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Aug. 8th, 2015


Guess who's back...back again. Tabby here. I have five charries this time, so hit me up any time.

Mar. 24th, 2015


Due to the death of my father, I will be taking a semi-hiatus. For all intents and purposes, I am on hiatus, but as we all know, sometimes we just have to escape the drama of emotions and thus I may tag/post something, but I have doubts.

If you need me, contact me at or bitternovelist on AIM.

Dec. 28th, 2013



If anyone is interested in plotting please drop me a line. Id like to be more active in this community and any of my kids are up for grabs as far as plots can go.

As a side note, Ace and Mikey, I've sent you both emails in regards to plotting. Just as a heads up :)

Hope everyone has a good holiday and had a good Christmas :D

<3 Rae.

Dec. 9th, 2013


Life in Hell

Since we're going to be here a bit due to holidays and other things, I thought I'd give you a 'lay of the land' if you will so you can all fully emerge the characters.

Hell is basically a city the size of New York City, or at least, the parts accessable to the characters are (there are other parts but unless they know about them, they're not going there. These include areas for punishment, other locations that fell out of favor, etc. The main section is basically the capital). The souls inside live their lives as they will. Most of them have already paid their punishments and were pardoned by Lucifer. Those that he has a particular grudge against or just doesn't care to exist in his city are still being tortured, but most souls have done their time and now have eternity to simply live, so there are people (and demons) everywhere.

The center of the city is their version of Time Square, the place where everything exciting happens. All the entertainment, shopping, public events are there. This includes strip clubs and brothels for those looking. To the left of the city is Lucifer's Fortress/Citadel/Palace/whatever. This is where everyone is currently located (and will be explained more below). To the right of the city, the river Styx winds it's way around. Normally lethal to those who aren't dead (and vampires), Lucifer has protected the citizens of Dutch so feel free to jump in and paddle around, just avoid the boatman.

Hell is based on a very strict caste system. The lowest of course are the slaves, and there are millions of them in Hell, servicing everyone. The palace has their own, and each family/person/unit has at least one assigned to them, whether or not you use them (yes, Dobby has his own slave, feel free to have a staring contest). Next up are the general workers, then the 'rich', then the guests, next are the guards, guard leaders (Bart), the harems, the harem leaders (ie: Ally), the consorts (Damon [mystic_damon], Damon [Lucifer's Prince Consort], then the ruling family (Damien, E, Lucien, Lucien, Thorn, Deliah and Lucifer). Outside this system would be the 'unwanted' (Effie Salvatore, Sammy, Matty, etc).

Damien and E are the current ruling family, though Lucifer can sneak behind them and change things simply because people are more used to listening to him. Due to Damien taking a human wife, there is a bit of rumblings of a civil war going on, one side going with Lucifer, the other with Damien. Your characters may hear about this as they move around the city, unless they're recognized (ie: Bart and Ally's brands mean they won't be talked to about politics for fear of people losing their heads).

Lucifer's Palace:

This is the main residence of everyone (who chose to be there) and the playground of the ruling family. It's a fortress, designed against the fact the worst of humanity (and demons) are located in hell and tend to get a bit uppity. While Lucifer (and Damien) could kill them with a thought, it's more fun to relax and let them fluff about.

Anything and everything you could want is located within it's walls, and it's a self contained unit, hosting everything from the residences to a small mall, to a court system. It's a city within a city and takes up the same space. If you ever want to create something for your characters to do and don't want them out amongst the people, feel free to toss it in here. Due to the concentration of magic, much like Dutch, some things will just randomly appear as your character desires it. For everything else there are the slaves (who by the way, are earning their freedom, so feel free to use them without feeling too creepy. More work they do, the faster they're free).

Note: Regarding the harems, there IS a guest harem (there are four total, Lucifer's, Damien's, E's and the guests). This means your character and/or their partner are free to play around for kinky fun time. The harem's are filled with willing men, women, other who volunteered for their positions due to the increased status and position. They are third in charge and enjoy a very comfortable life. They are also a protected class, with their own guards and the laws for harming them are severe. I don't read every post, so if one of your character attacks/harms a harem member (you are free to do so), let me know so Lucifer/E can react accordingly. Sex with Lucifer/E/Damien's harem members without permission is punishable by death and/or castration.

