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Feb. 6th, 2019


| 267 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #10 (Labyrinth Coronation)
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: February 6, 2019
Book Summary: The battle for the heart of the Labyrinth is underway as the goblin rebellion storms the Owl King’s castle, with Maria and her companions right at the heart of it.
Book Review: We are coming to the part of this series where the movie and the comic book begins to run parallel to each other.

Meaning: both our heroines are about to front the Goblin King in order to retrieve the child that was taken from them.

We find Jareth taking Toby out of the arms of Beetleglum. He orders the guards to capture Sarah and gives Toby to another goblin. As Beetleglum tries to take Toby back, Jareth stops him and tells him that he no longer trusts Beetleglum.

The story once more shifts back to Maria. Here the group has come across a mob of goblins waiting for them. At this moment, Maria looks at each of her friends and tells them how much she has come to love and appreciate them each.

From Maria to the Owl King. We find the Owl King impatient. He has two hours left on the clock before he can siphon Jareth's life away. He orders Beetleglum to send a message to his generals that they need to keep their focus sorely on Maria. After all, she is the threat to him moreso than those whom are threatening to rebel against him. Beetleglum has become fond of both Jareth and his mother and wants to find some way to help Maria. Although the Owl King rules over this domain, he also has to observe the same rules everyone else in his domain do. Unfortunately baby Jareth offers him a slight solution when he moves the clock's hand down to one hour for Maria.

Beetleglum writes a message to the goblin general but tells him to leave the girl alone. Unfortunately Septimus has seen what he has done and threatens to chase him down.

The battle between Maria's group and the goblins doesn't seem to be making any sort of leeway. Maria seizes on this moment to hold up Cible, whom offers an observation about the goblins. She tries to bring the entire group of imposing sides together by telling the goblins of how they are always doing what the Owl King wants and never what they want. She goes on to tell them the king is not as powerful as they think he is. Unfortunately her speech does nothing to unite the goblins to their cause. Instead the only agreement they can come to is that goblins should have fun.

Our story returns to Sarah whom is working her way through the castle and has come upon Beetleglum, whom is sitting between two identical doors. For a moment, the two talk a bit and then Sarah asks him for his help in finding Toby. It is then Beetleglum gestures to one of the doors.

This series is getting close to its climatic end but we still have roughly two issues left before it ends. We are seeing parallel imagery between Maria's story and that of Sarah's. We already know how the latter ends entirely but what about Maria. She seems to have done something much more than Sarah accomplished in the Labyrinth - she united many of residents within and has helped take their cause to the front door of the Owl King's castle. So exactly what will happen to Maria afterwards when she does possibly lose?

That unfortunately remains to be seen.

As for this issue, there was more dialogue than action. We see Maria offering encouraging words and affection to each of her friends whom have helped her through this ordeal. I am going to assume that at some point in the next two issues, she is going to be separated from her friends and made to face the Owl King alone just as Sarah had to do with Jareth. So I am wondering if Maria has given this any thought. I am pretty sure some sort of thought has entered her head and whether she is ready or not will remain to be seen.

This was a great issue imo. I really enjoyed the affection Maria feels for each of her friends. It felt genuine and I am hoping that none of them ever forget her. I think she has made quite an impact on all those around her and I am looking forward to seeing how this ends.

Dec. 27th, 2018


| 259 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #9
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Kat Leyh (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 27, 2018
Book Summary: Maria finds herself in a stunning, masquerade ball of her dreams, reunited with her husband at long last. But like all things in the Labyrinth...everything is not what it seems.
Book Review: Wow!

Just wow!

The story between Maria and Sarah in this issue is eerily parallel. Both girls experience a dream-like dance event and both end up breaking the dream-like state. Both girls are out to rescue a baby from the Goblin King. The only difference is that in Maria's dream-state it is her husband that tells her that the owl King is out to make their son his heir and she needs to get to him quickly.

When Maria comes back to the Labyrinth, she finds that her friends had been captured and that they are ready to ready to storm the castle to save Maria's son.

Again this continues to be a bit of a parallel between Sarah and Maria. Both women will be doing the same thing but in their own way. We already know how Sarah's journey ends but we still have yet to see how Maria's plays out and how hers will end. I mean we have an idea but not the entire story.

Part of me really wants to see Maria succeed but the other part of me knows she won't. I really would love to see her continue to raise her son but it is apparent from jareth's storytelling that isn't how it ends. So we will be left wondering until the very end of it all.

