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Monday, June 15th, 2009

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    A Belated Announcement
    Right, so. I should definitely have made this post ages ago, and for that I apologize. I have been unacceptably absent for an extended period by now, with no explanation--and I don't have one to give. I'm sorry.

    I also... am not in a position to renew Ted's activity at the moment. My family is moving house, and we're about to leave on an extended trip across the continent, during which we will have little to no internet. I will be returning to civilization on or around July 23rd, at which point I will make every effort to get back in the game.

    So I'm announcing hiatus, but not dropping unless the mods want me to. I know at this point it would probably be the proper thing to do, but I do love e12 and I want to give it one more shot. It makes me sad to think of Booster without his Ted. I'm also guessing that nobody has been sitting on their hands waiting for the chance to play this particular version of Ted, so I won't deny anyone away their desired character by not dropping. But if I'm wrong, if anyone has been bouncing on their heels waiting for me to drop because they think they can do Ted better, let me know, and I'll probably hand him over. Ted's a wonderful character and deserving of a better mun than I. Sorry I haven't been here for you, Ted.

    tl;dr version: I suck and I'm sorry. I suck more and I'm going on hiatus.

    I'm really sorry, guys. See you in a month, I hope.

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