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May. 8th, 2012


Who: Thor, Sif, and Loki
What: Thor goes in search of answers and finds more than that.
When: After this. Before Thor leaves for Nidavellir and Loki's ultimatum.
Where: Jotunheim
Rating/Warnings: Violence, death of some random Frost Giants, Loki and Thor fighting...
He stood like a lost king in the snow, and it required the eye of someone who knew him to see how deeply it stung to even talk about it, how it twisted the knife that learning his true parentage had dug in, for Thor to know. )

Apr. 21st, 2012


Who: Thor and Sif
When: Fuzzily after this and this
Where: Asgard
What: One of Asgard’s warriors comes home.
Warnings: None really, a little bit of violence at the end

The good fighters of old first put themselves beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity of defeating the enemy. )
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Apr. 16th, 2012


Who: Alice, Brielle and Brian
What: NBD just some weaponized hallucinogens.
Where: The Cat Scratch Club (aka Wren's pad)
When: That night of a thousand fears!
Warnings: SERIOUS LACK OF MATT BOMER (lol you guys the tags on this post sounds like the best fan art ever. someone draw sif, ivy and lois having tapas and beer. immediately)

Careful, Ivy bites. )

Apr. 5th, 2012


Who: Steve and Alice
What: Polite conversation
Where: Between the Marvel door world and the Passages hallway
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: It's Steve.

She could linger and who wouldn't want to? He was terribly handsome and earnest, a little too perfect to be real but really the whole situation was a little unreal. )

Apr. 1st, 2012


Who: Thor, Captain America, Sif
What: Dealing with the bug problem
Where: New York- Crown Heights, Brooklyn
When: Saturday evening
Warnings: Bugs terminated with extreme prejudice.

Do you know what happens to an insect when it's struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else. )

Mar. 20th, 2012


WHO: Silver and Alice
WHAT: Meeting under odd circumstances
WHERE: Wren's suite at Caesars Palace
WHEN: Directly after this.

In the end, the doctor was the one who got agitated, and Silver just looked thoughtful; the EKG stayed. )
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Mar. 14th, 2012


WHO: Wren and Alice
WHAT: Interviews
WHERE: Empress Court at Caesar’s Palace
WHEN: Todayish?

She smiled, and there were secrets in that smile, broken things and shards of fragile glass. )
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