This series is wonderful and I love how we are still getting Jareth's origin storyline. Maria is one fierce Momma and she has the determination to continue her quest to gain back her son.

I cannot wait for the next issues and I am looking forward to seeing how this story concludes at the end. If you are looking for something fantasy to read, then definitely pick up this series. You will not regret it.

Sep. 15th, 2018


| 230 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #6
Author: Simon Spurrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: September 15, 2018
Book Summary: Maria comes face to face with the underbelly of goblin society and meets a new companion along the way.
Book Review: As our story begins, we find Jareth unseemingly in a bit of a foul mood. He has ordered the goblin to bring back Toby to him so that the child could watch his sister fail in her attempts to retrieve him. But the goblin believes another singsong number might be a better trick to getting Toby back in a bit of a better mood. The goblin picks up Toby and brings him back to Jareth....

We once more return to the lovely Maria whom has learned she has the ability to manipulate and control the labyrinth with the power of her son's chalk. But she has also learned that she isn't the only one with that ability when the Owl King appeared to remind her of this and takes with him her two friends, leaving Maria alone.

Now alone and devastated by the loss of her friends, Maria feels for a brief moment that all her work is for naught but her love for her son compels her to keep moving forward. She finds the gondola driver whom offered her a ride earlier and she takes that offer now. Once in the boat, the gondola driver realizes Maria no longer has the ring in her possession, he throws her in the water and down into a tunnel. Maria grabs holds of a vine and clings to that until the moment she hears "G'Day". Looking up at a small ledge, Maria finds a pink worm named Cible. She explains her plight and her mission to retrieve her son from the Owl King's possession. The little worm pulls out a tiny saber and slashes the vine Maria is holding onto and the two plummet down into the water together.

The scene changes to the Owl King and his loyal minion, a troll named Septimus, are interrogating Skubbin. Here we learn the truth about Owl King and his relations to Skubbin and what Skubbin's true destiny and mission are revealed in these pages. Skubbin is defiant and will not not betray his friend no matter how much the Owl King threatens him.

As we return to Maria, we find her and the little worm have survived their fall. Here we find the fiesty little worm has a story. She tells Maria that she is part of a revolution against the goblins and the Owl King. As they head toward the castle, they catch sight of mounted goblin knights chasing after Tangle. It seems the walking bush has managed to escape his captors and is being chased by goblins. Maria, whom has had enough of the Owl King tormenting her friends, wields her chalk and draws the goblin knights out of the Labyrinth.

As we turn once more back to the Owl King with Septimus, the king has cast Skubbin back out into the Labyrinth with with a plan to ruin Maria's plan to reunite with her son. Once Skubbin is gone, the the King and Septimus turn to plan what to do with baby Jareth.

What can I saw about this series? It is the best. I have always loved The Labyrinth since I was a little girl and I always wondered what exactly was the backstory for Jareth. There was never anything that came out that offered an ounce of a backstory. Comic books just retold the tale of Sarah's adventures during her run through the Labyrinth to gain back her brother. And books were just a novelization of the movie. So there was never anything as I grew up to tell how he exactly became the Goblin King.

And now here we have something that offers us a backstory. Of course, most of this tale is taken during the time Sarah is running the Labyrinth. It comes from Jareth himself so I am going to assume that someone has told this tale to him when he was a child or he found out some way. Perhaps told that his mother was unworthy and his thoughts. But what about his father? We saw him in the beginning but that doesn't tell us anything about has happened to him since. I am certain he probably doesn't care whether Maria and his son survives or not. So I am guessing we have seen the end of him?

Or have we?

We won't know until the end of this series.

I am hoping that there is going to be more. Don't get me wrong the manga was nice but it seemed a bit rushed with the storyline like mangaka was given a certain amount of time and the product he/she released really offered no true character to the players - Jareth, Sarah, and Toby. So I am hoping that after this we will get more to come.

Still this series is wonderful and I am so happy I continously am picking this up. :D

Sep. 14th, 2018


| 229 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #5
Author: Simon Spurrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.85/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: September 14, 2018
Book Summary: Maria travels deeper into the Labyrinth in search of her son Jareth, but a strange new influence has changed its shape, making it even more unpredictable…
Book Review: In this issue, it picks up where the last one has stopped.

Here we find Jareth preparing to go out and try to stop Sarah from progressing further in his labyrinth. Before he goes, he continues with his tale of Maria and her journey through the labyrinth to gain back the son her husband gave to the Owl King.

