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Sep. 25th, 2012


Who: Meredith and Loren
What: Meredith comes to say goodbye
Where: Loren's apartment
When: Recently. Fuzzy timelines are fuzzy.
Warnings/Rating: Some adult themes at the end, but nothing naughty.

Of course, thinking about the last time she'd been around wasn't exactly a comfortable thing to lament on and Loren drew a deep breath to ease the ache away. If it wasn't guilt, it was something that made his chest go all tight, which was just the kind of anxiousness he was trying to avoid these days. )

Sep. 2nd, 2012


Who: Jules & Loren → Violet & Tate + Dorian
What: Moving in
Where: LXG Door
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Dorian is well behaved this time

It was obvious that Dorian had no idea what could be all that bad about a house. Drafty, perhaps? He pondered for a moment, nibbling on the greasy bit, which tasted almost exactly of his old cook's gravy. )

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Loren / Tate Langdon
What: Memories Plot
Where: A corner store bathroom.
Things to avoid: Mentions of bad burning things.

He'd stuck around long enough to ensure that the fire was worth it before he slipped out one of the back doors and into the dawn of the city. His thoughts weren't on the church, on what would happen if the fire spread, or on what it would mean if that holy place had surveillance of any kind. When he'd cased the building, he hadn't seen any, but that didn't mean much. Loren didn't know about things like that anymore to the extent that he might have once. All he wanted to do was wash the oil and the soot from his hands. The people on the street probably thought he was just another casino drunk, because Nathan's drugs were still taking a toll on his nervous system, and Loren staggered more than he stepped. He fell into more than a few people, and one guy shoved him off with a curse before Loren tripped through the doors of a corner store. Straight to the men's room, his blackened hands clutched the white ceramic of the sink to support himself while he drew a breath. Risking a glimpse at his reflection, there was black smeared across one of his cheeks. Struggling with the automatic paper towel machine, he dampened some of the paper with water to try and rub it away. But there was something wrong, and he naturally assumed it was the drugs still in his system when his hands slipped from the sink's edge and his knees hit the floor. The water continued to run loudly above him, thundering over the sound of blood in his ears when the memories began to come.


Who: Nathan, Loren, and Meredith (Dorian cameo)
What: Nathan's timely demise
Where: A church... somewhere... nearby.
Warnings/Rating: Swearing, violence, stalking, death, destruction, desecration of holy ground, etc.

Some backwoods part of his mind was glad that Meredith had fled, nobody needed to see this. This was between the monsters. )

Jul. 13th, 2012


Who: Loren & Micah
What: Beers with a dash of murder.. dun dun dun.
Where: Loren's apartment.
When: Very recently?
Warnings: VIOLENCE.

Flame flickered and caught as the candles were light and Micah found himself staring at them for a long moment, fire dancing, hypnotizing, and it was Loren’s voice that broke him away, drew him back to the here and now with a phrase that he didn’t understand for the longest time. And then. Things clicked. The hotel. Knives. Her. )

Jul. 8th, 2012


Who: Loren, Meredith, and later, Ian.
What: The roommates play happy household
Where: Loren's apartment
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Some violence

There were equal elements of fear and rage brewing, and part of him hoped she was holding a bookclub meeting with that desert dwelling son of a bitch in his living room right now. Oh, but the knock was cool and polite. Gentle even, tap tap tap. Honey, I'm home. )

Jun. 24th, 2012


Who: Jules and Loren
What: Conversation, confusion, confessions and closeness
Where: Caesars
When: Damn I feel like I need a C word Currently?
Warnings/Rating: Nothing but UST, baby

He didn't even seem to notice the way Jules leaned in close and soft, that just seemed to be Jules' way, and Loren was still learning the ways of people. )

Jun. 20th, 2012


Who: Loren & Meredith
What: This living situation is off to a bad start.
Where: Loren's place.
When: Some time around Jules' date, basically before Loren goes to work.
Warnings: Feelings?

Meredith had opened her mouth to say something in response, but then Loren was turning towards her and she couldn’t help but let out a squeak of surprise, of something akin to fear, as she pressed back against the counter, her heart pounding a furious rhythm in the cage of her chest. )

Jun. 7th, 2012


Who: Jules & Daniel & Loren
What: Loren is an angry father figure because Jules is irresponsible and off tuning the pianos of strange men.
Where: Daniel's pad.
When: Recently.
Warnings: Language.

