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Aug. 27th, 2012


Who: Anton Sparke and James Xander
What: A solid round of 'what the hell did I do last night?'
When: The morning after this call, and after the Anton/Louis log that is soon to be posted.
Where: Anton's Penthouse

He didn’t want to hear what he was sure he’d hear. And he didn’t want to say what was too much for him to actually say. Things were fine )
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Aug. 9th, 2012


Who: Sam and James
What: Consolation and sleep and reunions
Where: James' place
When: The night Sam met Micah
Warnings/Rating: Language, but that's it

The girl had always been reckless, even when he had first met her. Yet there was something about the wild thing that spoke directly to James's otherwise absent protective instincts, and he had insisted on taking her in, begging her to take food, shelter, and whatever else she had needed or wanted. )

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: James / Ruby
What: Memories Plot
Where: James's sitting room
Things to avoid: Nothing!

James blinked hard at the charts he was looking at. Even though it was too early to be seeing things, he was certain that he had seen - if only for a split-second - the screen on his tablet flicker colors. He must be imagining it, he decided, for the device seemed to be functioning normally. Reaching for the cup of tea his housekeeper had left for him on the side-table, James took a long sip of the hot liquid on the off chance that it was the lack of his morning caffeine that was affecting his vision. He closed his eyes as he reveled in the perfect taste of the lady grey, and completely unprepared for the wave of dizziness when it suddenly overcame him.

Gone was the smell of the new furniture, the hot tea, and the buttered scone that lay beside it. In its place was something raw and metallic, a smell he associated with an operating theater on the verge of frenzy, a smell he had not truly encountered since the surgery he had performed on Anton. James took a deep breath, placed the cup back on its saucer, calmly flipped the switch on his tablet, and waited for the feeling to pass.

May. 19th, 2012


Who: Lucifer, feat. the SPN crew: Dean, Sam, + Ruby
What: Demons, devils, and Winchesters-- oh my!
Where: The streets of LV.
When: Now? During the door madness.
Warnings/Rating: Probably violence, probably swearing, and Lucifer trolling everyone.

The light heralded his arrival. )