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Feb. 3rd, 2014


WHO: Clark Kent and Diana Prince
WHERE: Themyscira (Island of Healing)
WHEN: Before Damian's death
WHAT: Diana wanted to see if her island was there, it is, huzzah. They talk about awkward stuff.
RATING: Light!
STATUS: log; complete

I am pleased to see you two found harmony so quickly. It took far more time for us. )


Who: Kal, Jason + Kara
What: Jason comes for a sad visit
Where: Sanctuary
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: S for Sads

He rested his chin against her shoulder while she shook him with sobbing, and he remembered what Damian's face looked like, and he didn't shed a single tear. )

Jan. 14th, 2014


Who: Kal and Kara
What: Hugs and Kal being a sweetheart
Where: A field in Smallville
When: Recently, after the destruction
Warnings/Rating: Teen angst?

He held on tightly to her, and let her cry, and he stroked her hair and rubbed her back. Everything he remembered his own parents had done for him when he'd been upset. )

Oct. 13th, 2013


Who: Kara and Clark
Where: Clark's place in Metropolis
What: Bonding and Adorableness
Notes: Yeah. That cut tag is a thing that happened. Sorry it kind of got away from me.

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute just sit on your bottom, I'll tell you all about how I became the Superkid of Gotham. In the capitol of Krypton born and raised, in the El family house is where I spent most of my days. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, learning some alien stuff and going to school. When my dad and his cronies got up to no good and started making trouble in my neighborhood. They got in one little fight genocide was assured, my auntie said 'you're moving with your cousin to the planet of Earth.' They whistled for a shuttle, and then they all cheered, Kal's shuttle took off and and I napped for forty years. I landed a little late gave myself quite a scare, but I thought to myself I'd find Kal and we'd share. I went to straight to jail after after getting irate, yelled to my cousin, 'Yo cuz, hide me out there.' He bought an apartment, I'm feeling awesome about to sit on my throne as the Superkid of Gotham )

Aug. 31st, 2013


Who: Bruce and Clark
What: A chat about Kara, Ollie & the JLA.
Where: Wayne Manor.
When: Backated to when Kara was still in custody.
Warnings/Rating: Noone.

Clark and Bruce had always seemed to have a mutual respect - it was easy to walk into that even while Bruce was not the Bruce he remembered. )

Aug. 13th, 2013


Who: Thor, Casey and then Jaenelle
Where: Asgard of course.
When: Guys, seriously, this was so freaking long ago Loki was still sparkling. To say recently would be a lie. A big lie.
Rating: Bicep oogling. That's about it.

The Warlord Prince of Asgard in the Hizzy )

Jul. 11th, 2013


Who: Kara and Kal
What: Cousinly reunions
Where: Metropolis
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Nada

Clark didn't have fond memories of being thrown into the Great Wall of China but it hadn't been that long ago, and he was still wondering if he'd see Kara again. )

Jul. 9th, 2012


Who: Daniel and Sam
What: Noms. Sleeping. Snooping.
Where: Daniel's Apartment in Turnberry
When: After this.
Warnings/Rating: Language. Otherwise safe.

You take food from possibly ugly chicks? )

Jun. 21st, 2012


Who: Sam and Daniel
What: Part I: Chess - Really, seriously, chess. It isn't even a euphemism.
Where: Mandalay Bay
When: Immediately after leaving Simon's party
Warnings/Rating: Language

By now, he'd figured out that anything she did that would make his mother faint at the dinner table was a defensive gesture, something she did to try to shock him and make herself more comfortable. )

Jun. 10th, 2012


Who: Whoever wishes to attend (Open!)
What: Simon's Party
Where: Mandalay Bay
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: This is a party post. Place locations in subject lines and warn appropriately. Feel free to dibs!

The party was held on the roof of the Mandalay Bay. )

Jun. 7th, 2012


Who: Jules & Daniel & Loren
What: Loren is an angry father figure because Jules is irresponsible and off tuning the pianos of strange men.
Where: Daniel's pad.
When: Recently.
Warnings: Language.