Jules rolled his eyes, and figured it was fitting, straight men being so damned impossible all the time. )

May. 19th, 2012


Who: Tate & Jules & Anyone else who wants to deal with the horror.
What: Witnessing Vegas turn upside down. Creepy dead things that should not have followed Tate through, but did.
Where: Outside Passages, the streets.
When: During the door upheaval.
Warnings: Horror-ness.

When Loren didn't have the energy to think about death anymore, he turned to Tate.  )


Who: Loren & Jules.
What: Talking, realizing that Jules has Violet in his head.
Where: Loren's apartment.
When: After his meeting with Meredith, so last weekend.
Warnings: Language.

Loren, the immediate response to someone telling you they won’t let themselves be killed ain’t to try to kill them.. )

May. 17th, 2012


Who: Meredith and Loren
What: Loren stops by for a visit
Where: Meredith's apartment
When: This past weekend
Warnings/Rating: Nothing

Whatever he'd been expecting to find, this obviously wasn't it. She was quite literally chatting with monsters, giving all kinds of details about herself. )

May. 7th, 2012


Who: Loren & MK, then Tate & MJ
What: Well.. stuff.
When: Oh god, backdated to before the arrest, but just after Hannah's body was found? I think this is known as, whenever this timeline works it works.
Where: Passages Hotel, then AHS door.
Warnings: I think this doc will be called, Hey Spiderman, look whose got your girl. Also subtitled as No, this isn't awkward at all. Violence, minor kidnapping for actual nap time, coincidentally. Kisses. Tate, you know.

He almost seemed like a manifestation of the house itself, with his dark eyes so menacing yet engaging. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, that was what Tate was... )

May. 3rd, 2012


Who: Hunter and Loren and dead!Hannah
What: Finding the body
Where: Way out in the desert somewheres
When: A little while ago.
Warnings/Rating: ...dead bodies?

Loren swallowed down steel, let it settle in bolts around his stomach and his heart as he swung his leg over the horse and hopped down upon reaching the cave-like formation. )

May. 1st, 2012


Who: Loren Chapel and Scott Cunningham, then Tate Langdon and Eliot Spencer.
What: Oh just some light interrogation with a psycho with a heart of gold and a hitter, also with a heart of gold. What could go wrong?
Where: Passages hotel, then through the Leverage door.
When: Last week, before Loren found Hannah’s body.
Warnings/Rating: Tate. And swearing.


Who: Loren & Jules
What: Meeting for the first time. Gumbo. Flirting. Rough handling.
Where: Caesar's.
When: UM. After Loren finds Hannah's body(that log is in process, so you all must learn to read out of order).
Warnings: Language? Jules make Loren uncomfortable? Loren having poor people skills?

Now, Jules’ brand of trouble came straight, and it came masculine, and it came broad in the shoulders and with a glint of trouble in its eye. )

Apr. 23rd, 2012


Who: Tate and Hank Pym
Where: Pym's laboratory
When: Sometime after Hannah Montgomery is murdered
What: Just some friendly chit chat!
Warnings: A little violence, disturbing imagery. Bad guy stuff.

Doctors were supposed to help people, he knew, but he wasn't sure that such things meant very much. )

Apr. 19th, 2012


Who: Loren and Meredith
What: A meeting of the worried
Where: Outside of Passages
When: Immediately following this
Warnings/Rating: None

He was a mess with nowhere to go. How did you hunt down an idea, a threat? )

Apr. 12th, 2012


Who: Hannah & Loren
What: An audition, some anger, then a walk home.
Where: Little Darlings, then the street.
When: idk.
Warnings: Adult-ness?

She didn’t understand men at all, and she didn’t know he was all wound up energy with Tate pacing all wild in his mind. )

Apr. 1st, 2012


Who: Hannah & Loren, then Violet & Tate.
What: Saving Hannah by going through the door.
Where: Passages hotel, then AHS door.
When: Immediately after the masquerade.
Warnings: Blood. Adorable brokenness.

He was a terror, a murderer, a rapist, a fallen angel with blond curls, and yet she felt safer with him than with anyone ever. )

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