...everything I can think of right now, go forth and cause chaos!

Nov. 4th, 2013


Hiatus Over!

So I'm moved...and still drowning in boxes, but moved!

or the record, I have a new email at After the fifth, the other one ( will no longer work.

Oct. 21st, 2013


Hiatus - Ish

Right, so in two weeks I'm moving, meaning my focus is more in packing/freaking out then it is on rpg. While I can occasionally poke at things, I know I can't keep activity up enough to survive any checks. So officially I am bye-bye with possible drive by posting when I have a chance.

I can't wait until this is all's the culmination of three years in housing limbo.

Aug. 25th, 2013


Texts from Last Night Meme



1. Post your character(s) with their name in the subject.
2. Other people will respond with the three top texts their character sent them last night.
4. It doesn't matter if your char has no phone and doesn't know these other chars. Dooo eeeeet!
5. Assume this is not safe for work. ;)

Oh, for those needing an example of Texts From Last Night: Here you go. Definitely, nsfw.

Feel free to use pictures and gifs, please. Cause I love them.

Jul. 22nd, 2013


Blast Chat

Blast Chat:

Those of you who are members of my other role play may have noticed a change in our blast chat...mostly, we have a new one. The reason being is that I'm combining Dutch's chat with Mystic's to create a conglomeration now known as Cracked Realities. This means everyone is a member of one chat, as most of our members are a member of both games. If you have game specific plotting, just be sure to specify which game, but beyond that, the chat will always be a place to leave messages, hang out, talk about Ian...the usual.

For members of Mystic Pandemonium who are not members of Dutch, if you're interested in joining the chat, simply click the link below and come join us! We love to hang out and have fun, and we're not as active as some groups, but we're all a friendly bunch. ...though we do sometimes let our characters talk more then we do!

That said, I would like to remember all members there are few rules about the chat, be nice, behave, don't be dicks, the usual. If I receive multiple complains from other members I will speak with you, but that is a rare thing. Just have fun and be respectful and I'm sure we'll all get on great!

Jul. 15th, 2013


Character Updates and General Notes

The following characters are in danger of being removed for inactivity. Please check them into the mandatory post by August 1st.

Character Updates )


Please remember this is a closed group PSL due to content and freedom to play. This means ANY invites must be run by me, Saitaina (bitternovelist) before it happens. I'm not saying this to be a control freak, but there have been problems in the past and this is our "safe space" group where we are free of drama and limitations. I will more then likely approve invites, but I still need to know about it ahead of time, kay?

Remember, Mystic Pandemonium is open to everyone so you can always send them that way if you have a plot idea in mind!

Also, don't worry about plots interfering with what I have in mind, if you have something awesome you want to do, just let me know so I can adjust group plots and then go for it! No rules means you can do anything no matter how cracky. Hell, go on a shipwide killing spree, Dutch will bring everyone back!

Jul. 2nd, 2013


Right, so...just a heads up, for the next two months (until October or there abouts) I'm going to be a bit slow.

too long back story )

TL:DR (yes, I know, too late): I'm currently suffering severe panic attacks and depression due to the above and trying to pack/sort 20 yrs of crap, so..yeah, slowatus. I will do my best to keep up, especially with my current plot, but advanced warning and all.

Jun. 19th, 2013


Manditory Anniversary Plot #2

as Dutch said in her post, she is forcing everyone to attend Damien's Birthday party...and is locking them there overnight.

This is a MANDATORY participation plot, just like the original slumber party. This is also all characters style meaning every. single. one. of your characters needs to check into the plot or I will be removing them.

What does this mean for your characters? Well, if they're not already in the thread/planning on attending, they will be transported to the ballroom via Dutch in their jammies. If they were there/left, they will be transported back (sorry Tony/EB/Bruce/Eddie).

