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Date: 2019-03-15 18:26
Subject: Today was a day
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Tags:driving, health, i used to be a people person but then i, life

I hurt my shoulder/mangled my elbow IN MY SLEEP 2 weeks ago. I finally got to see a doctor this morning which means missing work.  The doctor ordered X-rays and I go back on the 8th to my regular doctor to find out what the hell, but the doctor thinks maybe arthritis aggravated by fibro. 

I decided afterward that since I had to drive to the next town over for the doctor I'd go shopping. I get to the bookstore, get a call from my Mother and find out my uncle is being rushed to the hospital out of the county because they have the best cardiac unit.  It's not a heart attack but they're keeping him overnight at the least.

During my drives to and from the doctor's office and various errands I said the following:

Azure:  "Hey asshole, I'm driving over here!" (to someone that almost swerved into me)

Azure:  "Yo, Sloth Boy, move your ass before I run over it!"  (to world's slowest sports car)

Azure:  "I had the right of way you inbred small-dicked bastard"  (to a guy driving what was obviously a dick compensation car)

Azure:  "Oh my sweet Lord! Who taught you to drive the fucking Amish????"   (Sloth Boy has a sister it would seem)

Azure:  "The 55 speed limit is not a math problem!  I could run home faster than you and this is not a jogging body!"

Azure:  "Don't run out in the road! Don't... -slams on breaks- Motherfucker it's not my fault your family tree does not fork. Don't just stand there, run Forest run!"

Azure:  "I'm driving a big ass white truck, how do you not see me? I'm going to have to pick your VW Bug out of my grill if you don't haul ass!"

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