As our scene changes, we find Maria standing before a cemetery. In this cemetery are strange mausoleums. One of these mausoleums bears the name "Tyton". This causes confusion in Maria as she believes the Labyrinth is taking from her dreams and mind. Yet she has never seen a mausoleum that bears the last name of the man whom has broken her heart.

As Maria tries to figure out exactly how the Labyrinth really works, her two friends - Skubbin and Tangle, a living bush - remain nearby to help her should she need it. It is at this moment that a old woman painter appears and seeks her help. Apparently the dead in the cemetery are none too fond of the mausoleums and are harrassing her because of it. She tells them that the Owl King has commissioned his mausoleum to be made as his end of days seem to be dawning upon them soon. Seeing as Maria has the signet belonging to the Owl King, the old woman wants Maria to vanquish the dead so that she may continue her work. Skubbin admits the ring actually belongs to him and takes up arms against the undead.

Maria, on the other hand, gets an idea to use the chalk belonging to her son and begins drawing the face of Lord Tyton on his mausoleum and it turns into a statue. It is then that Maria discovers that she has the ability to alter reality and matter within the Labyrinth. She then turns her attention to the Owl King's mausoleum and begins drawing. Of course this causes cheers from those occupants of the cemetery. The statue of her husband's head luminates and then explodes where the mausoleum once stood.

It is at this moment the Owl King appears before Maria and tells her that she isn't the only one whom has the ability to alter things in the Labyrinth. He goes on to tell her that all her emotions that she has gone through are nothing more than basic reaction and her biggest is to be alone. With this in mind, he takes her two companions and disappears.

This series continues to entertain greatly as we learn the origins behind Jareth's rise to becoming the Goblin King. All of this is being told during Sarah's run. We get to see snippets of Sarah in various areas from the movie in this. Although she is seen sometimes briefly, we still know where she is in progress. We also get to see how Jareth waits for the moment to have his triumph but we all know how it ends for him.

As for Maria, she remains a strong woman despite her circumstances she has found herself in. Even with her son in the hands of the Owl King and the betrayal of her husband, Maria doesn't let this stop her in the least. She carries on and works harder to get her son back.

Although we know how this will end, you cannot help but to cheer her on.

This is series is seriously recommended to all those who are fans of the Labyrinth.

Sep. 13th, 2018


| 228 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #3
Author: Simon Spurrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Mattia Di Meo (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.75/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: September 13, 2018
Book Summary: A young woman journeys deeper into the mysterious Labyrinth and faces trials the likes of which she could never have imagined. Still, she is determined that nothing will stop her from saving her son!
Book Review: I thought I had this one already reviewed but I found that it had not been. I feel horrible because now I have a piece of the story that helped make sense to the next issue in line for it. I will probably have to read the 4th issue later on before I head into the next one after but for now, I am content with having this piece added.

In this issue, we find Jareth still watching the progress Sarah is making. He is waiting, even hoping, for the moment that Sarah will give up and allow him his moment of triumph. While he waits for it, he continues on with his story.

The scene changes to Maria whom is seated and crying in frustration at her situation. At her side, Sir Skubbin of the Garderobe. Moments ago, he saved her from being from a mermaid whom thought she would be a tasty meal to her young. Only afterward did he rob her. Despite all of this, Maria's determination to be reunited with her child keeps her motivated to continue her journey. She runs into the knight again and confronts him, only to learn that he was cursed with a heart. Of course this makes him one of the worst Goblin according to the Goblin standard. He tells her that he robbed her only to prove his worthiness to the Bandit Hordes.

The two part ways as friends and Maria allows Skubbin to keep the chalk she was carrying with her. Skubbin, in return, gives Maria a red ring as a symbol of their friendship and also to be used as passage to the Gondolier to help her get to the castle. Before the two part from each other, Maria shows Skubbin the way out of the Labyrinth before she heads leaves to gain back her son. As Maria makes her way toward her ride, she is stopped by a goblin whom asks her if she is Bundarghast the Invincible. Maria tells the goblin that she isn't the one he seeks. Continuing on her way, Maria has a revelation that the goblin is burning the bridges behind her.

Maria confronts the goblin whom tells her that these bridges are called Burning Bridges. These are meant for those whom tend to those who don't look back until it is too late. The goblin asks Maria again if she is Bundarghast the Invincible. Maria tells him that she is and the goblin suddenly announces she is under arrest and carries her up into the air carrying her away.

