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[info]arbor_vitae: Tom/Luna Masterlist

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[info]arbor_vitae: Hello and welcome!

Welcome to The Dreaming Sphinx, the community dedicated to the relationship between Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle and Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series! You can do anything you wish in this community. You can post your fanficiton, give us an update on a new chapter, post fanart, fanmixes, videos, icons, manips, etc. You can also share your thoughts, ask questions, or hold discussions on either the relationship itself or on Tom or Luna's individual characters. All in all, this corner of the internet is our sanctuary for Tom/Luna. :-) Anything Tom, Luna, and/or Tom/Luna related fits here.

A mirror community is also on LiveJournal for those who also have an account there:
The community will not be set up on other journal sites except upon request.

Enjoy your time here! :)

Your mods,
~ Mai & Jess (the Tom and Luna of the HP fandom)