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The results are in! [08 Nov 2016|02:35pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Guys, you will not believe the tally for Drabble Day 2016! It's staggering! In just 12 hours, 124 drabbles were posted in a total of 47 fandoms! They included:

Avatar the Last Airbender, Alles Was Zählt, Bandom (MCR and PATD), Black Sails, Robin Hobb's Liveship Trilogy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charles II (Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver), Community, Dawson's Creek, Doctor Who, Empire, The L.A. Complex, Frozen, Game of Thrones, Hamilton, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Jessica Jones, Lord of the Rings, Luke Cage, Miss Fisher, My Mad Fat Diary, My So-Called Life, Nashville, Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, Outlander, Parks & Recreation, Please Like Me, Ronja the Robber's Daughter, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, The Shawshank Redemption, Sherlock, Spartacus, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Supernatural, The Shoebox Project, The Thick of It, The Walking Dead, Torchwood, Turn, Victoria, Welcome to Night Vale, Wentworth, Within the Wires and original fic.

Considering that the challenge lasted just 12 hours - half as long as last year, when 154 drabbles were submitted - I think it's fair to say that you guys really rose to the occasion.

Get it? Rose? Like bread rises...

... < crickets >

Peeta, we've talked about puns...
I know, I'm sorry. Anyway, I'm here to announce the individual totals.

AMENDED RESULTSWith 26 drabbles each (posted during the 24 hours of the challenge), [info]aldiara and [info]amyriadfthings are tied! [info]amyriadfthings's last minute bread binge for Please Like Me gave us lots of food for thought ...

Sorry. Also, in case you missed it, [info]aldiara snuck in an additional 5 after the deadline), including the conclusion of the epic tragedy of Kaldrick and Jamal (Kalmal?). Be sure to go back and read her final 4 drabbles to revisit the whole crushing sensation.

Next up was [info]amo_amas_amat, who wrote 19 drabbles in an impressive mix of 10 different fandoms, followed by [info]spaghettitoes who brought in 17 drabbles in diverse fandoms ranging from Frozen to Luke Cage, [info]lilithilien with 16 (mostly Black Sails) drabbles, and [info]winterlover with 13 drabbles (and bringing the bandom!). And despite a late start (stupid time zones), [info]notoriouslyuniq got in 6 drabbles including an original anthromorphic creation.

All in all, a really extraordinary showing. Well done!!! You all deserve a big round of applause!

See you again next year!!

Drabble Day 2016: Masterlist [06 Nov 2016|01:23pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello again!

Congrats on a highly successful Drabble Day! The challenge itself is now closed (though feel free to keep drabbling if you haven't used up all your inspiration yet - it won't count towards the final tally but will still receive adoration). Stats will be announced in a few days, but we already know that we've had over 40 fandoms, which is just incredible! In the meantime, I am here today to present you with the official Masterlist and a few preliminary rewards. Because, contrary to certain allegations by certain mods, I did not merely abscond, I was BUSY.

[Peeta darling? You're on fire again.]
That's okay, that thing is flame-proof. Sometimes I wear it to bed.


ANYWAY. Here is the Masterlist for the individual prompts (individual drabbles would be too bonkers even for us), and I've been baking a shitload of bread to celebrate it!

Hour 1: Crumble

Hour 2: Crumpet

Hour 3: Knead

Hour 4: Buns

Hour 5: Burn

Hour 6: Sprinkles

Hour 7: Roll

Hour 8: Frost

Hour 9: Tart

Hour 10: Filling

Hour 11: Crust

Hour 12: Rise and Toast

So, that's pretty insane and impressive. Well done, all of you! Of course, you're going to need some cheese to go with all that bread.

And naturally, I also made a few desserts.

[Okay, okay, Peeta. You did good.]

It was my pleasure! Oh, and some very nice but weird guys came by earlier to add this:

And I made some of these...

...because a somewhat intense lady ordered 17 of them.

There's... lots of whipped cream.

O-kay. Treat yourselves, everyone! You've truly earned it.

Drabble Day Hour 12: ALL RISE AND TOAST!!! [05 Nov 2016|11:03am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Welcome, our busy bee drabblers, to our last hour of prompts!! To keep it at an even dozen, we are posting our final two prompts together, but remember you still have until 11 AM (GMT) TOMORROW i.e. 5 November to continue adding your drabbles.

You have all once again surpassed yourselves! Thank you so much for your fabulous downpour of drabbles! <333333333 We will do some kind of wrap-up, tally and/or masterlist after the challenge officially ends, and after we have slept for eleventy hours. (I think Peeta was supposed to do some of the organisational crap but he seems to have absconded. Interns, you can't trust them!).

YOU ARE ALL STARS! Your final two prompts are RISE and TOAST. Have at 'em!

Drabble Day Hour 11: Crust [04 Nov 2016|08:57pm]

OMG you guys are literally insane! Here's the penultimate prompt:

Drabble Day Hour 10: Filling [05 Nov 2016|09:00am]

[ mood | stressed ]

Double digits, people! YOU ARE ROCKING THIS!

Your new prompt is "Filling":

Also, eat some more waffles. You DESERVE them!

Drabble Day Hour 9: Tart [04 Nov 2016|06:59pm]

The mods expect crack for this one, okay?

Drabble Day Hour 8: Frost [05 Nov 2016|06:59am]

[ mood | cold ]

Aaaah! Another one! DRABBLE FOR YOUR LIVES. This hour: Frost!

Drabble Day Hour 7: Roll [04 Nov 2016|04:59pm]

How is it that time again?!!!!

Here's your prompt:

Which means I can't resist this...

even though Jessica thinks it's too corny...

But you know...

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