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Jul. 24th, 2012


Who: Jack Roman / Prince Charming
What: Memories Plot
Where: His office at home
Things to avoid: Nothing!

He was just beginning the file transfer when the edge of a headache crept up on him. They weren't entirely unusual, especially if he had been doing a lot of work on the computer, but they seemed to come more frequently now than they had six months ago. Jack wondered if it had anything to do with the voice he occasionally heard, but after all the tests he'd been through, the doctors, some of them his friends and colleagues, pronounced him of sound health and mind. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he let the file transfer run as it suddenly sharpened, and the edges of his vision blurred. Whatever this was, it was happening fast and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Jul. 23rd, 2012


Who: Roy Mustang and Leonard Drury
Where: The Wynn, in the breakroom
What: Memories Plot
Things to Avoid: Nothing!

It started off as a regular, ordinary day. Leo was the concierge on duty that day and was taking his mid afternoon break in one of the staff rooms to the side of the main lobby. He´d been sitting down to have a much welcomed cup of coffee and within a few moments of him sitting down, Leo felt the headache on. He pinched his nose, trying to stop it from escalating, but that didn´t work so well. It didn´t take too long until he felt the wave of dizziness overcome him, and the concierge closed his eyes to try to prevent himself from passing out completely.


Who: Tristan M / Zoe Graystone
What: Memories Plot
Where: The basement of the Gardens
Things to avoid: Nothing!

Tristan couldn't remember the last time she slept. Odd aches and pains crept up on her when she'd been awake for this long, yet it didn't stop her from doing it repeatedly. Three days awake, two days asleep, two and a half days, a day and a half, it all varied wildly. She could already feel the migraine starting behind her eyes, but it was the dizziness that made her crawl across the rough floor in the basement, towards her beloved servers. She just needed to sleep, wasn't that it?


Who: Mingmei/Tessa
What: Memories Plot
Where: Mingmei's dorm at the university
Things to avoid: NOTHING!

She'd woken up early Sunday morning, feeling a strange pounding in her head. It wasn't so abnormal with having another voice in her mind, but she almost wanted to know if the others were having this same sensation or not. Still, anxiety kept her from checking the journal too frequently. However, she did sit down at her desk to get started on her homework and that's when it hit her. A blinding, white pain clouded her mind and Mingmei collapsed to her bed almost immediately, falling into blissful darkness.


Who: Ian / Stannis
What: Memories Plot.
Where: LVPD headquarters.
Things to avoid: Nooothing.

Paperwork was normally an accepted part of his job, but today, it became the bane of his existence. He simply didn't have the attention span necessary to focus, and his concentration waned, circling back to Meredith, to how she was doing, to whether or not he should have remained home with her to ensure that she was alright. Yet there were other things that needed his attention; murders, new evidence, investigations which had been directed to him in the hopes that his tireless determination would bring results. Ian leaned back in his chair and rubbed his temples with a sigh, glancing at the hours-old cup of coffee placed on the corner of his desk. He took an experimental sip and grimaced, rising from his seat to get a fresh cup. A momentary distraction, at least. He made it to the coffee machine before the dizziness hit, and he leaned against the table with a deep, careful inhale, shrugging off a concerned patrol officer who asked if he was alright. Yes, of course he was. He just needed a moment, that was all.


Who: Raegan / Jon Snow
What: Memories Plot.
Where: A park.
Things to avoid: Nothing.

It was early enough that not many people were out, but Raegan didn't mind. She was sprawled out on her back, the grass warm and prickly against her shoulders, staring up at the lightening sky as Ghost nosed her arm in an attempt to get her to play. She'd brought a tennis ball for this very purpose, and she tossed it away without looking, while the dog ran off barking to retrieve it. She didn't know why she was out here instead of back at the Wynn, still in bed, but she'd always had a tendency to wander, and lately she'd been doing a lot of it. Yeah, she had vague goals of finding a proper job and doing things with her time, but right now she was tired, and all she wanted to do was this. The guy who'd killed Maren was still out there, and nobody was doing anything about it, not as far as she knew. She just wished she didn't feel so useless. Ghost returned with the ball and dropped it on her stomach, panting happily, and she sat up with a sigh, scratching behid his ears absently. She felt a little dizzy, sure but chalked it up to the sudden shift in balance and her lack of appetite as of late.