Jules rolled his eyes, and figured it was fitting, straight men being so damned impossible all the time. )

Jun. 1st, 2012


Who: Jules and Daniel
What: Piano playing for the drunken rake
Where: Casino → Turnberry Place
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: None

He felt better with a wall at his back and as long as nobody tried to engage him in exciting conversation, he was content to sit at one of the hastily repaired blackjack tables near the piano and bleed chips all night. )

May. 22nd, 2012


WHO Mary Jane & Superman & Spider-Man (and anyone else who'd like to join in, I suppose!)
WHAT Rescuings!
WHEN Vegas Plot, during and after this and this.
WHERE Luxor, then on the Strip.
WARNING Gross things, yay!
So, she decided to hell with it, and she took a few drinks and talked to a few people before she grew bored. )

May. 18th, 2012


Who: Superman and CLOSED! Various supers handled the dragon, Hulk, and split up to handle everything else.
Where: The Strip, and immediate environs. Probably somewhere around the Wynn and the Venetian.
When: Now.
Warnings/Rating: Probably fine. Maybe some people will swear, but it won't be Clark.
Notes: Don't bother with the posting order. Fine writing not required for smashing and quick tags. Chi is at work, as certainly many other people are likely to be, so just carry on. We assume the monster keeps going until Ace says otherwise.

The lindworm was in the process of trying to crack a tour bus load full of screaming tourists with the exact same frustration off a terrier attempting to peel the tin foil off a steak when a streak of red and blue shot through the sky at an acute angle. The streak hit the dragon hard on the side of what approximated the head (the part just behind the teeth) causing it to drop the tour bus. Fifty-plus people plummeted down toward the sidewalk where more milling, screaming inhabitants attempted to find shelter without understanding where they were going.

Superman, perhaps the most iconic superhero in living memory, caught the bus twenty yards from the ground. He had the red cape, the S, the big muscles, the whole nine yards. He caught the bus with both upturned palms and quite literally flew off with it. Everyone stopped screaming for about ten seconds to gape.

May. 14th, 2012


Who: Clark, Lois, Bruce, Selina
What: A gala, some Clois, some theft
Where: Metropolis
When: Let's say last evening
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Even though the knowledge was mostly out of sight and out of mind for the people around him, Clark now had next to nothing to lose by being Superman and not Clark to anybody who came around, from girl scouts to latex thieves. )

Apr. 6th, 2012


Who: Catwoman, Lois, The Bat, Superman, Jonathan Crane, and Arkham inmates!
What: The Cat and Lois want to see if Bats and Supes can fight. Madness ensues.
Where: Arkham Asylum, Gotham.
When: Recently. Nowish. You know the drill.
Warnings/Rating: Some violence.

By the time the Cat’s booted feet landed in front of Lois, the first wave of inmates had already made it to the doors, and the story was broadcasting live on Gotham and Metropolis television stations, chaos and fear coming through clearly on the screens. )

Apr. 4th, 2012


Who: Lois & Clark.
What: Catching up. In a way.
Where: Metropolis
When: Way backdated to before the Masquerade.
Warnings: None.

God you’re so young. )

Apr. 1st, 2012


Who: Eames, Clark
What: Sibling visits - kind of
Where: Inception Door
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: None

Clark frowned across the room at the man in the bed, Stella in a horrified silence at the sight of the big bandage visible on his neck. )

Mar. 19th, 2012


Who: Stella and Dominic, and then Clark and Driver.
What: Meet and greets.
Where: Passages, then Metropolis.
When: Yesterday.
Warnings/Rating: Safe.

'You won the lottery.' )

Mar. 11th, 2012


Who: Batman and Superman
What: Discussing things.
Where: Gotham.
When: Recently, when all things happen.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Superman hadn’t been in the suit long enough to be anywhere near as comfortable in it as Batman was in his. )

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