May 2014






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Mar. 25th, 2014


WHO: The Riddler and Lasso
WHERE: Secret location!
WHEN: Pre-Watchtower saving
WHAT: They get the yellow ring of power woot.
RATING: PG-13 for action.

You’re asking the guy who leads super heroes to his crimes with riddles if Lex putting his name on a building is weird? )

Feb. 13th, 2014


WHO: Aaron Tighe and Matt O'Malley
WHERE: The LVPD office
WHEN: A bit ago when Aaron was still pretty new!
WHAT: New co-workers meet and chat.
RATING: Light!
STATUS: log; complete

No meat? No thanks. )

Feb. 3rd, 2014


WHO: Clark Kent and Diana Prince
WHERE: Themyscira (Island of Healing)
WHEN: Before Damian's death
WHAT: Diana wanted to see if her island was there, it is, huzzah. They talk about awkward stuff.
RATING: Light!
STATUS: log; complete

I am pleased to see you two found harmony so quickly. It took far more time for us. )

Jan. 16th, 2014


Who: Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman
What: Walk into a
Where: Bar Cabin in the woods
When: One day.
Warnings/Rating: Diana has to put up with two stubborn men. We're going to put her up for canonization.

Still, she believed in them, and what they could accomplish. She saw proof of it every day, with every world and life they saved. )

Dec. 30th, 2013


Who: Matt O'Malley and Luke Henry
What: On patrol
Where: Pre-Christmas event!
When: Partners hanging out, playing 20 Questions.
Warnings/Rating: Light, maybe some swearing, nothing too serious.

Yeah, letting an Amazon run you out of town would be pretty embarrassing )

Oct. 18th, 2013


WHO: Wonder Woman and Batman
WHERE: The hotel and then Gateway City
WHEN: October 12th
WHAT: Luke takes Matt through the door and Bruce meets Diana.
RATING: PG, light.
STATUS: log; complete.

Is that a welcome to this side of madness? )