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Andrew Percy/Draco Malfoy
What: Memories Plot
Where: Andrew's Suite, The Wynn
Things to avoid: Nothing! (Or specify otherwise here)

Andrew woke up as usual. He started a cup of coffee, tossed the paper on the table and headed off for a shower. He had many such routines that were very simple, yet comfortable, especially considering his situation. In the bathroom, he felt the pressure, starting like his frequent sinus headaches began. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. It didn't help. He took a shower as the pressure in his skull continued. The water didn't help either. Back at the kitchen table, he watched the computer screen, checking for any word from Serafina, and then the memories hit. They came without warning, as relentless as a storm.


Who: Sadie/Riddler
What: Memories Plot
Where: college library
Things to avoid: Nothing!

Sadie's earbuds blasted music to combat the quiet of the school library. Follow follo-o-ow. You're the one I follow. Follow to the middle. Middle of the shadows, far away from the sorrows. Somewhere in her head, the Riddler was pleased. Pleased that she was studying to make her mind stronger (though it would never be as strong as his). Pleased that they were likely the closest pairing of this Passages conundrum. He wasn't used to having anyone actually loyal in his ranks, but Sadie happened to have the perfect characteristics for it. A little weird, easily amused and a need to help that no one in Gotham from his side of the tracks possessed. Her affection for him was something he could actually return.

Sadie felt warm like a cat in a sunbeam. She traced her fingers over words about childhood psychology and why coloring helped stimulate creativity, but all she wanted to do was sleep. The chanting through her ears lulled her, asking her to wade into the darkness.


Who: Adam/Flash
What: Memories Plot
Where: High School Field
Things to avoid: Nothing!

Flash circled the track a final time, the heat of summer cooling as the sun began to set and house lights across the field flickered on. He thought about how eager some people are to go home and how he'd never share that same kind of feeling. Home was an ironic word (even if he wasn't really sure what that meant) because it was unsafe, violent and broken. Out here in the field where he could run and run until his heart burst from his chest was his home. It was the real reason why he lost himself in sports. Why he hated those little nerds with loving parents who never thought to raise a hand to their children.

Fuck that. He thought, hearing Adam stir in the back of his head. He didn't mind the doctor much. He was shit with women, sure, but he wanted to save the world. Flash wanted to beat the shit out of any scumbag who reminded him of his father. That was the same thing, right?

Walking out onto the cool grass, Flash dropped to his knees and fell face down onto the field. He threaded his fingers through blades, pulled them from the earth and passed out.


Who: Andrew Mumford / Peggy Carter
What: Memories Plot
Where: The back of one of the Mumford cars.
Things to avoid: Nothingggggg.

Andrew was leaving the studio apartment of an undergrad at UNLV that he met at a club only a few hours before. She was a pretty little thing, with not much up there, and majoring in psychology if he remembered correctly. Whatever, it didn't matter. He had skipped dinner with his grandfather the night before, feigning illness, and he knew he would be in trouble. But, he needed the break desperately. Anything but constant dinners with Wayne Mumford and the looming future as the head of a crime family. It was all too much, and Andrew wished he could continue to pretend to be that wealthy bachelor who was just out to have a good time.

He couldn't though, and he knew he needed to go to the Aria to face his grandfather again. So, he told the driver, even as his head pounded with what he guessed was a wicked hangover, to bring him there. As the first memory sneaked in, Andrew leaned his head against the glass. Did the girl sneak something in his morning OJ? Well, this was going to be interesting.


Who: Lin Alesi/Theon Greyjoy
What: Memories Plot
Where: Lin's apartment @ Meridian Condos
Things to avoid: N/A

It was overwhelming, the heat. Though he had yet to peek through the plastic slats of his blinds, Lin already knew what he would find. The sky would be low and that gray-white color that makes everything feel washed out, wrung out, and old. It weighed him down. He hadn't had the energy to lift himself from the bed to turn on the air conditioning unit in the window across the room, but nor had he found himself able to roll onto his stomach, push himself up, and slide the other, nearer window open either. He felt thoroughly exhausted and the thought of the effort it would take for him to perform any action, no matter its simplicity, was too much.

His arms and eyes felt heavy just thinking about it.

He had spent the day in bed. It was nearly four in the afternoon, his phone told him in stark white digits, though little sunlight penetrated the room. It was dark and sweltering. Rather like the womb, he supposed. Lin looked up at the ceiling, eyes unseeing, as his mind churned through a dizzying amount of thoughts. The past few days had been a blur. And, to be honest, the boy really wasn't sure if he was actually going insane or not. - It definitely felt like it. Theon's appearance had been the tip of the iceberg. Next there came a magical journal and a mysterious key. Then fucking Aubrey.

