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Thursday, April 25th, 2019
5:32 pm - Recommendations and tags


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5:04 pm - Male Inquisitor human/Dorian pavus

Little lies by pretty frog(learning original male character. Background deviates from established male Inquisitors.)My thoughts the story is over all well written and makes you think has some angst and is overall a very good story.we get to see what happens when a infamous theif and assassin becomes the herald of andraste.and what happens when you have so many masks and for saunas that you forget who you are that you can't keep up with who the real you.Again it's interesting and like I said it makes you think I like stories like this.
Summary:It should have been a simple job. Unfortunately, the world kind of exploded in the middle of it. Makes it a little hard to run for it when you’ve got a hand that keeps randomly glowing. Now they are calling him the Herald and saying he’s chosen.

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Friday, April 19th, 2019
5:14 pm - Dorian Pavus/male Adaar

A Grand Hymn Rose by o_antiva(Warning Adaar/Dorian implied not main pairing).
Summary:Branded by accusations of murder and heresy, an elven rogue leads a failing alliance against hopeless odds. As political intrigues form against the Inquisition, and new forces emerge to destroy them, the Herald of Andraste seeks to fulfill Divine Justinia’s final wish: to find the Heroes of Ferelden and the Champion of Kirkwall. Even to the last, the Herald of Andraste

Blowing bubbles by cherry milkshake(mainely fluff)
Summary:Dorian has a bubble of hope in his chest, and Inquisitor Adaar is not very good at making it go away.

Conflagration by mind_the_thorns
Summary:Friendly fire" really doesn't mean what Cole thinks it means.

Fantasy gold by ziusura(nothing notable to note on this particular fic)
Summary:Dorian finds out about one of Varaad's teenage fantasies and puts that knowledge into action.
Bonus fic same writer same couple same universe
But also
And( wip)

Fascination by thewendigosuit (mxyradisamell)(Warning WIP.. the story is incomplete it feels like a good start to a decent story but the story was never updated.So if you enjoy it drop a line to the author he or she might finish it or allow someone to adopt it who will finish it. Summary:Dorian seems drawn to the Inquisitor, it is a fixation he can hardly comprehend within himself that has nearly become overwhelming. These attempts to learn more of the Inquisitor however have proven to fail each time. It has become evident that Adaar held no interest in revealing himself. However, what was this near obsession within Dorian that held him so firmly invested upon the qunari. https://archiveofourown.org/works/2057055

Inquisitional enigma by di93
Summary:Series about Kaaras Adaar and Dorian Pavus, the most magical power couple in Thedas.
In the mor

Send the morning by heartslogos(warning Ao3 locked must be member to read. Is male adaar/male lavellan, but also Dorian/ male lavellan/male adaar. . I'm not fond of threesomes but this particular story is very good. WIP but isn't abandoned.
Summary: heart,could we bear the marvel of this thing?) - "if learned darkness from our searched world " e.e. cummings
AU where all the possible Inquisitors join the Inquisition and a good time is had by all. Also bad times, and terrible times, and the worst of times.

Silver and gold by thefontbandit

So long as the music plays by SupposedToBeWriting(Warning involves blood magic, angst. Blood mage Dorian)
Summary:While investigating the red lyrium mines in Emprise du Lion, the Inquisitor becomes infected and fights against the very cause he's given his life to, putting himself, the Inquisition, and his newfound relationship in peril. Even if the Inquisition has given thought as to how they would survive without...

Sooner or later you'll bury your teeth by Byacolate(mostly fluff and other stuff this writer does a lot of Adaar/Dorian which I very much approve of.)

The morning by Major_lightning (more fluff about the morning after.) Summary it's about the morning after.

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3:50 pm - Dorian Pavus/male Adaar

Between a rock and a hard place.
By FlitShadowflame(Warning as an asexual specifically gray sexual I don't do porn, but I do like intimacy sometimes and seems so I keep note of stories like this.)But I'm not exactly aware of most personal people's interest when it porn it's just foreign to me (I don't get it.) therefore if you don't like don't read I'm just reccing it because I read it and I was okay with it.and it is a pair and I liked it seems to be somewhat of a rare pairing in dragon Age Inquisition.
Summery:Adaar and Dorian cannot wait.They're both done with waiting. In fact, they're not even waiting until they get to the bed. Adaar wants Dorian right now.

