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Apr. 22nd, 2018


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Title: A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership
Author: James B. Comey
Format: Epub
Rating: 4/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 17, 2018 to April 22, 2018
Book Summary: In this book, former FBI director James Comey shares his never-before-told experiences from some of the highest-stakes situations of his career in the past two decades of American government, exploring what good, ethical leadership looks like, and how it drives sound decisions. His journey provides an unprecedented entry into the corridors of power, and a remarkable lesson in what makes an effective leader.

Mr. Comey served as director of the FBI from 2013 to 2017, appointed to the post by President Barack Obama. He previously served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the U.S. deputy attorney general in the administration of President George W. Bush. From prosecuting the Mafia and Martha Stewart to helping change the Bush administration's policies on torture and electronic surveillance, overseeing the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation as well as ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, Comey has been involved in some of the most consequential cases and policies of recent history.
Book Review: Normally I don't excited about a nonfiction book coming out. However, when the Orange Child in the White House decides to throw a temper tantrum over a forthcoming title being released especially from a former FBI Director, then there is reason to want to read this book.

This book is the first real memoir from a man inside the Trump White House until his firing in May of 2017. Comey, whom had served under three presidents, had become a part of the media circus when he announced that he was reopening the case on Hillary Clinton's emails. This very act may have caused Clinton to lose the presidental race and allow a man, whom had been through three to four bankruptcies and had lied to put himself up on Forbes magazine, to become the new President Elect to the United States.

Although Comey believed he was doing the right thing, there are many others who do not believe his intentions were good. Democrats believed he sabotaged Clinton's chances while the Republicans believed he was trying to clear Clinton of using her personal email server.

Whatever Comey's intention, he would be fired in May of 2017.

Comey's book gives you an account on his life prior to becoming Director of the FBI. We learn of the bullying he endured and what exactly changed his life's direction to becoming a lawyer. He even tells us of the emotional time both he and his brother were at home when a robber broke into his home. All of this we see through his eyes. We feel every bit of his emotion through his writing. He gives you every bit of his honesty as we trudge through every aspects of his life.

This book is worth a good read. If you are looking for the pieces on Trump, then you will need to further into this book. This book is a memoir filled with images of a life of a guy whom thought he was doing his best to be transparent to all those whom wanted to know what exactly was going on with those Clinton emails during the Autumn of 2016.

Although I enjoyed this book, I did find some parts long and boring that I had to put the book down for a bit and then come back to it. Still if you are looking for a part of history with the Trump presidency, then this book is definitely for you.