Without a corporal body, Momin was stuck attached to the helmet. He knew that by giving Vader a false that he could bring back Padme through the force, he would have his chance when the time came to reclaim his body from the force as well. But the thing is Momin really had no intention of bringing back Padme for Vader.

So what does this mean? Vader is going to have himself a dogfight on his hands against Momin and I am seriously looking forward to seeing how exactly Vader comes out of this fight.

Nov. 5th, 2018


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Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #22 (Darth Vader (2017) (Single Issues) #22)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: November 5, 2018
Book Summary: “FORTRESS VADER” continues! The Tale of LORD MOMIN! Plans are drawn…a foundation is laid…and darkness rises on MUSTAFAR!
Book Review: This was yet another fascinating issue of Vader's series.

In our last issue, Vader found Alva Breene dead and her assistant wearing the helmet of the Sith Lord Momin. Vader kills the assistant and takes the helmet. Vader leaves the ship and heads to the cave where he had been previously meditating in. There he asks the helmet what it is and the helmet responds with, “I am Momin. And everything I did was guided by one simple principle.” And with that, the helmet unleashes a psychic outpouring into Vader giving a flashback history belonging to the Sith Lord.

After the history lesson, Vader briefly flirts with the idea of placing the helmet on himself but at a last minute, he decides not to and tosses it to the side. When invaders arrive, Vader engages them. He destroys all but one and places the helmet on them.

I won't go further as I do not wish to give up any ending spoilers but this series is quite entertaining and it continues to entertain while we get to see Vader grow into becoming a real Sith Lord. Vader is a complex character and this story adds another layer especially now that the helmet has a mind of its own.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the flashback scenes and I hope that Marvel will divulge a little more into Lord Momin's life. I think that would be quite a fascinating tale to be told.

Sep. 17th, 2018


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Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #21
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: September 17, 2018
Book Summary: DARTH VADER returns to the place of his birth as he seeks the path to his destiny. Echoes from the past reach out to him — both from his own, and from the dark history of the SITH.
Book Review: In our last issue Vader was less than pleased with the gift given to him by the Emperor. In fact, he was downright angry over it. He may not have shown his rage towards his mentor but it was certainly felt. Vader did not appreciate the fact that the gift pretty much reminded him over his human past but it was accepted nevertheless.

Now we find Vader is on his way to the volcanic moon named Mustafar. With him are two members of a design team. Vader has given his team no plans nor has he offered any sort any idea of what exactly Vader wants for his fortress. So now they have to figure something out and come up with an image that will make Vader pleased.

Also with Vader is the Mask of Lord Momin once belonging to a Sith of long past. The problem with this mask is that anyone whom comes into possession of it ends up becoming the possessed. Unfortunately the mask ends up coming into the hands of Lieutenant Roggo whom ends up killing Colonel Brenne. Before Vader kills Roggo, the mask seemed to inspire him in some way for Vader's Fortress. This design seems to appease Vader.

This series continues to deliver when it comes to Vader. Vader has always been a complex and fascinating villain in the Star Wars universe. There is so much to him now that he is wearing a mask. You don't get to see what sort of expressions are playing upon his face but you can feel it is in his stance.

There might not be any combat in this issue, there is still plenty of action. Plus on top of it we are getting to see the mask in a bit of action but my question is: what does Vader plan to do with the mask? I suppose that answer is coming in the next issue. :D

Jul. 23rd, 2018


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Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #18 (Darth Vader (2017) (Single Issues) #18)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: July 23, 2018
Book Summary: It is time for GRAND MOFF TARKIN to repay a long-standing debt to DARTH VADER…and settling what is owed will require every last bit of his cunning, and will cost more than he ever imagined.
Book Review: This was a rather interesting one-shot in a series.

Vader is being hunted by Tarkin - at the request of the Sith Lord. A favor returned for the events played out in the last issue.

This was another excellent issue. Tarkin continues to prove to be quite the tactical mind and his presence in these comics have been superb. In past issues, we have seen Tarkin weigh the opinions of his officers instead of going off and doing his own thing. These issues have shown the reason that the Emperor has placed him in command of his own vessel.

As for Vader, Vader continues to grow in these issues. We have already seen him shed off the last remanants of his humanity and become what he is really known for - being the most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy.

I love this issue. I am well aware that the fighting was minimal but it is still one of the most interesting. Again it felt more of a "What if" issue than anything. Vader has fallen from grace...Tarkin sent out to punish Vader but then we actually realize that this was the promise kept by Tarkin for the orders on Mon Cala.

These issues continue to give us an insight into Vader's rise and I am quite looking forward to these issues going into Rogue One storyline and then into A New Hope.

Jun. 21st, 2018


| 210 |

Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #17 (Darth Vader (2017) (Single Issues) #17)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: June 21, 2018
Book Summary: As the remnants of the Mon Cala resistance crumble into the seas, Vader and his Inquisitors finally confront the Jedi survivor at its core. The seas will weep…
Book Review: Darth Vader returns in the finale of Mon Cala arc.

