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Apr. 4th, 2019


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Title: Mr. and Mrs. X (2018-) #9
Author: Kelly Thompson, Terry Dodson (Cover Art), Oscar Bazaldua (Artist)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 4, 2019
Book Summary: Gambit must use all his thieving skills to steal a precious object. Spiral must single-handedly (or is that multi-handedly?) fight off Mojo’s minions. And Rogue is on a mental trip reliving all her defining mutant memories. Not a great time for self-reflection, Rogue!
Book Review: I have to say this was rather a fun issue. We deep dive into Rogue's mind where we find out what may be the problem behind her loss of control over her powers. Plus we find Gambit on his own adventure to retrieve something special. Exactly how all of this will tie together is just around the corner.

This series continues to amaze. Gambit and Rogue have continued to grow not only as individuals but also as a married couple. Unfortunately Rogue's inability to control her powers have always been the catalyst to any and all relationships she has had in the past including those with Gambit. In this issue, we find out exactly what the problem may be and Rogue seems to come to some sort of terms of this. Does this mean she will finally have gotten ahold of those powers? Now that entirely remains to be seen. We are still coming to the climatic part of the Mojo arc and where this will send us next is anyone else's guess. I am hoping that this adventure will be something that not only will Gambit and Rogue learn from but also grow their relationship further.

The only downside to this issue? Some inconsistency. Nothing major but there were a few spots within Rogue's inner monologue that had me a bit unsure of but otherwise I think that is the only thing I actually found.

Still a very fun issue and well one I recommend to all those whom are fans of this favorite pair.