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    Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
    9:15 am
    What I am trying to say/ Is I think today is a very big day [O-pen?]
    Who: Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes and Lobsang Ludd. Tap in!
    What: There's a little temporal anomaly Down Under. It gets less little.
    Where: Australia
    When: ... ahahahaha.
    Warnings: That's right, we went there. (Actually, we don't know where we're going. Except Australia. We got that bit.)

    Something is calling me on/ Maybe by morning I'll be gone )
    Friday, July 17th, 2009
    8:27 pm
    Two redheads walked into a bar . . .
    Who: Ringo and Roy
    What: A random mugging! From there? Who knows~
    Where: Random Blüdhaven Street Corner #73
    When: . . . eventually?
    Warnings: Some random NPC's getting beat up. 8Ta

    I feel fantastic and I'm still alive )
    Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
    2:02 pm
    I don't need you / but I want to
    Who: Robins 2 and 3
    What: The same thing we do every night, Pinky
    Where: Same Bat-place
    When: Same Bat-time

    Lina: SO. Local!Robin is totally not used to patrolling on his own this much, but with the Wings hurt and Batman... uh... new...
    Lina: well, my thinking is he's staying out later and ranging farther than he's ever used to. B|
    Kai: So maybe Tim runs into him? Or. Hmm. Notices, and just... adjusts to patrol alongside him? not hugely visibly, but only just noticeable
    Lina: in which case the assumption is pretty negative. B|
    Kai: Damn inter-Tim politics

    I was always strong as long as we were a team/ I crawled into somebody's heart who meant the world to me )
    Friday, July 3rd, 2009
    6:10 pm
    You are NOT the father! You're the uncle.
    Who: Toon!Dick, Roy, and Lian
    What: A reunion and an introduction all in one!
    Where: Dick's swingin' bachelor pad
    When: Sometime before the Fourth of July
    Warnings: Fluff, awkward, awkward fluff, fluffy awkward . . .

    [Insert Rugrats Theme Song here] )
    1:15 am
    Who: Barbara Gordon & Dick Grayson
    What: I told you so....
    Where: Babs' place
    When: the morning after
    Warnings: Plan B is not the message get your mind out of the gutter.

    When I wake up in my make up it's too early for that dress )
    Monday, June 22nd, 2009
    10:41 am
    Who: Booster Gold, Captain Jack, Doc soon to cut in
    What: Re-settling into the TARDIS & getting "acquainted" with some of Doc's new buddies
    When: Errrr now-ish
    Warnings: Double-entendres leading to partial nudity leading to (implied) secksings

    This is what I am / I am a man / So come and dance with me Michael )
    Sunday, June 21st, 2009
    5:46 pm
    The streets of Blüdhaven [open like mad]
    [Arsenal is prowling the back alleys of this dimension's version of Hell on the East Coast. He's more or less undercover, insofar as a massive trenchcoat and red trucker's cap cover up his more remarkable features and violent accoutrements.

    His communicator's on and tuned to local police bands, with a periodic update from the Foundling Program. Hasn't gotten much use of that yet outside of the various dimensional outcasts' postadolescent drama. But you never know.

    He's not sure what he's looking for, but he'll know it when he finds it.
    Thursday, June 18th, 2009
    6:28 am
    Reunion: back in the Batcave. Post Two-Face.
    [Will just be curled up in the Bat-chair, in clean workout clothes. Waiting for the rest of you to get back, whenever you get back.

    Shhh. He's not really sleeping. He's just had a long, time-traveling day.
    Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
    10:25 pm
    Who: NPC!Two-Face, the Bats, and the captives!
    What: Saving the day! \o/
    - Nightboy and Wingman at a Random Spot in the city hopefully away from innocent bystanders to lure out Two-Face
    - Two-Face presumably on his way to said Random Spot
    - Robin, Robin, and Robin sneaking into the Secret Hideout to save the captives
    - The captives in the Secret Hideout awaiting rescue
    - The twin thugs presumably in the Secret Hideout?
    - Batgirl either purposely kidnapped or with the Robins helping get the captives out, up to Two-Face?
    - Batman wherever the heck he wants? |Db

    Did I miss anyone? >.>
    Warnings: VIOLENCE, crazy, Bat-issues, crazy, violence, violent crazy, crazy violence.

    This is a free-for-all log, folks! Feel free to thread-jump in most cases except mebbe the Wings/Two-Face thread since we actually have a vague idea of what we're doing over there, right? |D I think? I hope? |D

    Anyway, action log it, paragraph log it, either which way HAVE AT IT!

    This just in! We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this special report! )
    Sunday, June 7th, 2009
    9:29 am
    Playtime at Wayne Manor
    Who: Delirium [info]fishfollower, NPC Alfred Pennyworth [info]earth12_npc, anybody else who's hanging about the Manor and hearing funny noises downstairs...
    What: This little Endless went wheee wheeeeeee all the way to the trophy room
    When: 'Roundabout the same time as this, I would imagine
    Where: That little nook of the Batcave with all the weird crap in it. ...What d'you mean, "not specific enough"???
    Warnings: Laws of physics beware! You are not welcome here. Same goes for you, logic >8|

    Are we demented or am I disturbed? / The space that's in between insane and insecure )
    Saturday, June 6th, 2009
    12:47 pm
    Who: Batman ([info]notowlman), Robin ([info]brat_wonder), Lobsang ([info]time_two), Mad Hatter ([info]earth12_npc)

    What: Place all ingredients in downtown Gotham. Shake well. Stand back.
    When: After this and before the takedown of Two-Face.
    Where: The streets of Gotham! Not that Gotham. No, nor the other one. Yes THIS Gotham.
    Warnings: None. Unless you are allergic to cheese? >.>

    Incoming: Two (2) Hammers of Justice. Special Order. )
    Saturday, May 30th, 2009
    10:28 pm
    Who: Everyone being held captive by our dearest Two-Face /o/
    What: Being held hostage?
    Where: In Two-Face's sekrit hideout
    When: I dunno, the days are kind of all blending together . . .
    Warnings: Who knows?

