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Saturday, October 6th, 2007

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    Yet Another One
    Throughout the month, I've been sticking to the theme and trying desperately to get a better grip on my protagonist. Me and Jesse are getting along, but he/she's VERY confusing, and not a little strange. Hee! It got especially annoying when I found out that not only has Topi had her characters planned for several years, but so had Ederyn and Princess. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Ralphie's had them too, the way this is going. ^^

    So we got talking and somehow this evolved into me doing a rip-off of RP!Duo. I blame E, I'm pretty sure this is her fault... That said, Jesse hasn't bit the dust just yet, because I may add him to this story, or bring this version of Duo to that one. Why waste all that hard work? xD

    Things You Should Know:
    The name is Hayden Marie Foster. It's a combination of two RP plots--Hayden Marie is Princess's fault, and Foster is sort of E's. I've decided that this version of Duo is a girl--no really, she really is, I swear. Hee! And yes, she has a braid--think Lara Croft as far a looks go. The rest is fairly similar. xD

    ...By the way, anyone who actually finds the willpower to *read* this gets a cookie! Bahahahaha!

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    [info]writers_cafe added more questions to their questionnaire, so I thought I'd do them too.

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