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Saturday, June 20th, 2009

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    Earth 12 Episode Guide, part 5
    Episode 7, part 2: Found and Lost. )

    I have a proposal to submit, my fellow forum enthusiasts. Should there perhaps be an agreed-upon cutoff point for late tags, past which the tag-ee need not concern him or herself with the decision of the tagger? A long cutoff point, yes; a week or two weeks, perhaps. But some manner of failsafe against the full game lagging, pulled down by the pace of logs long past. After this length of time the tag-ee would be forgiven in assuming the log ended in some reasonable manner, and go on to other pursuits, should they so desire. Of course, the log could be active thereafter.

    It's frustrating to see so many tied up in logs that are considered binding. If our kidnappees will forgive the turn of phrase.

    I also have a question, for new players and old: what do you want to DO? Right now. With your muses. What manner of scene, what style, what setting, to what purpose would you most like to write?

    Lay it on me, chums. And on each other.

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