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[14 Mar 2009|12:36pm]

Who: Datura and Open
Where: 7 Sins Nightclub
When: Around Midnight
What: Having a drink and hunting
Open?: Yes, to angels, humans, and other demons
Raiting: Most likely R for language and violence

Stalking the night )
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[02 Mar 2009|08:54pm]

who: Arden and Nero
what: Arden is hunting for vampires at a club when she runs into someone who sparks her interest.
where: The Icehouse Club
when: Monday night some time
warnings: TBD probably R for Language and Violent imagery perhaps?

We ran like vampires from a thousand burning sons )
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[02 Mar 2009|06:55pm]

Who: Tempest and Open
Where: Downtown Chicago
When: After sunset
What: Wandering around
Open?: Yes
Rating: TBD

Down the rabbit hole )
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