The scene changes to the Owl King in his chamber. Alongside him are Beetleglum and Baby Jareth. We also find the mysterious Septimus, whom was the one who stole Jareth from Maria. They are watching Maria get arrested. The Owl King, then, orders Septimus to kill Maria.

This series continues to be great. I have enjoyed reading the origin of Jareth becoming the Goblin King but my heart feels sorry and heavy for Maria. Here is a woman whom had her son taken from her and she is doing everything possible to gain him back by going into a world totally foreign to her. It has been hard for her. Every turn she has taken has become a roadblock on her way to gain back her son but Maria refuses to let it halt her in her pursuit. I find Maria to be quite a strong and enjoyable character. Along the way, she has come across some of the weirdest and strange creatures but each one has continued to make their presence known even after they are long gone from the pages and this is what a secondary character should feel like.

I am excited to find out how all of this ends up tying up and I am hoping that there will be more Labyrinth to come in the future.

Jun. 13th, 2018


| 205 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #4 (Labyrinth Coronation)
Author: Simon Spurrier, Daniel Bayliss, Mattia Di Meo (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: June 12, 2018 to June 13, 2018
Book Summary: Maria finds allies willing to help guide her to the center of the Labyrinth and to her son, Jareth. But how much can she really trust them?
Book Review: This issue pretty much picks up after where the last issue has left off at.

Our favorite Goblin King is keeping watch on unsuspecting Sarah's progress. Of course when he sees that is getting a bit too close in gaining back her brother from Jareth.

He decides it is time to put a large stop to Sarah's progress and he hands over Toby to one of the goblins.

As the story returns to the past, we find that Maria has been captured by the Trawlers and is being taken in their airship to be hand delivered to the Owl King. While in her cell, her captors return with Sir Skubbin, whom she befriended when she first entered into the Labyrinth. Once the captors are gone, Maria finds bedsheets in which she begins to tie together to escape but it is Sir Skubbin that halts her when he announces that he has a skeleton key.

As the knight opens the door, they find themselves face to face with the Night Troll Septimus. He has been sent to kill Maria, whom has unseemingly become a thorn in the side of the Owl King. Even faced with this, Maria refuses to be deterred from trying to gain back her son from the Owl King. She tells the Knight to open all the doors for the other creatures that are locked away in cages. One creature, a rather living rose bush, rises up from the bottom of the ship and sends the Night Troll in the air and the ship crashing down into the waters below.

The scene changes to Lord Albert Tyton. Here we find him being visited by the Owl King in a painting. He warns Albert of the scandal that will come should his father ever learn of his marriage to Maria and the birth of his own son. He then asks Albert what he would do to keep that from happening. Albert answers he would do anything.

We return back to Maria, the knight, and the living rose bush which has now been named Tangle. They swim to shore and decide to regroup there, deciding which direction to head to next. While they are discussing this, Tangle the bush says something that causes Maria to think of her mother. She believes that there is something familiar about this bush but she is unable to put her finger on it. Maria starts to realize that the Labyrinth keeps changing because of both herself and the memories she possesses. She closes her eyes and begins walking. The three of them come around a corner where they find a gate leading to a cemetery with a giant mausoleum in the center. On the mausoleum, she finds her husband's name "Tyton" on it. Maria doesn't seem to remember this image as she has never seen this before. She knows this image doesn't come from her mind and certainly has no idea where it has come from.

Once more we find the Owl King with Albert. With the Owl King looming over him, Albert tells the Owl King of the time his father took him to the family crypt to show him where the blood line end. Of course, Albert admits this scared him as a child. This seems to please the Owl King whom tells Albert that terrifying is always a good thing and to concentrate on that.

This series continues to remain one of my absolute favorites. It has been a breath of fresh air to see how exactly Jareth came to reign on the Goblin King. His mother, Maria, has proven to be the most resourceful woman I have ever seen. She is relentless in her pursuit of gaining back the son her husband has sold. She is fearless but determined. She is not going to let anyone stop her from getting back her beloved child. She already knows that her husband is cowardly and sold them out so he is no longer a thought in her head.

Honestly a part of me is really cheering her on but I know this is not going to end well on Maria's end. I hope that she doesn't have her memories erased but is given a chance to remain nearby her son in the end.

Still if you are a fan of Jim Henson's The Labyrinth then this series is definitely one you should pick up.