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Apr. 18th, 2017


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Title: The Beast of Boggy Creek The True Story of the Fouke Monster
Author: Lyle Blackburn
Format: Epub
Rating: 4/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 16, 2017 to April 18, 2017
Book Summary: For more than a century, reports of a strange beast known as the Fouke Monster have circulated among the locals in southern Arkansas. Described as a large, hairy man-like creature, it’s said to haunt the vast Sulphur River Bottoms as it travels the secluded waterway known as Boggy Creek.

Over the years, the creature has been seen by numerous witnesses including respected citizens, experienced hunters, famous musicians, and even a police officer. The encounters were often so shocking, they served as inspiration for the classic horror film, The Legend of Boggy Creek, by Charles B. Pierce.

Tales of the creature have long existed in scattered pieces across news clippings, memoirs, police reports, and movies, but it is only now that the complete history of the Fouke Monster has been assembled in one place. This book collects all the facts, theories, and amazing sighting reports, and weaves them into a fascinating tale about this undeniable southern mystery, one that lives on, as frightening encounters with the Beast of Boggy Creek are still being reported today!
Book Review: Do you remember the film The Legend of Boggy Creek?

Then this book will be definitely for you.

This book was well-written and well-researched into the history of the creature that haunts the Boggy Creek area. It dives into the first sightings of the monster and well into the 1970s when the monster made the most appearances, sending several residences fleeing from their homes in terror.

I must say I was deeply impressed with Blackburn's research. He really knew how to separate myth from reality and his research was indeed thorough into this most famous Southern bigfoot. This was the first Bigfoot book I read where the research really showed through both the newspaper clippings and interviews with the locals. There stories really jumped out at you and the author gave you the impression of a caring and sympathic soul who weaved their tales with images that put you in the story.

Honestly it made me feel as if I was the one telling the story and I was the one reliving the encounter.

I enjoyed this book immensely. I was impressed with the research. Not many Bigfoot books out there seemed to be this thoroughly researched. I know some of them are merely stories being told again to the public but that is all most fo them are - stories. There does not seem to be any human element to the story but this book gives you that.

I do plan to read more of Blackburn's books in the future.