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Feb. 6th, 2019


| 267 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #10 (Labyrinth Coronation)
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: February 6, 2019
Book Summary: The battle for the heart of the Labyrinth is underway as the goblin rebellion storms the Owl King’s castle, with Maria and her companions right at the heart of it.
Book Review: We are coming to the part of this series where the movie and the comic book begins to run parallel to each other.

Meaning: both our heroines are about to front the Goblin King in order to retrieve the child that was taken from them.

We find Jareth taking Toby out of the arms of Beetleglum. He orders the guards to capture Sarah and gives Toby to another goblin. As Beetleglum tries to take Toby back, Jareth stops him and tells him that he no longer trusts Beetleglum.

The story once more shifts back to Maria. Here the group has come across a mob of goblins waiting for them. At this moment, Maria looks at each of her friends and tells them how much she has come to love and appreciate them each.

From Maria to the Owl King. We find the Owl King impatient. He has two hours left on the clock before he can siphon Jareth's life away. He orders Beetleglum to send a message to his generals that they need to keep their focus sorely on Maria. After all, she is the threat to him moreso than those whom are threatening to rebel against him. Beetleglum has become fond of both Jareth and his mother and wants to find some way to help Maria. Although the Owl King rules over this domain, he also has to observe the same rules everyone else in his domain do. Unfortunately baby Jareth offers him a slight solution when he moves the clock's hand down to one hour for Maria.

Beetleglum writes a message to the goblin general but tells him to leave the girl alone. Unfortunately Septimus has seen what he has done and threatens to chase him down.

The battle between Maria's group and the goblins doesn't seem to be making any sort of leeway. Maria seizes on this moment to hold up Cible, whom offers an observation about the goblins. She tries to bring the entire group of imposing sides together by telling the goblins of how they are always doing what the Owl King wants and never what they want. She goes on to tell them the king is not as powerful as they think he is. Unfortunately her speech does nothing to unite the goblins to their cause. Instead the only agreement they can come to is that goblins should have fun.

Our story returns to Sarah whom is working her way through the castle and has come upon Beetleglum, whom is sitting between two identical doors. For a moment, the two talk a bit and then Sarah asks him for his help in finding Toby. It is then Beetleglum gestures to one of the doors.

This series is getting close to its climatic end but we still have roughly two issues left before it ends. We are seeing parallel imagery between Maria's story and that of Sarah's. We already know how the latter ends entirely but what about Maria. She seems to have done something much more than Sarah accomplished in the Labyrinth - she united many of residents within and has helped take their cause to the front door of the Owl King's castle. So exactly what will happen to Maria afterwards when she does possibly lose?

That unfortunately remains to be seen.

As for this issue, there was more dialogue than action. We see Maria offering encouraging words and affection to each of her friends whom have helped her through this ordeal. I am going to assume that at some point in the next two issues, she is going to be separated from her friends and made to face the Owl King alone just as Sarah had to do with Jareth. So I am wondering if Maria has given this any thought. I am pretty sure some sort of thought has entered her head and whether she is ready or not will remain to be seen.

This was a great issue imo. I really enjoyed the affection Maria feels for each of her friends. It felt genuine and I am hoping that none of them ever forget her. I think she has made quite an impact on all those around her and I am looking forward to seeing how this ends.

Dec. 27th, 2018


| 259 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #9
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Kat Leyh (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: December 27, 2018
Book Summary: Maria finds herself in a stunning, masquerade ball of her dreams, reunited with her husband at long last. But like all things in the Labyrinth...everything is not what it seems.
Book Review: Wow!

Just wow!

The story between Maria and Sarah in this issue is eerily parallel. Both girls experience a dream-like dance event and both end up breaking the dream-like state. Both girls are out to rescue a baby from the Goblin King. The only difference is that in Maria's dream-state it is her husband that tells her that the owl King is out to make their son his heir and she needs to get to him quickly.

When Maria comes back to the Labyrinth, she finds that her friends had been captured and that they are ready to ready to storm the castle to save Maria's son.

Again this continues to be a bit of a parallel between Sarah and Maria. Both women will be doing the same thing but in their own way. We already know how Sarah's journey ends but we still have yet to see how Maria's plays out and how hers will end. I mean we have an idea but not the entire story.

Part of me really wants to see Maria succeed but the other part of me knows she won't. I really would love to see her continue to raise her son but it is apparent from jareth's storytelling that isn't how it ends. So we will be left wondering until the very end of it all.

This series is wonderful and I love how we are still getting Jareth's origin storyline. Maria is one fierce Momma and she has the determination to continue her quest to gain back her son.

I cannot wait for the next issues and I am looking forward to seeing how this story concludes at the end. If you are looking for something fantasy to read, then definitely pick up this series. You will not regret it.

Nov. 15th, 2018


| 248 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #8
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Irene Flores (Illustrator), Dan Jackson (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: November 15, 2018
Book Summary: While Maria and her companions seek refuge among the Goblin rebellion, the Owl King’s plan takes a dangerous step forward bringing the second arc to a stunning conclusion.
Book Review: This story opens with Maria and her ragtag group coming down a ladder as Cible is surrounded by members of the rebellion. Cible has announced that Bunderghast the Invincible is here! This gains the goblins attention but also sends them to murmur rumors amongst themselves. Maria boosts the little catepillar up and Cible claims that it is she that is Bunderghast. Unfortunately this does not seem to impress any of the goblins. Realizing that hasn't worked, Cible makes the claim that Maria is a wizard. Maria makes a crevasse with her chalk which seems to impress the goblins immensely before they decide now is the time for some ale. Add in Tangle for some hugs and you have a bit of a chaos.

