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Nov. 29th, 2017


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Title: Jim Henson's Labyrinth 2017 Special #1
Author: Adam Smith, Katie Cook, Alessandro Ferrari, Jeff Stokely, Curry Ross, Delilah Dawson, Roger Langridge, Jared Cullum (Illustrator) , Derek Kim (Illustrator)
Format: Epub
Rating: 5/5
Status: Finished
Reading Date: November 29, 2017
Book Summary: Celebrate Jim Henson’s Labyrinth with an all-new collection of short stories celebrating the various characters and creatures from the world of Labyrinth. Includes the never-before-told story of how Sir Didymus met his trusted steed Ambrosius. Also includes the story of a goblin running late to the famous “Dance Magic Dance” sequence from the film.
Book Review: I had been hearing stories that there would be some Jim Henson's Labyrinth to be rolled out soon. Most of them had been hyped up causing many fans of the movie to be thrilled with the idea that our favorite movie would be given some type of further story or even some backstories for many of the characters.

Of course, there were the mangas called "Return to the Labyrinth". Although it was not entirely well-received by many of the older fans, the manga offered some taste of the beloved fantasy movie's characters. Still fans held up their hopes.

And their years of patient hope and waiting had arrived in the form of four short stories. Each story delivered tales of the denizens of the Labyrinth, breathing life into those of who were fan favorites and not be left out - the goblins themselves.

In "The Right Steed for the Right Deed" follows Sir Didymus on a quest to find himself a noble steed. Of course, the search for a trusty steed leads Didymus to the wrong sorts of creatures until he comes across a set of goblins who have a caged dog. One of the goblins lets it be known to Ambrosius that it is most likely that he is looking to be dinner and not anything else. It is then that Didymus comes out of hiding and declares that Ambrosius belongs to him. The two race off together and avoid the angry goblins that were chasing after them.

"The Wrong Toby" finds Jareth, the King of the Goblins, mumbling about Toby. Two of the goblins - Poxie and Mushmug - overhear him talking about a baby in a candy-stripe outfit and head out to the human world in hopes of finding the baby to bring it back to their king. The two look high and low in the human world and cannot seem to find a baby for their king. That is until they come across a gingered cat asleep. The two of them take the cat back to the kingdom where the cat gets loose, sending the two goblins scrambling after it. Once they recapture the cat, they head to the castle where they find Jareth holding Toby in his arms. Unfortunately for the two goblins, the cat is definitely not what their king was contemplating over.

"Cup of Tea?" - Remember the little blue worm that invited Sarah to come meet his missus and drink some tea? This story is all about him. It takes place shortly after Sarah leaves, taking the long route to the castle. Of course, the little worm is a bit put out over her dismissal of his invitation to come in for a spot of tea that he takes it upon himself to see if he can find one of the denizens who would be willing to come over and have tea with he and his missus.

"Into the Bog" finds three goblins who call themselves "The Threatening Trio" who are on patrol near the bog. Unfortunately for them, they fall from the top and only one of them lands into the bog. The other two goblins sort of remove themselves from him and the poor goblin finds himself alone. The three are reunited and the other two dip their foot into the bog just to be nice.

"Beauty or the Beast" follows Jareth and Toby. Jareth has since decided that Toby is his heir apparent and one day he will inherit the entire goblin kingdom. But Toby really isn't interested in owning a kingdom at the moment. He is, after all, still a baby who is crying. Jareth takes Toby into his arms and shows him what he can be if he stays with him. For a moment seems to be contemplating this as Sarah's image appears on the mirror but in the end, Toby picks his sister over Jareth.

In the last short story titled "Run, Goblin, Run" follows a goblin whom seems to be late for Jareth's song, Dance Magic Dance.

These were some really awesome stories that will tide me over. I am hoping that there is more to come seeing this as issue one but I suppose we shall just have to see. :D