May 2014






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Dec. 17th, 2012


Who: Max and Silver
What: Arguments, guns and first aid kits
Where: A shooting range
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Does crankiness require a warning?

“That's part of working with me, Main. I don't negotiate. I don't ransom. I'd be sad if something happened to the people I care for, but I am not Luke Brandon.” )

Dec. 14th, 2012


Who: Hels and Kara
What: Going shopping!
Where: Tokyo; the Peninsula and then Harcoza
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: Kara being Kara and Hel being so deep in the closet, Narnia's closer.

Kara could be as grown-up as she could be childish. Blame years in a Kryptonian pod for that one. )

Dec. 10th, 2012


Who: Max and Cerise, and Jack intervening toward the end.
What: Max finds Cerise and they hug! Except not really. Fisticuffs ensue, and Jack shows up to get Cerise to a medic and I finaLLY HAVE AN EXCUSE TO USE THIS ICON HAHA
Where: Cerise's motel room.
When: After Jack talked to Max and Luke.
Warnings/Rating: Blood, beatings, and violence.

The cord tightened, and Max applied just enough pressure to make Cerise's world shutter. )

Dec. 3rd, 2012



Who: Morgan, Max, and Luke -> Helena, Kara, And Bruce
What: Hels gets her not!Dad back and her BFF
Where: Passages, Wayne Manor
When: Tuesday last
Warnings/Rating: Hels being adorbs, Kara being flirty, Bruce being angsty

No way Hel was going to fleece not-Bruce, not when she was hugging him like he was her real dad or something. )

Dec. 1st, 2012


Who: Luke, Jack + Max
What: Luke and Max are worried about the newly not-dead Jack.
Where: Monte Carlo.
When: Reeeecently.
Warnings/Rating: Lots of ~concern.

Jack took a careful breath. This wasn't the time or the place to start biting their heads off, no matter how cornered they'd made him feel. )

Nov. 18th, 2012


Who: Kellan, then Max.
What: Kellan tries to set Max's place on fire and almost blows it up instead.
Where: Max's warehouse
When: Tonight.
Warnings/Rating: Explosions and the fallout from them. Blood, violence, not good injuries.

The trip down the stairs seemed to take forever, and Max couldn't think about anything but keeping Amanda safe, getting her out. )