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Apr. 16th, 2017


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Title: I Could Pee on This And Other Poems by Cats
Author: Francesco Marciuliano
Format: Epub
Rating: 4.5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: April 16, 2017
Book Summary: Cat lovers will laugh out loud at the quirkiness of their feline friends with these insightful and curious poems from the singular minds of housecats.

In this hilarious book of tongue-in-cheek poetry, the author of the internationally syndicated comic strip Sally Forth helps cats unlock their creative potential and explain their odd behaviour to ignorant humans.

With titles like Who Is That on Your Lap?, This Is My Chair, Kneel Before Me, Nudge, and Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs, the poems collected in I Could Pee on This perfectly capture the inner workings of the cat psyche.

With photos of the cat authors throughout, this whimsical volume reveals kitties at their wackiest, and most exasperating (but always lovable).
Book Review: Real Rating: 4.5

I had planned to sit down and read a horror book this evening but I seem to have a cat that had something else in mind. I found her laying on my e-reader and she had already determined what I was going to be reading. So rather than displease the house queen, I decided to give this little book of poetry a try.

I was not vastly disappointed. Ths little poems (are they even poems?) were enjoyable even causing me to giggle at several of them. I cannot say which ones are my favorites yet but I can say that my top two are - I Could Pee On This and other one (which escapes my memory of its name) is where they are cleaning themselves.

Even the little images were darling.

If you are a cat lover, then this book is definitely something I think you will enjoy. I know I did.