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&& plot [17 Feb 2009|06:14pm]


d u s t . t o . d u s t

The world is an extremely ugly place, especially for those living in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Nightfall heralds many dangers, and not just the usual risks of living in a city, such as rapes, murders, muggings, attacks, gang activity, abductions, and other crimes.

Chicago is a very large, very busy city, simply thriving with life at all hours of the day and night, and that makes it the perfect hunting ground for the creatures of darkness... demons, as they are more commonly known as. Humans are not only being threatened by the day to day aspects of city life, but by the forces of Hell.

However, some humans are luckier than others. Those who are chosen, those who will go on to do something great with their lives or change the course of history, are constantly being watched over by creatures of the light. Angels. These guardians protect the humans they have been assigned to with every fiber of their being. They have a certain bond between themselves and their charges, a bond which cannot be ignored or broken.

Some angels, however, are unlucky. Some fail in their mission to protect, some give into human temptation, some simply refuse to acknowledge their duties and rebel against what they are supposed to stand for. These angels, these fallen angels, become what we today refer to as "vampires". Creatures of the darkness who prey on the living, undead and terrified of anything holy.

The city of Chicago has become home to many of these demons, angels, and vampires, and a battle between darkness and light is finally on the brink of becoming a full-fledged war. The only question is... which side are you on?

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&& powers and abilities [16 Feb 2009|11:58pm]


Here you will find the powers and abilities certain species in the game have. If you want your character to have a power that isn't on the list, please contact a moderator and ask if it can be added.

Powers and Abilities. )

If you are unaware of the meanings of any powers or want more information, they are listed on Wikipedia and are just a click of the search button away!
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&& species information [16 Feb 2009|11:32pm]


Here you will find information on the three types of characters you can claim in this game. Please read the descriptions thoroughly before applying for your character.

Humans. )

Angels. )

Demons. )

Vampires. )

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&& taken and held characters [16 Feb 2009|11:30pm]


Here you will find all of the characters who have been claimed or reserved. Please check these lists before applying for a character or PB.

Taken Characters. )

Held Characters. )

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&& wanted characters [16 Feb 2009|11:29pm]


These characters have been requested by our players. If you'd like to take one, please feel free to hold or apply for him/her!

Wanted Characters. )

Current members, if you would like to request a character or PB, please comment below with any information you want to include.
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&& application [16 Feb 2009|09:48pm]


Before you fill out the application...

> Check the Taken and Held lists, and the Wanted list.
> Check the Species Information post.
> Check the Powers and Abilities post.
> Request to join all of the communities: [info]dust_rpg, [info]dust_ooc and [info]dust_threads.
> Friend the moderator journal, [info]dust_mods.
> Make a character journal and make sure you have an AIM for contact.
> Contact a moderator if you need to ask any questions about your application.
> Contact the person you want to guard (angels) / prey on (vampires) / have guard or prey on you (human).

Application Example. )

Human Application. )

Angel Application. )

Demon Application. )

Vampire Application. )

After you fill out the application...

> Post it in your character journal.
> Post a link to the entry in the comments here.
> Wait for a moderator to approve and add you before you play.
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&& rules [16 Feb 2009|09:24pm]


Please read all of these rules before applying or your application will be rejected by the moderators.


First off, this site will most likely contain adult themes such as language, sex, violence, drugs, rape, and others. This is a slash, het and smut friendly community, but please rate all threads accordingly, and make sure you list warnings for things such as violence, rape, drug abuse, etc.


Please read all of the rules before you apply, and request to join all of the journals. Moderators reserve the right to reject applications they believe are poorly written or are incomplete.


You don't have to follow any specific pattern for your username or include your character's name in it. However, we do ask that it has something to do with the character, and don't use any numbers to fill space in your username. Insanejournal has lots of usernames to offer so be creative!


We are only accepting original characters. No fandom or bandom characters, please! Pick a PB and use your imagination! You may take up to three characters for now (this number may change in time). However, don't take all angels or all vampires or all humans - spread your characters out a bit!


We ask that you update your character journal or reply in a thread once a week. If you don't update once a week, a moderator will e-mail you with a warning. If you do not reply to the warning e-mail or make an update within one week of receiving the warning, your character(s) will be removed from the site.

If you receive three warnings for inactivity, you will be removed from the site.

If, however, you are going to be absent from the site for a little while, please let us know in our OOC community and we will mark you as being on hiatus. We do understand that real life comes before roleplaying, but just let us know if things are busy!


Roleplaying may take place on AIM or in our threading community. However, if using AIM, once you have finished your roleplay you must post it into the threading community under an LJ-cut.

All roleplaying is to be done in third person, and we ask that each post be at least one or two paragraphs. No one-liners, please. Correct spelling and grammar is a must (use a spell checker!), and no L337 speak.

Character journals are not used as blogs on this site. Instead, you can use them to play out e-mails, phone calls, texts, etc between characters. E-mails and texts are obviously first person, but please roleplay phone calls in third person story format, as if threading.


You must tag every post in the threading community with the names of the characters that are involved.

Please use the form below when making a new post in the threading community, and then post the rest of the text behind an LJ-cut.


As expected on any roleplaying site, please keep OOC and IC separate at all times. If you don't like the character someone is playing, don't let this affect your relationship with the player. And if you don't like the player, don't make your character hate theirs. It's childish and we can do without that kind of attitude.

Godmodding is a huge no-no, obviously. Godmodding is where your characters knows everything, including things that he or she shouldn't, or when you take control of another person's character. Don't say your character punched another and broke their nose - say he swung a punch, aiming to break his nose. See the difference?

If you have any beef with another player, or you want drama resolved, please inform a moderator.


No M-Preg. Period.

No killing off your character unless you have spoken to a moderator extensively about it, have made your case, and they have allowed it. If you want to leave the site, just leave, don't kill off your character. Someone else might want to play him or her.

Rape, drugs, abuse, violence, incest, slash, het, smut - they're all allowed. Put warnings on threads accordingly. If you have a problem with something, just don't read it. That simple!

If you want to drop a character, just inform a moderator, and you can take another. However, if you are constantly switching around with characters, we will have to take action.

Only one version of any PB can be allowed in the game at any one time. However, if you want to make twins, or can think of a good reason for doubling a PB, and the person who currently uses that PB agrees, then we will allow it.

>> LASTLY...

Have fun!
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