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08:30pm 01/06/2009
Disclaimer: This journal is an unofficial and non-profit fan site dedicated to the world of video gaming. We are in no way related to the celebrities, agencies, or companies adjoin to those represented here, in this case E3 Expo. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement intended. This is for entertainment purposes only, so don't sue. We do not claim credit for anything used for this community, these remain the property of their original owners and credit for these will be given where possible. The E3 Expo Logo is a registered trademark owned by the Entertainment Software Assocication, Inc. ("ESA") and is a copyrighted design in which all rights are owned by ESA. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
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Welcome to E3, the world for gamers. Here you will find the latest on everything and anything that's going on in the gaming world: info, previews, reviews, videos, news, interviews, and much more! This community is open to everyone, and everybody can post. Please make sure you read the rules before joining and posting though!

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