Cible has a quiet moment of disappointment. She tried to get the revolution started but it seems to have stalled at this point. Maria admits the same thing...admitting that she done the same thing in the past. She goes on to advise that have to know who you are before you allow yourself to become someone else.

Skubbin, on the other hand, has wandered off. He doesn't want to betray Maria as she has been a wonderful friend to him. A mosaic face appears and taunts Skubbin about his duties and that he cannot avoid them. It is then that Maria finds him and tells him of how she misses her old life of wealth and privilege but nothing like the feeling she has of missing her son.

We return to Jareth where we are given a brief glimpse of what Sarah is up to and apparently she has eaten the forbidden fruit of the peach. He is thrilled that he is about to ruin Sarah as he lays Toby back down in what looks like

The scene changes to Beetleglum showing up and warning that the King is coming. First Septimus appears and chaos begins. Cible urges an attack against him, which in turn caused confusion allowing both Skubbin and Maria to leave.

Maria sees a bright light up ahead of them but Skubbin tells her that it is a trap. He urges her back into the water where the gondolier awaits them. Skubbin pays for her passage just as the Owl King shows up and announces what a good son he has.

Maria sees this as a betrayal and runs into the light.....and right into a drawing room. She is finely dressed and surrounded by the wealthy. And Albert appears with a mask in hand and tells her that feels horrible for the way he has treated her...and that here they are together forever.

This story is now picking up steam as we are coming close to the final chapters of this series. Currently it seems that Maria is in the same sort of position that Sarah is in at the moment. Both are about to face a part of this game that will either make or break them. We know how Sarah's story turns out but not really anything of Maria's. Of course this is a dream. Maria spoke briefly of how much she has missed her life previously filled with wealth and power, something had not had growing up.

So how will all this lead to Maria's failure? This has yet to be seen but we know that Skubbin will have to do a lot to make up for what she has seen as a betrayal. This again seems to echo what Hoggle has done to Sarah when he gifted her the peach. So there is much parallel between Maria and Sarah with the exception of Sarah being jealous of her brother and Albert pretty much selling his son to the Owl King.

This story really is starting to shape up and I am quite looking forward to seeing how this all tidies up.


| 247 |

Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Coronation #7 (Labyrinth Coronation)
Author: Simon Spurrier, Ryan Ferrier, Daniel Bayliss (Illustrator), Irene Flores (Illustrator), Joana Lafuente (Illustrator), Fiona Staples (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.9/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: November 15, 2018
Book Summary: While Maria continues to make her way through the Labyrinth, the Owl King’s plot ensnares her trusted goblin companion.
Book Review: Much like all previous issues of this limited series, we find Jareth keeping an eye on Sarah's progress throughout the Labyrinth while offering his tale to both Toby and his servant, Beetleglum. For once, Jareth doesn't hear Toby crying prompting him to confront the servant. Beetleglum, in turn, manages to get his master to leave the poor child alone and continue on with his tale of Maria and her quest to reunite with her son.

Once again we find Maria, Cible the catepillar, and Tangle the humaniod bush, are making their way through a beautiful labyrinth of greenery. During this stroll, Cible asks Tangle if he has revolution in his heart. This seems to make the humanoid bush extremely happy as he tries to hug both Maria and Cible.

It is then that they come across what looks like a little castle/cottage. The group heads in and they find that they are tiny compared to the toys that litter the room. Cible wonders if all human children have this and Maria answers that only children belonging to the rich would. Then one of the toy figures come to life and begins demanding that they name the colonies of Britannia, Until they do, there will be no play. Of course, Maria grew up poor and did not have the education as others did so she would not know any of these answers.

It is then that we find the Owl King watching from his crystal ball of a boy crying as his father yells at him. It is Albert, whom so willingly sold his son to Owl King and the reason now why Maria navigated the labyrinth to gain back her son. We learned recently that Skubbin is the son of Owl King and he really wants nothing to do with the throne. The only way for Skubbin to avoid being placed on the throne is by making sure that Maria fails in her attempts to get to her son.

Speaking of Skubbin, he arrives to save the day and they are taken down to a place below where the rest of the rebellion awaits.

I really love how this series seamlessly manages to merge from one issue into the other flawlessly. Another great thing is that we, much like Jareth, have been able to follow Sarah's progress as well. She might be in the background but we are given glimpses here and there to see where she actually is within the story and I love that.

What I have come to love is Maria's strength and determination throughout all of this. She continues to fight through the labyrinth determined to gain back the son her husband had handed off. To her, there is no failure in her determination and she won't let go of her son without a fight. It doesn't matter what she has to do to get him; only that she is willing to do it.

I also love how the secondary characters have so much personality and seem to be more out there characters rather than background characters. There is much to love about some of them and there are some that are questionable but still have enduring qualities to them.

All in all, I have really come to enjoy this series and I think I will be entirely sad when the series finally comes to its climatic end.