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Dec. 7th, 2016


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Title: The Secret Life of Josephine: Napoleon's Bird of Paradise
Author: Carolly Erickson
Format: Epub
Rating: 2.5/5
Status: Did Not Finish
Reading Date: December 05 to 07, 2016
Book Summary: The bestselling author of The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette and The Last Wife of Henry VIII returns with an enchanting novel about one of the most seductive women in history: Josephine Bonaparte, first wife of Napoleon.

Born on the Caribbean island of Martinique, Josephine had an exotic Creole appeal that would ultimately propel her to reign over an empire as wife of the most powerful man in the world. But her life is a story of ambition and danger, of luck and a ferocious will to survive. Married young to an arrogant French aristocrat who died during the Terror, Josephine also narrowly missed losing her head to the guillotine. But her extraordinary charm, sensuality, and natural cunning helped her become mistress to some of the most powerful politicians in post-Revolutionary France. Soon she had married the much younger General Bonaparte, whose armies garnered France an empire that ran from Europe to Africa and the New World and who crowned himself and his wife Emperor and Empress of France. He dominated on the battlefield and she presided over the worlds of fashion and glamor. But Josephine's heart belonged to another man--the mysterious, compelling stranger who had won her as a girl in Martinique.
Book Review: Real Review Rating: 2.5

I tried, really tried, to read this book but I could not connect at all with the characters. It felt flat and not even a bit fleshed out. I understand that this is entirely historical fiction but the feel felt more like one of those cheesy romance novels from back in the late 80s/early 90s.

And trust me, I read those when I was a teenager!

I have always loved reading books with Josephine or even Desiree. I discovered a passion for these two women when I was younger and gobbled up whatever books I could of them. Some were good and others just used the same resources over and over again.

When I discovered this one, I thought I really found something different. I was wrong. So very wrong. I could not connect with Josephine at all. She seemed to one-dimenson and seems to obsess about someone who is out of her life for such a long time. I understand that one never forgets their first time but I would have thought she would have moved on from it.

Was I wrong in thinking this?

Okay nevermind.

Moving on.

I don't even know if I will pick up another book by her.