Jun. 19th, 2010



I happen to know the mod has absconded from Insanejournal but the membership requests keep coming. This place is dead, guys. Unless there's someone out there willing to take on modding duties and/or start filling the comm up with actual activity, I suggest just abandoning the place.

Apr. 1st, 2010


Well hello, long time no see.

I'm pretty much absent from IJ these days and am likely to delete my account within the next 30 days. If anyone wants the mod position here, please let me know.

Feb. 9th, 2009


Tag system update

You may have noticed I snagged the popular, efficient tagging system that's been proliferating across communities! From now on, tags will run along these lines:

character: samuel vimes
pairing: vimes/sybil
book: thud!

As before, the book should only be listed if the fic specifically takes place during that book, or if one or more of the main characters in it were one-shot stars.

We also have these helpful tags:




Crossover, of course, should only be used when crossing over with other fandoms or worlds, not just two different Discworld novels.

Don't worry too much about the tags, though, if you forget to tag your offering I'll do it for you!

Apr. 27th, 2008


Welcome, new members! Unfortunately, as you can see, nothing much is happening here.

But since that is so, how about posting old adult DW fic/art of yours - or links to them? Might get the ball rolling!

Mar. 4th, 2008



Okay, so no prompts were issues. Clearly a bad idea, then!

Feb. 26th, 2008


*crickets chirp*

Hello, members!

Since nothing seems to be happening here, despite new members, how about a challenge?

I just took part in a delightful [info]porn_battle, and thought something like that might liven things up a little.

Here's how it goes. You leave prompts (as many as you like) in the replies to this post, in the format pairing, prompt (example: Susan/Teatime, one time only). In a week's time I will close the prompting period and put all prompts up in a separate post. Then all and sundry (or at least our members!) can join in to write porn ficlets based on the prompts, and post them in comments to the that second post.

For fun and extra prompts by non-members, I'll leave this post unlocked. (The post with the actual ficlets will be locked.)

Of course if this is just a terrible idea, feel free to ignore me. :)

Edit: The challenge would, of course, also be open to fanart submissions.

Dec. 13th, 2007


Rules modification.

Rules have been modified once more! Only changes occurred in the first two rules, to wit:

1. Keep to the subject of adult Discworld fancreations. If posting a fancreation, use the form detailed below. You can also post questions, community plugs and thoughts related to the adult fancreations.

2. Friends-lock all fancreations entries. Discussion posts do not have to be locked.

Previously, as you might recall, the community was to be only for fancreations.

Keeping to this, I'll also go back an unlock previous mod posts.

Please note that sometimes, even if you are logged in, you'll have to enter through the community user info page in order to see locked entries. I've noticed this only through trial and error.

Dec. 8th, 2007


Modly post.

Question to members: The rules currently say that the community is only for fan creations, not discussion*, because for that we have [info]discworld, but it occurs to me that this might be a better place for discussion on R-rated issues relating to fanfic or art, such as slash_hound's post, just now.

So, yea or nay for opening the community to discussion regarding DW fancreations of the adult type? Discussion posts could be open, too, rather than friends-locked like other posts.

And while we're at it, would you be interested in monthly or weekly challenges?

*But don't worry [info]slash_hound, I'm not gonna smack down on your last post - it's why I'm asking this now.


New in town

And i come with a question. I'm a vetinari fan (hence the icon) but as a writer ibelieve in keeping my characters *in* character as much as is possible. So slashing Vetinari is somewhat difficult. I've been kicking around a couple of ideas and i wanted to see what you guys thought. 1) Moist and Vetinari. This idea came to me after reading the newest book, Making Money. The repore they have with one another is actually very good. Vetinari needs someone on the same level as he is, the banter between him and Moist has a feeling that it could evolve into something more. 2) Vetinari and an orginal character. I was thinking a body guard, someone who comes into the city, new, joins the guards and then after an attempt on Vetinari's life gets assigned by vimes to be his full time body guard. Things go from there.

Now i know that many people like to put Vimes and Vetinari together, and i see it, i do, but that would mean that Vimes would have to break up with Sibil and i just can't see that happening. I can't. The other is Drumknot, but that one i *can't* see. Drumknot is too timid, Vetinari needs someone he can spar with. I suppose if I really delved into Drumknot's personally and worked with it, it might work...Ok so what do you guys think?

Aug. 28th, 2007


Note to pending members: I can't approve your membership unless your birth year is listed in your userinfo, or you have put in a statement that you are at least 18.

Aug. 17th, 2007


Rules modification and new rating system.

I modified the rules slightly after [info]shadowstar and [info]atalantapendrag enlightened me on some MPAA wackiness.

Since both MPAA and FictionRatings.com have copyrighted their ratings systems (even though this MAKES NO SENSE), to be sure we don't get Cease & Desist letters, I've made up my own. This is me officially saying that you are free to use this rating system on whatever website or community you like. Unfortunately you will also have to use it in this community. Sorry, guys - I'm just trying to keep us out of trouble.

Ratings System

A - Family-friendly. Age 5+. In art: no nudity, no sexual touching beyond kissing, no bondage/fetish outfits, no violence beyond a comedy punch. In writing: No coarse language, sex scenes or hard violence.

B - Family-friendly. Age 9+. In art: No nudity, no sexual touching beyond passionate kisses, no violence beyond bruising or small cuts. In writing: nothing beyond tame make-out scenes; no graphic descriptions of injury, and only minor cusswords like the S-word.

C - Not suitable for young children. Age 13+. In art: Female breasts are fine, and nudity where the genitalia can't be seen; sex can be suggested but not portrayed; injury and violence can be depicted, using your own discretion. In fiction: Adult themes and steamy make-out scenes are okay, as is suggested sex, but not descriptions of sex. Descriptions of injury and violence are fine, although you should use your discretion on what is too much. Steer away from the extremes of coarse language.

D - Not suitable for children. Age 16+. In art: Full nudity, non-graphic sex and major injury or violence are fine. In writing: non-explicit descriptions of sex, minute descriptions of violence and coarse language are all fine.

E - is for everything goes. Age 18+.

I realize it's a bit of a bother learning a whole new system, but at least it shouldn't be too hard to remember. Basically, A=G, B=PG, C=PG-13, D=R, E=NC-17. And, for the purposes of this community, you only have to remember D and E. *resist urge to make a lame joke about cup sizes*


Welcome to the OTHER Discworld Fan Creations community!

This is an asylum for posting adult fan creations related to Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. Fanfiction, fan art, icons and whatever other creations you come up with are welcome.

This community is moderated and the entries are members-locked. You can request to join, and anyone over 18 is accepted.

Please read the asylum info for the rules.