It was all too much. He just wanted to sleep. But his head hurt and his mouth was dry, and he felt nauseous. Lin sat up woozily, trying to remember if he'd taken his medication. The black room spun around him. He closed his eyes and laid back down.


Who: Jade/Damian
What: Memories Plot
Where: Damian/Selina apartment
Things to avoid: Nothin!

Talon swooped through the window, feet first as his hand pushed him through to land on the couch below. A couple cats angrily meowed at him, shifting their sleeping positions or opting to crawl over him, their paws pushing down on old bruises and scars like they knew it would hurt. Damian sighed, taking the mask off his face and unhooking his utility belt. He needed to stretch his wings again in Gotham and while the new twist on the Talon problem would prove to be difficult, that wouldn't get in the way of beating up escaped inmates with Batgirl.

"Bandit." Damian called, looking over the sea of multi-colored cats. He didn't know why he bothered. She never came when he called, never played with anything except for string or mice filled with catnip and loved to attack him right when he least expected it. These qualities made Damian like her the best. And, more than he wanted to admit, Damian missed his cat. After a couple minutes of waiting for her, his stomach grumbled and he tried to get up for dinner. But, something held him down.


Who: Sebastian Vance-Price / Mal
What: Memories Plot
Where: His room at the Bellagio
Things to avoid: Nothing!

The computer screen swam in front of him, and no matter how many times he looked away, rubbed at his eyes, the headache continued to mount. He could feel the cold sweat break out over his face and back, and it was only by pure luck that he didn't fall as he got off of the bed, got a bottle of water, and downed it in one go. His head spun, and stumbled steps led him to the window that looked out over the city that was just starting to stir. The glass was cool against his forehead as he leaned against it, willing the headache to pass, to ease. Fingers came up to touch the window, curling into a fist as the first memory came.


Who: Sophie Chase / Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow
What: Memories Plot
Where: Park near her apartment
Things to avoid: Nothing!

She blamed it on nearly forty-eight hours without sleep, too much wine, and entirely too many little pills with names she couldn't remember. That's what Sophie settled on as she swung on the swings in the small park near the place her and Sadie called home. She was barefoot, shoes lost god-knows-where, and the world swung by as she soared through the air. It wasn't until she hopped off the swing and landed on her rear in the sand that everything really hit her. Vertigo, nausea, a feeling of disconnection that she couldn't shake. It wasn't horribly unpleasant, nothing she wasn't unused to, so instead of fighting it, she settled back, splayed out on the soft sand, squinting up into the summer sun, and waited for it to pass.


Who: Dylan / Harry Osborn
What: Memories Plot
Where: His apartment.
Things to avoid: Nothing.

Just another morning. One of his first in the city, but Dylan was already buckling down to a day's work. Two laptops were spread out before him on the little kitchen table by the window, and he sucked down his second cup of Folgers coffee with a stifled yawn. Jet lag was a familiar curse, and Dylan stretched his back out against the uncomfortable chair before he set an elbow into the table's edge. On one screen, codes and scrambled numbers scrolled in an endless sea of black and green while he hacked. The other screen boasted emails to and from his superiors. He took another sip, wincing against the strange wave of dizziness, but suspecting nothing.


Who: Nick Pierce / Stephanie Brown.
What: Memories Plot.
Where: The Bellagio.
Things to avoid: Have at it, mofos!

Over the past few weeks, Nick was searching for ways to keep himself busy. To distract himself from the ghost of Alexander that haunted his every waking moment. Having Jade around helped, of course, but he couldn't be around her twenty-four/seven. That was wrong and selfish and illogical. Work, therefore, became the new band-aid. He visited his assigned sites regularly, finishing inspections and projects well ahead of schedule. It was easier to tinker with security systems and work on his robots than to face the music that Alexander probably wasn't coming back.

He was in the back rooms of the Bellagio security suite, standing over screens with formulas and text that made sense only to him, and typed more items into his to-do list for their system. It was finally, mostly, following the attacks on Las Vegas a few months prior, but there was still work to be done. Slowly, as if creeping like a fog, a headache inched from the pressure point by his eyes and stretched back. He blinked, and he pinched the bridge of his nose, and he tried to fight the blinding pain in his head. Nothing worked, and the pain made him sway on his feet just as the first memory hit.