You have until the next anniversary plot to check in, and you only need to do a post to keep your character (though I hope people dive in!) and this affects EVERYONE, even your mod.

May. 5th, 2013


For all of you confused ones....

Sait and I discussed making Edward "nice" a while back. Blame it on the Cheshire Cat.

To do so, I felt it was better to have had his memory wiped almost entirely (to get rid of the bad stuff, the pain and those urges). So if he doesn't remember your kids right now, this is a chance for him to get to. And to re-kindle with his own family from a different perspective.

Please feel free to jump on him. He likes hugs and ice cream and love. I'm interested to see where this takes him. It's almost like starting over but I doubt it'll last long.

Haha! Until then, have fun and be gentle.


Apr. 28th, 2013


Summaries August - September

The Flying Dutchman Summaries: August

Enigma [info]_enigma decides that the ghost servants are not welcome to help her dress. She, Abrielle and Damon [info]crazy_impulsive decide to go to the party naked, she also arranges a sex meet up with Damon before the party, inciting Stefan's [info]ripperesque jealousy.

Elena [info]littleripper whines about being kidnapped, discovers that she and Damon [info]crazy_impulsive are from different timelines, Stefan [info]ripperesque figures out that there are multiples of people on the ship and flirts with Damon.

Elena [info]vampirefetish writes in her diary, she meets back up with her lover, Erik [info]fangrapist, Damon [info]crazy_impulsive discovers she's not his Elena, Elena [info]littleripper gets very confused.

Abrielle gets into an argument with the captain over party dresses.

Damon [info]crazy_impulsive and Stefan agree to meet at the party (and probably flirt), Elena [info]littleripper whines at Stefan [info]ripperesque and they discover they're also from different timelines.

Damon [info]illstripforyou and Stefan [info]ripperesque discover there are Damon clones, Abrielle flirts, Elena gets confused for Katherine, Enigma [info]_enigma flirts (and has a fight with Stefan), Damien flirts...basically, everyone wants to jump a stripper named Damon.

Damon [info]crazyimpulsive and Enigma [info]_enigma have sex.

The Captain throws a welcoming party. Enigma meets Damien for the first time, everyone meets everyone else, Hurricane Jack ends the party early.

Damien takes Enigma [info]_enigma back to their room as she's frightened by the thunderstorm, they have sex, thus begining the longest relationship in Dutch and the formation of the next rule of Hell. But for right now, it's just kinky god worshiping sex.

Erik [info]fangrapist has a tissy fit.

Elena [info]vampirefetish discovers the problems of leaving the party early, meets Enigma and Erik flirts.

Stefan [info]ripperesque discovers the party wasn't bad

Enigma [info]_enigma hates thunger...and is getting motion sick. Stefan [info]ripperesque offers to help comfort her, Damon [info]crazy_impulsive gets jealous, Enigma accuses Stefan of being gay.

Enigma [info]_enigma and Stefan [info]ripperesque have sex in a bathtub.

Abrielle mocks everyone.

Elena [info]littleripper has adjustment issues, Stefan [info]ripperesque agrees to help her.

Erik [info]sucksatyahtzee appears, has a staring match with Erik [info]fangriapist, Elena [info]vampirefetish interupts.

The Captain finds the outside of the storm.

Erik [info]fangrapist and Elena [info]vampirefetish get new rooms, Enigma and Erik [info]sucksatyahtzee flirt, Erk and Erik get into a fight.

Cheshire appears.

Stefan [info]ripperesque questions after Enigma [info]_enigma, Elena [info]littleripper gets jealous, Cheshire flits, Erik [info]sucksatyahtzeeeflirts with his new roomate</a>, Enigma flirts with Stefan...who admits he has the hots for his brother.

Elena [info]littleripper asks The Captain for a favor, the Captain flirts.

