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Feb. 14th, 2017


Sinful Delights doesn't usually open til night. But on the 14th, it will be open during day hours for a private meeting of hot bodies. Yes, that's right! Orgy time again. Any hot single guys and girls, come and enjoy. Mostly guys though for me, actually only guys for me I know it sucks to be single on that day, with reminders all over about not being with anyone. So, come and have fun for a while. :)

Oh! I'm open to meeting any guys later at night too. But know who might be cool? Valentine, you still here? I hope so. Let's celebrate your day. Together. In bed, or maybe a shower. Or both. I'm sure we can entertain our selves all night. Now that would be hot. Like you.

Nov. 23rd, 2016


Probably obvious now, but just putting it out there to avoid confusion. The Sinful Delights nightclub will be closed for Thursday and Friday in observation of the Thanksgiving holidays. Employees are getting holiday pay for it too. I'm really hoping we can have a big Thanksgiving dinner at the manor this year again for family and friends. I could help prepare the tables or help cook.

But until then... damn, feeling a bit bored tonight in my room. And also horny too So fucking bored Any cute guys want to come over here and keep me company? The bed is very comfortable. And I'm sure we can think of something to do to pass the time, if you know what I mean. Something that doesn't require us to wear clothes. ;)

Oct. 29th, 2016


Halloween party this weekend at our manor. Costumes preferred. Anyone is welcome to attend.

I even got some costumes for our little ones. Delia could be a princess or witch, I got Thorn an adorable little Army uniform.. and Lucien. Hmmm. Still trying to decide. We can give him a toy bow and arrow like last time and he can be little Cupid? Ohh! Or an angel like those cute Hallmark cards. He'd look it perfectly.

Actually, umm. Technically those cards in this world were actually of him when he was a year old, had an artist/photo pro (Maxxie) do up the artwork. Soooo, Lucien, now you know where your other money comes from in the future besides from being family. So, everyone, thoughts on Baby Lucien costume, cupid or angel? Could also make him a toddler version of the Hawkman hero, that might work too.

Sep. 30th, 2016


Well, I hope you're all ready to celebrate Halloween in five weeks. Because there will be a costume contest in my club on that day. :)

Sep. 24th, 2016


Okay, family. I propose a trip to the war museum. Lots of interesting, history stuff there to see. Though.. I must admit that the history of empires and military conflict is a favorite subject of mine from school. I was thinking we can go next Friday.

But speaking of war.. hey, Thorn? Got a really nice sword you might like. And a set of ancient knives. Feel free to add them to the collection you already have. :)

Jul. 31st, 2016


Harry Potter

Hi there, birthday boy. We should celebrate. So... I'll be in our room. In bed. My clothes on the floor There's dessert stuff too Wearing just a bow as I lay under the blanket. Come join me. ;)

Jul. 22nd, 2016


Enigma, remember when we took our little ones out for a picnic? The pictures of that are done now if you wish to see them soon. I would also like for us to all have a Thorn / Salvatore family dinner again. Fiances and spouses may come too. And Maxxie, of course.

Jul. 1st, 2016


So, birthday on Saturday at the mansion (and at the club). I hope people will come help me celebrate it. Oh, and just a note - I like vanilla cake with banana pudding as the top, with cool whip and cherries.

Jun. 3rd, 2016


Only one month til my next birthday, on July 2. Looking forward to that. I think everyone knows what I like. Nice clothes, money, a massage, one or five hot guys to fuck, vanilla cake with whipped topping and cherries Maybe end the party with an orgy Might have the party at the Thorn Mansion where I live. So come one, come all, come a lot (haha, sorry), there will be cake.

And also because I'm a generous guy. On my birthday, it's not just my family or employees that get discount or free drinks. On that day? It's free for everyone. As is the use of VIP rooms for customers.

Finishing up stuff at my City Hall job and gonna go set up the club for tonight soon. But after that.. umm. Any cute guys like Valentine or Colin, or anyone else I've been with want to maybe have a drink and dance, or whatever? Then maybe go somewhere private. Clothing optional? ;)

May. 28th, 2016


Greeting, people of Dutch. Special day next month on the 6th. The very awesome and incredibly attractive Lord of Hell has a birthday. Someone else I know had a June birthday too but he's in Heaven now The party will be held on that day, starting at 6pm.

But speaking of birthdays. Lucien and Thorn? I'll need to know the birthdays of Ally and Katherine, so we can plan to celebrate those ones too when the time comes for it.

May. 9th, 2016


Kids of mine, I hope you wished your mom a happy mother's day.

Enigma - you have a gift in the driveway. Fair warning, it's a fast one. And green.

Apr. 2nd, 2016


So, I understand somebody has a birthday. Well.. yes, a lot of the same person. In this case, my wife. And of course her varied twins too.

[Locked against Enigma

Surprise party for her today at two when she comes home. Please be there. With presents. Party will be held in my mansion's ballroom.


Mar. 15th, 2016


Enigma, I'd like to take us and our children somewhere. How about... family picnic in the park? Maybe also another Thorn-Salvatore family dinner too. But I'd really like a picnic.

Feb. 12th, 2016


Harry, I hope you don't have plans this Sunday. Well.. any plans aside from me. I'm preparing to make preparations for a dinner, delivered to our room. And then some dessert after that. Which might end up on you, again

Feb. 11th, 2016


Alright, in the spirit of Valentine and all that stuff. Another wild party this Friday, singles or swingers welcome. Bring your friends, bring your friends with benefits. Drinks will be free just for that day. Though it's also free for anyone with the surname of Thorn or Salvatore, at any time.

And I want some time myself with a guy or two in my room, on Sunday, since it's Valentine's Day. Ohhh. Wait, now. Hey, Val? Since it's your day, heh, maybe you could join me then. Hey, maybe this year's celebration will actually happen and go pretty well, unlike how the attempt I made last year didn't work out. One can always hope.


Hmm, I hope everyone remembers that this Sunday is Valentine's day, and got their candy and chocolates for their mates. There's a sale right now, 90 percent off. Already decided it. I can do that because my family rules, literally I know I have special plans with my wife. ;)

Ohh. But I do hope it won't be the end of the world. You know, like it was mentioned in the old movie, what was it... Ghostbusters II. In the words of Bill Murray, "Valentine's Day. Bummer."

Feb. 2nd, 2016


I'm bor-ed....

Jan. 16th, 2016


So my parents and Sophia are gone.



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Jan. 10th, 2016


I'm taking little Connor over to the shooting range with me. Oh, and yes, he did insist on a flak jacket this time too. Honestly, he doesn't even need it Looks adorable so I took a few pictures of him.

Anybody want to come with us? Could be fun. And a chance to improve firearm skills. Oh, and I also promised to get him some ice cream afterward too, so we may make a shop at the sundae diner once we're done shooting off. He really likes that ice cream.

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