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Phaeton [userpic]
Ten Year DW Anniversary

Today is my ten year anniversary here on DW. I still remember being excited when I found [staff profile] denise's mail with the invitation code in my inbox, and I loved exploring and creating stuff for DW. The only other site that managed to hold my attention for that long is Dragon Cave. *g*

Even though I haven't been very active during the past twelve months, I'm still considering DW my online home. It's been a slow process getting back into posting again, with still far too many weeks in between entries. I mean, there totally are some things I would like to talk about - like visiting [personal profile] maerchen_mond and getting caught up with the MCU again, or squeeing about Taron Egerton and his appearance on the Graham Norton show, and so on.

So, I'm working on it, and what better day to make another attempt than my ten year anniversary, right? *g*

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