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[28 Apr 2009|12:05pm]

Hey there, I was just wondering if anyone was still around? Is the game still going or did everyone abandon it?
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Hey Everyone [22 Mar 2009|05:10pm]

Hey everybody what's up? I was just letting everyone know that I'm still around. I've got two open threads going on if anyone is interested. One of the them is with Tempest, the other is with Datura. Also if you still need my help writing a cannon for the game just let me know what I should do. Hope to see you guys around. Later.
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[02 Mar 2009|06:01pm]

Hey guys, I see that there are some new characters now, I see there's only one human at the moment though LOL, looks like we'll all be fighting over her. Just putting it out there I'm usually on during the evenings during the week and anytime on the weekend if anyone wants to get a hold of me to plot. Can't wait to get this started. Later.
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