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Apr. 8th, 2017


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Title: Vader Down (Star Wars: Vader Down #1-6)
Author: Jason Aaron, Kieron Gillen, Mike Deodato (Illustrations), Salvador Larroca (Illustrations)
Format: Epub
Rating: 4/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 8, 2017
Book Summary: Two of the biggest titles in comics collide in the first crossover of the new Marvel age of STAR WARS! When Darth Vader accidentally finds himself facing off against the rebel fleet on his own, he is sent crashing onto a nearby planet. Will the rebels seize this opportunity to put an end to one of their greatest enemies — or will they be made to feel the full power of the dark side? The Sith Lord may be down, but he isn't out! All your favorites are here, old and new, good and evil: Luke! Vader! Leia! Aphra! Han! Threepio, Artoo, Triple-Zero and BT-1! And in a hair-raising battle of the Wookiees, Chewbacca versus Black Krrsantan! ROOOARRGH UR ROO!

Collecting STAR WARS: VADER DOWN, STAR WARS (2015) #13-14 and DARTH VADER #13-15.
Book Review: In this series, Aphra has come across a location of Luke Skywalker and both she and Vader head to look for him. Unfortunately they also find the new Rebel Alliance base. Vader, of course, is never one to walk away from a dog fight even with the fate's stacked against him but this does go for him in a way. It brings Luke out in the fray as he engages Vader in the dog fight. This leads to both of their planes going down and the Rebel Alliance believing that all they need to do now is go down there and capture Vader.

The thing is Vader is not so easy to capture and the Rebel Alliance is about to find this out.

Aphra and her murderous droids set out to retrieve Vader. Add in Han, Leia, R2D2, and C-3PO and you have quite a bit of a mix to this story.

This was another enjoyable set of comics. Vader shows you right off the bat why he is not so easy to capture and why he really is one of the most feared bad asses in the universe. He starts killing right away and there does not seem to be any stopping him in his quest to find the son he never knew he had.

This part of the series was interesting and rather hard putting down until the very end. The writers did a very excellent job in keeping with the idea that this series stands between both episodes IV and V. There was a lot of tension that continued to build that would benefit episode V.

I would recommend this series to anyone especially a fan of Vader. It will keep you riveted from the moment you open the first page to the very last.