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User: [info]betsyb
Date: 2008-09-28 08:00
Subject: Dead Zone fandom history
Security: Public

Fan History Wiki is a wiki project dedicated to documenting the history of fandom. There is an article about Dead Zone which could really use some help with getting the history of the Dead Zone fandom documented . It could answer questions like: What were events that happened in the fandom? How big is the fandom? What were th influential fanworks in the fandom? How would you describe the history of the fandom on LiveJournal and InsaneJournal? What are terms specific to the Dead Zone fandom? Any help in answering those questions would be appreciated.

Fan History also has an article which tracks the size of the Dead Zone fan fiction community. It looks like the Dead Zone fandom does not have a large presence on multifandom archives. Explaining why that is, why there are not ne stories being published, would be fantastic.

We also have a directory of Dead Zone fans. (The most popular of these articles are  BethCarielle , Medie , Karrenia , Pairatime and The Mad Fangirl .)  It would be great to see the existing 67 articles improved and new articles added.  The directory could be really help in terms of highlighting good works done by members of the fandom, such as who organized what fandom oriented charity drive, or the bad things that people did, such as plagiarize or steal other people's fan art.  


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User: [info]scifiroots
Date: 2008-03-26 20:56
Subject: Introduction, first post
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I'm still fairly new to IJ, though have many years on LJ. I noticed when searching through communities here that The Dead Zone had nothing of its own. So... here's my attempt to remedy that. I do hope some other members will crop up.

Posting is open to all, and as long as it's Dead Zone related, I figure it belongs here. This means that 'shippers may collide or material you don't care for might show up. If that's so, no flames, no bitching, okay? Pass on by if you aren't interested in a particular post. That said, please be considerate and label your post clearly! Note beforehand about certain pairings or adult content.

Now that's taken care of, I'll introduce myself! If you haven't seen me around fandom, I'm Clarity Scifiroots. tDZ is one of my favorite fandoms and participating in it (as well as encouraging "recruitment" of new fans ^_~) is a pet project of mine. I write fanfic, I make graphics, icons, music vids, and even the occasional fanart. Well, I haven't shared any of my art online; they tend to be doodles inspired by random hilarious snippets offered to me by a friend.

My favorite character is Bruce, Johnny is right up there, and Walt and Dana are additional favorites. Well, I like everyone to some extent (meaning Sarah, Purdy, Stillson, Wey, and weirdly to a certain degree, Janus). I watched the premiere of season six and then refused to watch the rest. I've watched a few s6 clips on the web and kept up with episode summaries, but the show died for me. I'm really sad about this, given that I wrote multiple times over the years that I would see this show through to the end. But... well, the events of s6 peeved me too much. (And given who my favorite character/s are...)

Anyway, my favorite pairing is Bruce/Johnny. I'm a solid Walt/Sarah fan, pretty strongly anti-Johnny/Sarah post-coma, and enjoy Johnny/Dana. Stillson possibilities are good in that weird, dark, wrong way. o___0;; I write fanfiction focusing on Bruce, Johnny, and sometimes Stillson or Dana. I have done a Walt story, at this point. About half of my writing is gen (friendship, pairingless) and the other half, clearly B/J slash (with the occasional other pairing).

All my work can be found at my Dead Zone site, which I'm happy to accept submissions, btw. When I haven't updated there, I sometimes have more things on my LJ comm, enchanting_muse.

Oh, as for other fandoms... well, almost too numerous to count. What I actually participate in includes: Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars (OT), Firefly, A-Team, CSI Las Vegas, Man from UNCLE, and other that are more infrequent.

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