Elena [info]vampirefetish is high on blood, Erik [info]fangrapist both chastises and flirts, Erik [Unknown LJ tag] flirts and gets told off, Stefan [info]ripperesque butts in, concerned, gets yelled at, Elena [info]littleripper tries to calm Stefan down, Enigma [info]_enigma stands up for Stefan and gets called a slut, Cheshire flirts with both Elena and Erik.

The Captain lays down groundrules.

Elena [info]littleripper can finally go out in the day thanks to The Captain.

Elena [info]vampirefetish and Erik [info]fangrapist have a moment.

Jan. 18th, 2013


Happy Happy Saity Day

Happy Birthday Sait! )

Dec. 19th, 2012


Places and Things

This wasn't brought up before because we didn't need it, but a quick note: When we arrive in a place that an active character lives (ie: Mystic Falls, Gotham, etc), your characters take over their lives, meaning their things are yours, their lives, yours, etc. It's only those who are non-native to the world that are stuck homeless and that when Dutch decides to kick everyone off the ship.

Which brings me to another thing, the ONLY part acessable on those worlds, is the clinic, so remember to take everything and everybody off the ship when the Captain says! Or else you're without for a month.

Yes, a month. I'm going back to the month off/two weeks on as it feels too short when it's only two weeks to have real fun. So, we will be in Mystic falls until January 18th (Sait's Note: My birthday!) and then we will head to the ship, then to Gotham City in time for Valentines day.

...*evil smirks*

Dec. 18th, 2012


Posting Rules - Wedding Thread

Right, so I'm putting it up later today, and wanted to get a few things out of the way.

1. Everyone is invited (Effie's nice like that), so any characters who would show up to Effie and Damon's wedding are free to do so. Those that will be IN the wedding (Sammy, Elena, Elena, Enigma Thorn, Enigma Banner, Effie, Damon, Stefan, Bruce, Either/Both Edwards, Damien [Effie's arm was twisted], Matty, Alric) should be there, but everyone else is free to pop in.

2. There will be a Before/During/After segment, meaning no random entrances as usual. Post to all three if you want, at any time, they are simultaneous.

3. Postin order! Usually I ignore these or don't post them, but due to the fact it IS a wedding, the posting order is as follows: Sait, Gin, Mike, Ace, GW, Rae, Robyn with Lindsay and Lisa to be added on as soon I as I know they'e active again and wish to. If your characters are NOT showing up, please let me know so I can delete you. Please follow the order!

4. Yes, this is Dutch. Yes, you are free to cause scenes and fights and chaos at the wedding. Effie will cry, but that's normal.

5. Wedding Party: There is a bridesmaid/bride slumber party post that will be up soon, feel free to jump in! Dunno what Damon's doing for his stag night.

Dec. 16th, 2012


Hello everyone! I thought I would introduce myself for those of you that don't know me. My name is Ace and I am bringing you two lovely charries to start off with. First is Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries, and she is coming in from the end of season three, so she is a new vampire with lots of blood thirst issues and zero control.

The second one is Dobby from Harry Potter. He is coming in from just before his death in the 7th book. Both are up for plot. You can find me on AIM at rizzleswahl if you ever want to chat.


EDIT~ Okay I added a third. Narcissa Black. She comes from only three years after finishing Hogwarts and is a bit of a bitch. She hasn't been forced to marry Lucius yet and in her mind she has no intentions of marrying him.

Nov. 26th, 2012


Hey everyone, Gin here. Lisa asked me to let everyone know that her computer has a virus and is out of commission until some time in the foreseeable future.

Nov. 19th, 2012


Herro -cute wave-

Herro everyone, I'm Rae and I'm bringing in another version of Edward Nigma, definitely with the face of David tennant, mmmm smexy.

Don't all jump at once and make sure to refrain from not keeping your hands to yourselves.

As you can see, presently I have no icons, bear with me I lead a busy life.

Now, who wants lines? Hmm? I must warn you, my Eddie plays ball on all sides of the fence, but that's what we love about him.

You can reach me via email at or leave me yummy things here and I will get back when I can.

Let's dance, shall we? You know you wanna, cause daddy is here ;)

Sep. 27th, 2012


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