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Feb. 22nd, 2019


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Title: Red Rider (The Sworn Saga Book 1)
Author: Kate Avery Ellison
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.95/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: February 20, 2019 to February 22, 2019
Book Summary: Werewolves. A human resistance. And a girl caught between two worlds.

Red Riding Hood meets The Handmaid’s Tale in this post-apocalyptic YA fairytale retelling!

In a land where a werewolf army called the Sworn rule over the humans and walking corpses called treecrawlers roam the wilderness between settlements, orphaned Red has a secret that she and her grandmother have been hiding for years. She’s one of the Chosen, the despised young women selected to bear children in the stead of barren female werewolves.

Red keeps her identifying mark hidden, and she doesn’t take advantage of the luxuries available to the future mothers of the Sworn. But her secret is discovered when she rescues her rebel boyfriend from execution for treason, and she can hide the truth no longer.

Red is intercepted by a dangerous young Sworn named Vixor Rae, a prince among the werewolves, and taken through the dangerous wilderness to serve her fate in the capital.

Vixor intrigues Red against her will, but he is her enemy, and she wants nothing more than to see him dead.

But when treecrawlers attack the Sworn caravan headed for the capital, and only Red and Vixor survive, the two must rely on each other to make it out of the perilous wilderness alive.
Book Review: Okay, Okay I actually found a book from the ya genre that I actually enjoyed. Time to rejoice!

Honestly I have been trying to stay away from Young Adult fiction because the last several novels have had whiny, "I-need-to-saved", one-dimensional female leads. And their male counterparts have been no different. Unfortunately lately all they have become is eye candy for the female readers and nothing more.

This book was entirely different. Set in a world where the Werewolves have pretty much rose to power and their Alpha has setted himself as the head of their government, humans have been living in relatively useful to the Werewolves. Several girls are often branded as Chosens, meaning these girls have the ability to produce Werewolves for the Sworn Army. Meredith Rider has become one of the Chosen. For the most part, Meredith and her family have been living quietly in their village. That is until one night on Meredith's birth when the Sworn, the Werewolf Army, has come to kill off her family with the exception of her grandmother. The two try to stay under the radar until one day, Meredith sets out on a mission to save one of her friends. When it is found that she is a member of the Chosen, she finds herself on her way to the city to be given to one of the Werewolves for breeding. She finds herself traveling with one of the most fiercest members of the Sworn, The Silver Wolf. But when they are attacked by Zombies called Treecrawlers, Vixor and Meredith must survive and find a way back to the city.

This book was a fun read. I enjoyed Meredith Rider. She was fleshed out and didn't have all those horrid qualities of the normal YA female lead. She was strong and did what she thought was always right despite the fact she knew she should be kept hidden from the world. And Vixor Rae was not your typical male counterpart. There was something to him that made him not only mysterious but also entertaining to read. I was truly impressed with this book.

I think the only downfall is that there is no explanation on how Treecrawlers came to be and how the Werewolves rose to power. All we are given is a bit of a vague background. So we the readers must mostly use the context clues given to us to determine what exactly happened.

Overall I really enjoyed this take on the Red Riding Hood story and I am quite looking forward to seeing how this finishes.