    Feel free to action-log or paragraph-log and thread-hop, no one will hold either against you. |Db

    Rescue me! And take me in your arms! Rescue me! I want your tender charms! 'Cause I'm lonely, and I'm blue! I need you! And your love too, come on and rescue me! )
    Sunday, May 31st, 2009
    10:30 am
    Kitten-napped! (Oh, and her little dog too)
    Who: Kitten, Hiro, and Two-Face
    What: Today is not going as planned.
    When: And right before the party! Grrrrr
    Where: Sweeping down a Gotham street! C'mon, you big baby, it's right down this way.
    Why: Gawd, I don't know. Ask the big ugly stupidface.

    Ooooh, look outside the window, there's a woman being stabbed/ They dragged her to the bushes and now she's being grabbed! )
    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
    7:10 pm
    I see a storm brewing
    Who: Larx, Jack and later the rescue committee
    What: Jack's hoping to get lucky. The Doc and co. gets to save his sorry butt
    When: Nowish?
    Where: Gotham streets
    Warnings: Unhealthy amounts of flirting, very unhealthy amounts of violence. It's Larx, c'mon.

    Don't let the lightning fry you~ )
    Monday, May 11th, 2009
    12:25 pm
    And a'wandering we will go!
    Who: Akito/Agito/Lind ([info]fanged_wings) and some NPCs
    What: Tis a beautiful day for a kidnapping
    Where: Gotham's streets
    When: Nowish?
    Warnings: Overusage of swear words, most likely. Maybe violence?

    This be sum cut text )
    Sunday, May 10th, 2009
    12:20 am
    So. All made up and about partied out, The Doctor and his newly-re-established TARDIS guest attempt to ignore each others' fidgets and fusses while discussing

    their life philosophies! Dun dun dunnnnn. )

    Warning for (tasteful) guy-on-guy action
    Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
    4:38 pm
    Who: Captain Jack Harkness, Shouta Mikoshiba
    What: starting out the shenanigans with car-stealing and a movie 8Db
    Where: streets of Gotham
    When: sometime AFTER the TARDIS!party
    Warnings: may cause shortness of breath, sweaty palms, & general twitterpation

    It was a fine day in Gotham - well the sun could kinda-sorta be seen through a featureless grey haze blanketing the sky, and the daily mugging count was a bit below par. The warren of alleys and sidestreets, being well-lit, for the most part harbored a minimum of shady business on this particular afternoon. Which was quite fortunate for the man fleeing for his life through an interdimensional portal that just happened to open into a back street. More specifically 4 feet up the brick wall of a building facing a backstreet.

    WHOMP! "...Ow."

    The man rolled onto his back, face screwed up in pain and disorientation, and tried to take stock of his surroundings through the spots of purple flashing across his vision. Breathable air - check. Gravity within tolerable parameters - very check, but it wasn't winning any brownie points thus far. People / things with deadly intent?... He quickly picked himself off and dusted off his light, military-style jacket, trying to appear nonchalant as he surveyed this new place for threats and / or opportunities. far no punching or shooting. All in all, decided improvement. )
    Saturday, April 18th, 2009
    8:56 am
    Partay in the TARDIS!
    What: TARDIS party
    Who: Assembled hordes of Delirium's savior squad
    Where: Rockin a blue box on a random Gotham street corner
    Warning: It's bigger on the inside.

    For the first time in far too long, the TARDIS' doors were opened and left open - once she'd been coaxed to show anyone not on the guest list only the inside of a telephone box.

    First order of business: getting all the bits of Delirium settled into a room whose entries and exits only she and the Doctor would know.

    Second order of business: taking a little time between fights to breathe...and probably angst. During all the double-crossing and finger-pointing, most everyone had said some pretty terrible things after all, one way or another.
    Sunday, April 12th, 2009
    1:43 am
    And these are my hammers for JUSTICE
    IN THIS CORNER: Booster Gold and Talia Al Ghul.
    IN THAT CORNER: The Doctor and Shouta Mikishiba.
    OVER HERE EYEING THEM ALL WARILY: Nightwing, Robin, Snarkier Nightwing, and Creepier Robin.
    BACKSTAGE, 80% FISH: Delirium.
    THEY'LL BE ALONG, WE THINK: Blue Beetle and Blue Beetle.
    What: Saving the universe. Bit of a dogpile. You know how it is.

    Where: The secret Al Ghul lair under Cardiff, Wales. There's a Lazarus Pit out back, a cage for delinquent Endless over through that labyrinth and past several dozen ninjas, and a multiversal rift if you go down far enough. But this grand audience chamber is nice enough for the purposes at hand.

    When: When you heroes get off your butts and get here. 8|

    Warnings: Free tagging. Threadhop as desired. Short tags FINE. Else, TBA.
    Gosh, Green Arrow! I was possessed all along!! )
    12:51 am
    Who: Toon!Dick and comics!Tim
    What: Getting to know you bonding?
    Where: Dick's swingin' bachelor pad in the 'Haven
    When: After the plot with Del and the Al Ghuls is wrapped up.
    Warnings: Probably nothing but lots of Bat-brooding, but I'll keep you posted. 8|b

    Broooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood )
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