In this issue we find Ferren Barr and his apprentice are surrounded not only by the Troopers but also by Vader's Inquistor. Barr uses the Jedi mind trick (?) to fool the Troopers, telling them that the Inquistors were once Jedi. Before the Inquistors have a chance to refute this claim, the Troopers begin firing on them allowing Barr and his apprentice to slip away during the maylay.

With the escape of Barr and his apprentice, Sixth Sister takes a brutal path to continue her hunt. In her doing so, she leaves one of her own behind whom vows revenge against her.

And when the scene changes, we finally get to see what Vader is doing. He has found where the King is hiding and destroys all those whom are guarding him. As Vader appears before the King, he tells Vader that even though there is carnage he knows he and his people will not surrender. It is at this moment Barr appears and tells that it was he whom killed the Ambassador. This surprises the King whom calls for a stand down and he tries to negotiate with Tarkin but Tarkin refuses and continues the bombardment on Mon Cala.

In the end, Barr is dead and the people of Mon Cala head into space only to met with Tarkin's ships, whom fire upon them.

I must say Vader's comics do not disappoint. There is always something going on within the pages of new issues and this one really is not different. It was interesting to see the indifference from Barr especially after he admitted to being the one whom caused all of this. He really didn't seem to care how many people were killed, only that it fitted with his agenda. I found myself not a fan of his whatsoever over this because what Jedi would dare to do something like this? Especially when the people of the planet allowed him to hide there?

As for Tarkin himself, he continues to be an amazing character. I am quite enjoying the idea of him being up front and center and I am quite looking forward to seeing more interaction between himself and Vader that seems to be coming.

Have I mentioned how much I have loved these comics? Vader continues to entertain and I am quite enjoying seeing what is up to between the time of his arrival from being Anakin to Vader and up to Rogue One and so on. I cannot wait to read the next issue.

Apr. 27th, 2018


| 192 |

Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #15 (Darth Vader (2017-) (Single Issues) #15)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 27 2018
Book Summary: Darth Vader continues his mission to bring Mon Cala to heel! Vader goes in for some wet work in this brutal story!
Book Review: This issue picks up right where the last issue has dropped off at.

Vader is literally drowning. But this is Vader, Lord of the Sith, and we are not used to seeing him in such a situation nor does he let himself remain in a situation too long. He has amassed a fearless reputation and drowning on a watery planet is not going to be the end of him. He will not allow it and he proves it when he returns to the surface. The most interesting thing is that we see Vader briefly battle what seems to be a giant squid.

There is also Admiral Ackbar. We see him as a young, fearless leader. This will be the same leader we will see later on in the series as he has honed his battle skills not only in the water but also in the skies above the planets.

Then there is General Tarkin. Tarkin is a character whom seems to consider the plans that come from his advisors. This tells us that Tarkin is a careful man. He might be a high member of the Empire but while running his own show, he takes in careful consideration of the ideas from his own advisors.

This issue continues to show why Vader's series continues to have a strong following. There might be a small moment of cheesiness (I.E. the squid fight) but otherwise the series continues to be strong. There doesn't seem to be anything that will stop Vader from his continuous rampage of ensuring the Empire's hold on the galaxy.

Apr. 18th, 2018


[ 189 ]

Title: Darth Vader (2017-) #14 (Darth Vader (2017-) (Single Issues) #14)
Author: Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli (Illustrator), Elia Bonetti (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 18, 2018
Book Summary: As the Emperor grip tightens on the galaxy, no tolerance for rebellion can be afforded… especially not when being fomented by a surviving Jedi on Mon Cala.
Book Review: This series just keeps getting better and better as it picks up from the last issue.

Vader's arrival on Mon Cala is not only to make the occupants of the planet bend to the will of the Emperor but he is also here to find any remaining Jedi that has sought refuge from the Empire. With him are two of the Inquistors - The Ninth Sister and Tenth Brother.

Recently in previous issues, an ambassador belonging to General Tarkin was killed when his ship blew up mid-air. This has brought down the wrath of the Empire upon the watery planet. Although Vader is there to see to it that the occupants of the planet obey the Empire, he is also there because of other Jedi operating still.

The Jedi are hiding in what looks like a cave. The head of them knows exactly whom Vader really is and reveals that to those within the cave. He tells them of Anakin Skywalker, whom had been the chosen one to set the balance to the force but ended up tiping it in favor of becoming a powerful sith named Darth Vader. The Jedi removes the hood of his cloak and reveals himself to be Master Barr.

The rest of the issue is a big surprise and we can say that the cover will tell you exactly what sort of happens at the end with Vader. I don't want to say anything at this point.

This series continues to get better with each issue. There really is no action until nearly the very end of this issue as we are left with a sort of cliffhanger to make us look forward to the next issue. Still this series continues to offer us a lot more in the life of Vader prior to the beginning of the Rebellion as well as Rebels and Episode 4. Does this mean any of the other characters will pop up? I am quite sure they will in time. We do get to see a young General Ackbar in this issue.

For now until next month, we must be satisfied with the knowledge that this series continues to delight Star Wars fans from all over and even more those who are fans of Darth Vader and have always been curious as to what he did between Episode 3 and 4.