Who: Loren / Tate Langdon
What: Memories Plot
Where: A corner store bathroom.
Things to avoid: Mentions of bad burning things.

He'd stuck around long enough to ensure that the fire was worth it before he slipped out one of the back doors and into the dawn of the city. His thoughts weren't on the church, on what would happen if the fire spread, or on what it would mean if that holy place had surveillance of any kind. When he'd cased the building, he hadn't seen any, but that didn't mean much. Loren didn't know about things like that anymore to the extent that he might have once. All he wanted to do was wash the oil and the soot from his hands. The people on the street probably thought he was just another casino drunk, because Nathan's drugs were still taking a toll on his nervous system, and Loren staggered more than he stepped. He fell into more than a few people, and one guy shoved him off with a curse before Loren tripped through the doors of a corner store. Straight to the men's room, his blackened hands clutched the white ceramic of the sink to support himself while he drew a breath. Risking a glimpse at his reflection, there was black smeared across one of his cheeks. Struggling with the automatic paper towel machine, he dampened some of the paper with water to try and rub it away. But there was something wrong, and he naturally assumed it was the drugs still in his system when his hands slipped from the sink's edge and his knees hit the floor. The water continued to run loudly above him, thundering over the sound of blood in his ears when the memories began to come.

Jul. 23rd, 2012


Who: Dante Kessler / Eric Northman
What: Memories Plot
Where: At home, The Loft That Looks Like An IKEA Showroom At A Yet To Be Decided Location.
Things to avoid: N/A

He can't hear himself think as he cuts through the crowd in the nightclub and everyone is Moving Like Jagger. By now he should have gotten used to the noise and drunk people trying to flatten him between their sweaty bodies. But he's 40 this year, which is more than 20 years too old enjoy clubbing.

Forty. Jesus Christ. He finally makes it out to the flight of stairs at the back and sighs as he heads upstairs. He unlocks the door to his loft and slides the heavy metal door open and shut behind him. Tossing the keys onto the kitchen counter, he pours himself a glass of whiskey to accompany his existential crisis.

Cigarettes have never helped when it feels like the world is tilting at a dangerous angle, but the whiskey isn't sliding off the counter so he knows it's all in his head. He sits down on one of the tall stools at the counter and closes his eyes, smoking and drinking as he waits for it to pass.


Who: Nikolai / Jaime Lannister
What: Memories Plot
Where: Villa @ The Wynn
Things to avoid: N/A

Nikolai was sitting on the couch, staring at graphs and numbers on his laptop. He'd rather be doing something else. but a man had to keep his earn... or earn his keep... or something.

'It's the second one', Jaime tells him, and by now, Nikolai has forgotten that not too long ago, hearing any voice in his head other than his own would have bought him a one-way ticket to a mental institution. But the running commentary was usually quite humourous, and having an inbuilt English dictionary wasn't so bad after all.

The blond cripple had something witty to say, but the migraine silenced him. Nikolai shut the laptop and got up long enough to grab himself a bottle of vodka before sinking slowly back into the couch. When in doubt, drink. When in pain, definitely drink some more.

Jul. 22nd, 2012


Who: Daniel / The Beast
What: Memories Plot
Where: Passages
Things to avoid: Nothing.

Daniel wasn't spending a lot of time on his own. He had nothing special to do, only more efforts to forget who he was, and he had recently found that being the Beast was not at all like being himself. In fact, when he went through the door, he didn't remember much at all; it was like a dream, easy come, easy go. What didn't go easily was the physical, and Daniel felt the Beast's wounds just as deeply as the creature did. Maybe more, because Daniel was smaller and (he felt) way more fucking fragile than a big monster made up of fifty animals. At least that was pretty sure that was what the Beast was made of. It was hard to think, really... the picture wasn't clear. Maybe Daniel would have been annoyed a few years ago, annoyed the way a journalist would be annoyed when he could not describe something with any accuracy, but right now he appreciated the fleeting escape. He realized he was only reappearing in Passages every day, exactly every day, because he could look out one of the Passages windows and see a glowing sign on the Strip in the distance with the date and time. For now, he planned on turning right around until the Beast healed up, since the creature seemed to do that faster than Daniel could. Already the deep bites and cuts were shallower and less painful, and the way they were disappearing Daniel didn't even think he'd have scars. He should have been scared by all this he realized, as he sat gingerly against the wall next to the Beast's door. Passages certainly didn't hesitate with the scary...

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