Somnifacient by
taispeant.(Same as the last entry in this list it's more of a porn type thing.. which I don't get and don't like. But I keep a link to everyone to every story/fic and that I actually somewhat enjoy.Especially when it's sort of a rare pair.
Summery: Dorian's always like the idea of waking up with his lover already in hindsight. Warning Consensual Somnophilia.

Not the flirtatious type by scientia_Fantasia (a little more my speed story-wise.)
Summary:Kadosh Adaar is absolutely certain that his affections are not returned. He really shouldn't be.

Who would have thought you'd be Such a big softie by Cherry milkshake (Warning the last entry contains major character death. I do not read it I skimmed it but didn't read it ) the stories are small shots in this couple's life and can and should be taken with a grain of salt.(in other words they might not match up to how you see your adaar and during his life playing out) and I don't do death fix so the last ones completely ignored by me.best things to how I'm linking to the main story arc I have to warn for it so there you go.

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2018
9:18 pm - Male Adaar/Dorian Pavus

Mixed recs


King or Clown or Pauper by Byacolate
Summary:It begins, as most cosmic jokes do, with a paltry library, a heretic rebel archivist, and a Vashoth with a fistful of flowers.


Blood and Water hy TheWitchAndTheVoid (GhastlyGirl)
Summary:Aqun Adaar wanted average. A house, a family, perhaps a small bakery down the street where he could buy pies and hear the local gossip - average. But unfortunately life had other plans. Instead, Aqun....
Series link

The Cat Himself Knows and will Never Confess by Byacolate
Summary: In which Dorian does not engage in competition with a small cat for the Inquisitor's attention. (But if he did, he would be losing.)
And art

Conflagration by mind_the_thorns
Summary:"Friendly fire" really doesn't mean what Cole thinks it means.


The wide white stairs by Byacolate
Summary:There are yet things to be said.

Series:Enigma series by di93

Timely Temptation by di93
Summary: Kaaras, a Qunari mage, is thrown a year into the future with Dorian Pavus, and the Herald tries to stay focused.
More stories in this series here

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Sunday, November 25th, 2018
12:54 am - Male Adaar/Dorian Pavus

Stories mywordsflyup , I've been treating these as series.

All under 500 hundred words to 30k

For my heart,chain mail by mywordsflyup(last resort for good men)
Summary:Dorian doesn’t cry. It’s a thing and Adaar has notice.

Rain by mywordsflyup
Summary:We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?

Surprise By mywordsflyup
Summary:Dorian has been strangely distant lately. Adaar is determined to find out why.

Comfort by mywordsflyup
Summary:Dorian isn't a stranger to nightmares but now he doesn't have to suffer through them alone.

Grace by mywordsflyup
Summary:It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that Adaar is unquestionably and devastatingly bad at Wicked Grace.

Light Years buy mywordsflyup
Summary: He smiles at Dorian across the flames and there’s nothing monstrous about him at all.

The room is turning slowly (away from the moon)
Dorian on a ship, listening.(Spoilers for the Trespasser DLC!)

Blind me like the dawn by mywordsflyup
Summary:The world shrinks to the size of the infirmary, to the size of the bed they won’t let him leave. A world of white sheets and strict healers and Dorian in a chair right next to him. The future is the next nap and the next meal.
L .Everything beyond that is… tricky.

lighthouse, shine out by mywordsflyup (post game, post tresspasser)
Summary:“You know, when I told you I’d follow you to the end of the world, I didn’t think you’d take me quite so literally, amatus.

Out into the sun
Husband, he thinks and the word rings in his mind, loud and clear as a bell. There is a flutter in his chest and he presses his face into the pillow to keep in the sounds building in his throat. It’s hysterical, unreal.

Infinity Between By acolate, mywordsflyup (post game, post tresspasser)
Summary:The Inquisitor has been taken. Dorian won't just sit idly by.


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