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Mar. 14th, 2013


Who: Thor and Loki (with guest appearance by Damian)
What: Sampling pancakes and having a brotherly chat.
Where: Jimmy's Diner
When: During the Switch plot.
Warnings/Rating: None!

He did not know what pancakes were supposed to taste like, but these ones with butter melting between them tasted nothing short of light, sweet bliss. )

Mar. 13th, 2013


Who: Luke and Jack
What: Luke retrieves his bro from 19th century France.
Where: Les Mis door → Passages hallway.
When: During plot end.
Warnings/Rating: None.

Jack watched him. Luke was talking about him just the way he'd expected, like he was a bad boy who'd stepped out of line. )


Who: Max, Zee, and Hunter
What: Passing the night in Paris
Where: 12 rue Chabanais
When: Early on in the switch plot
Warnings/Rating: I don't think so? Some borderline sexiness. Some language.

She turned and went to tell the servants to give the room wide berth that evening, since the gentleman had business to discuss with the new kitchen boy )


Who: Rose and Henry (Beast)
What: Meeting up in Las Vegas
Where: The MGM Grand
When: During the Switch Plot
Warnings/Rating: None

Henry felt strange walking on two legs: weightless, without purpose, deaf but with eyes surely more keen than when he was last human, and he felt the need to navigate the incredible noise and press of people because he felt surely, surely, he would not have them long. )

Mar. 12th, 2013


Who: Neil and teen!Elise
What: Booze and blanket forts.
Where: Osborn mansion.
When: During switch plot.
Warnings/Rating: None really.

Once back at ground zero, Elise hauled her catch closer with an exhausted heave. After dropping the collection of bedding onto the center of the living room's Persian rug, she stepped back for a panoptic view of her building supplies. )

Mar. 9th, 2013


Who: Olivia Landon & Lin Alesi
What: Not hating each other
Where: Serenity
When: After Lin is sexiled; during the switch plot
Warnings/Rating: Olivia is drunk, Lin swears a lot; muddled emotions; frustration; liquor

She was wary of him, in a way that Olivia was wary of pop-culture and of teenagers and of things like Justin Bieber. )


Who: Wren, Chessie, Sunny, the Tardis + a cameo by dying!Tony
What: A trip to the past
Where: DC door → Marvel door
When: During the Switch Plot
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Sunny was seized by an insane Doctor-like disregard for any danger. Screw the dark alley and the strange sounds within. She had this feeling that the blue box would take care of her.  )


Who: Vegas!Frodo and Vegas!Sam
Where: Desert area near Spring Mountain NRA
When: During switch plot
What: How to run a truck out of gas.
Warnings: None!

Seriously, how difficult could it be? )

[Continuing in a log format]


Who: Emma and Eddie
Where: A shady part of Vegas
When: backdated to the switchplot
What: Trying to make amends after this debacle
Warnings: None!

Emma sniffed. It was a small, poignant sound and it was filled with all the woe that weighed down a twenty year old Regency girl in Vegas. )

Mar. 8th, 2013


Who: Goblin!Neil and Lizard!Liam
What: Showdoown.
Where: The sewers, NYC.
When: Before plot end.
Warnings/Rating: Eh, some violence.

Maybe it was the pain, maybe it was that fury and rage coming to a head, but even as blood leaked from the stab wound and his claws bit into the Goblin’s flesh, the Lizard did not back up. )


Who: Dean & Sam
What: Catching up.
Where: Ford's motel room, Vegas.
When: During plot.
Warnings/Rating: Bro feels.

Sam watched the blade to make sure there was no trick, then sighed when it came away red and normal. )


Who: Luke!Bat and Nell!Canary
What: Hero-ing it up.
Where: Gotham.
When: Near the start of plot.
Warnings/Rating: None. Omg sorry for spamming the comm

Her friend popped into view without warning, and Nell broke into a smile without warning. He was fully outfitted, just like she was, but Batman was easy to recognize even for those new to Gotham. )


Who: Bruce & Eddie & Crane
What: The Gotham boys have a nice chat.
Where: Thierry's antique shop.
When: Sometime during plot.
Warnings/Rating: Noone.

Those words, the tone of voice in which they were said, it was enough to leave Crane momentarily gaping at the man known as Bruce Wayne. “Nowhere else to be?” he echoed, momentarily amazed by those four little words that carried so much weight. )

Mar. 7th, 2013


Who: Luke!Bat & Breeze!Riddler
What: Death trap challenge.
Where: Old Gotham.
When: Reecently.
Warnings/Rating: Banter. Tiny bit of violence.

Besides that, the new Riddler had all the tools to make this devastating for the bat kid. But, if she kept treating this like homework, she’d never even get close. )


Who: Max and Jack
What: A meetup at Fantine's brothel that probably literally couldn't have gone worse.
Where: Fantine's brothel in Paris (Les Miserables Door)
When: After they spoke on the forums.
Warnings/Rating: Swearing.

If he didn't give enough of a damn to come find out what was wrong, then that was fine with her. Or so she told herself. )

Mar. 6th, 2013


who MK and Sam
what baaad decisions
when tonight?
where stark penthouse
warning some triggery things -- drug use, suicidal thoughts, etc.

Because this resilient shit? So not her. Well, not her in Vegas, anyway. )

Mar. 3rd, 2013


Who: Peter and Gwen (with a brief cameo by Flash)
What: Meeting up at a cafe in Vegas for comparing notes and general awkwardness.
Where: A cafe in Vegas.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: None.

This month, she felt like she kept tripping over her own social awkwardness, and there was no textbook that would help her figure out where she was conducting this experiment called life inappropriately. In short, she wasn't doing so hot. )


Who: Snow and Rose
What: Sisterly bonding
Where: Tess' ghetto cottage (AKA, Avenue 8)
When: Recently
Warnings/Rating: None

“I don't care that he is or was an animal. We befriended bears when we were children. But he's male, and he imprisoned you.” )


Who: Luke and Jack
What: Jack wants to kill some bad guys and Luke is not cool with that.
Where: Gotham.
When: Recently.
Warnings/Rating: Minor violence.

It sank in, though. Despite his best efforts to ignore him, Luke's words penetrated and dredged up ire, dragging him into a conversation he had no time for, like hooks in his skin. )


Who: Eddie and Emma
Where: The Forum Shops
When: Recently
What: Shopping and then Eddie predictably says something offensive
Warnings: None!

He did, Emma decided, lovelorn exceptionally well. )

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