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Jul. 27th, 2016


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Title: Ghostbusters
Author: Nancy Holder
Format: Epub
Rating: 3.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: July 15 to 27, 2016
Book Summary: After Dr. Erin Gilbert is disgraced at a job interview for her belief in ghosts, she is roped into investigating a haunting by her former colleague, Abby Yates and Abby’s new co-worker, Jillian Holtzmann. The three scientists soon discover that some specters do far more than go bump in the night.

MTA employee, Patty Tolan, finds that New York City’s subway tunnels are becoming a hive of ghostly apparitions. She calls on Erin, Abbey, and Jillian to investigate, revealing that paranormal activity across New York City is swiftly becoming a disaster of near-biblical proportions

Together, these four would-be paranormal investigators are determined to find out what’s going on, save their city, and maybe make a profit while they’re at it. The team must stop a mysterious evil known only as Rowan from destroying the barrier between this life and the next and turning Manhattan into a literal hellscape.
Book Review: I am probably one of the guilty ones of saying snotty things about the movie even before production began. It was not because of the role given to women but because the movie was going to be a reboot and honestly I hate reboots. Still I thought what harm would it do if I read the novel first?

I am glad I did. If the movie is anything like this book, then I will gladly see it. I absolutely loved it. The humor was fresh and funny and the little back story and tidbits were really wonderfully. I think I may even prefer the novel over the movie itself but then again movie novelations always gave a bit more information behind a characters motives or told you things that in the movie you did not get to see or know.

I think if you give this book a chance, your opinion of the movie might change as mine has. I do plan on seeing the movie soon and I hope many of you will give it a chance and do the same.